Pizza Hut Manager Fired For Refusing To Open On Thanksgiving

    November 27, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Walmart and several other big-name stores have made quite a disturbance this year with people who disagree with merchants remaining open on Thanksgiving day, and now Pizza Hut is getting in on the action.

A former manager at the pizza chain says he was fired for refusing to make his employees work on the holiday, a decision the franchise’s director of operations says came down from corporate.

“I said, ‘Why can’t we be the company that stands up and says we care about our employees and they can have the day off?'” Tony Rohr explained. “Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only two days that they’re closed in the whole year and they’re the only two days that those people are guaranteed to have off and spend it with their families.”

Rohr, who has been with the company in Elkhart, Indiana for ten years in various positions, said he was given an ultimatum: open on Thanksgiving or sign a resignation letter.

“I am not quitting. I do not resign, however I accept that the refusal to comply with this greedy, immoral request means the end of my tenure with this company. I hope you realize that it’s the people at the bottom of the totem pole that make your life possible,” he wrote in a letter to his boss.

A director of operations for several Pizza Hut stores throughout Indiana told WSBT that Rohr wasn’t fired, but rather quit.

While it’s unclear how most Americans feel about eating out during a holiday, a new Consumer Report study says that 56% of them won’t be shopping on Black Friday this year, which spells trouble for businesses who count on the major deals to draw in huge crowds. Instead, many people will be relying on Cyber Monday sales, which they can shop from the comfort of their own homes.

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  • Please

    Corporate greed and stupidity. Want to sell more things? Drop all the excessive executive compensation and lower prices.

    America is on the fast track to being a two class system and it is all because of greed. But those people who have everything forget what happens when the masses have nothing. Believe me, it will happen eventually. The masses are going to get pissed off.

  • Matt Bradford

    Just another S-hole of a company. Who in the hell other than the extreme brain damaged and disturbed eats pasta on Thanksgiving. This whole thing with opening at 7PM this year for all big retail will mean no increase in sales. People come to shop when they do and spend about what they’re going spend from year to year. They think they are getting a jump on something. The economy is slowly dying as the US races toward the bottom and an inevitable toppling of the US dollar for the world’s reserve currency. People like my aunt who worked for a company that made specialized weapons for the US gov. lost her job after being with them for over 30 years. Most of these retailers will be out of business in three years. Welcome to the new age to the new age.