Pixsy Teams With Veoh On Search

    October 4, 2007

Media search platform Pixsy is partnering with Internet TV provider Veoh and will power its search for video and images on the video-sharing network.

Pixsy’s technology crawls the Web hourly, aggregating and categorizing video and image results. The Veoh deal includes stand-alone fees and revenue sharing. Veoh can still work with other video search partners, but Pixsy is its exclusive image provider.

Pixsy CEO Chase Norlin told Media Post," We’re in the business of helping sites like Veoh profit from image and video search, the fastest-growing search verticals. We’re getting these sites in the search business, which everyone understands and knows how to monetize."

Last month Veoh announced that several media, entertainment and finance industries had joined its team of investors. They included Goldman Sachs, FireFly3 and Jonathan Dolgen. Veoh’s Series C funding closed in August 2007, and it received $25 million in financing.

Veoh is currently involved in a suit against Universal Music Group to reinforce its rights as copyright compliant company under the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Veoh’s user base reached 18 million unique users in August 2007, up from 4.4 million users when the site launched in February 2007.