Plaxico Burress Owes Thousands In Taxes, Can’t Get A Job

    August 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Plaxico Burress is having trouble finding a team who will welcome him with open arms, and that’s a big problem for a guy who owes thousands in back taxes.

Burress is the latest in a long line of football players with legal troubles; his began a while back, however, when he failed to pay all of his taxes for the 2007 season he played with the Giants. To compound the issue, he got into some trouble on a gun charge the next year and was unable to play for the next two seasons. Now, the state of New York has filed a tax lien against him to the tune of $59,241.

Burress may have fallen off his game a bit, but it’s possible there’s a team out there willing to overlook that in favor of signing a free agent who caught 70 passes during the 2007 season and completed a career-topping 12 touchdowns, as well as helping lead the Giants to the Super Bowl. However, writer Michael David Smith thinks this could be the beginning of the end for Burress.

“Receiving NFL paychecks again this year would help Burress pay off that tax bill, but so far Burress has been surprised to find out that no one wants him,” Smith writes. “Unless the Seahawks decide they want to keep collecting aging receivers, Burress may remain unemployed.”

Ouch. That last bit was a jab at Terrell Owens, who had a workout yesterday for Seattle after a long and trying two years as the free agent no team would touch with a ten-foot pole. Looks like Burress has his work cut out for him.

  • bob wire

    Who advises these dummies? I thought the NFL helped provide remedial financial planning to some of these dunces? God they ought to just blow up the NFL–its like the days of gladiators, except 80% of them are Black, all the owners are White, and 99% of the fans in attendance are white too. PC Libs about to be all over this game with CTE as their entry card—goofs like Plax are part of the reason it needs to be disintegrated. Its racist now. Dangerous too.

  • Jaxon

    Seems like some NFL teams want good talent but do not want to pay for it. Plaxico can still play & they know it. They are putting the squeeze on him because he owes taxes and they hope he signs a cheap contract out of desperation. I hope he gets what he is worth. Ticket prices certainly will not decrease. I guess it’s the owners, not the players, being greedy. I’m not a TO fan but I’ll bet you he will get full coverage from the defense. Plaxico will get the same

  • Howard

    what is the stumbling block with plex and the giants? as a die hard giant fan i know you could help. it’s ok to pin your hopes on the young kids, but here is a guy that knows Eli an if he had to, step right in. for what its worth, if he signs with dallas, i’ll be very disappointed. somebody swallow your pride.