domain seller slices up $2.6 million

    April 4, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Chris Clark’s $20 per year registration fee for turned into a windfall after an auction buyer bid $2.6 million for the domain.

All the great names are taken, as are all of the common words. Clark held onto his for a long time, only deciding to test the waters after hearing about ringing up a $3 million bar tab for its lucky owner:

The online auction was launched on 27 March. The first bid was $100, jumping to $2.6m a week later.

Having accepted the latter offer, Mr Clark hopes to get his windfall in a few days’ time when the transaction is completed.

He said he now regretted not buying more domain names in the 1990s.

No kidding, really?  Hat tip to Auntie Beeb