Plagiarism of the Biggest Blogger in a Small Country

    July 28, 2005

Coolhunter tells the story in Estonian how the biggest blogger in a small country, Kaur Kender, an accomplished writer, stopped blogging [via Mul on Savi].

Apparently the leading newspaper, htuleht, published a post of his without compensation or attribution.

Not cool, or legal from my understanding of the Estonian rule of law. I used to write a translated opinion column for htuleht and am shocked at the ignorance this report implies.

The funny thing is that in the Silicon Valley, our way to fix it isn’t institutional. If the article was attributed under Creative Commons licensing, the economics would favor the author. So, we would work on helping the creative talent understand what’s in their interest and help them assert the rights of copyleft.

Everywhere else except save China, we would apply institutional pressure to the offending party.

I’d be interested in more facts about this incident. A young and freer press seems to have it’s development stunted.

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