Pittsburgh Steelers Start To Get More Active In Free Agency

By: Tobias Roth - March 20, 2014

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been fairly quiet in the first week of the NFL’s free agency, and have not made moves to pick up any stars like other teams have. After failing to make the playoffs last year, one would think they would have been more active by now.

Pittsburgh’s latest move has been to show interest in running back Maurice Jones-Drew, and their former star linebacker James Harrison. The Steelers are beginning to increase their efforts, and have set up some visits with other free agents as well.

James Harrison has always been a fan favorite in Pittsburgh, and was one of the best players on their defensive squad until they were forced to let him go last years as a salary cap disaster. He would certainly be welcome back in Pittsburgh, and their former star recently showed interest in returning.

Maurice Jones-Drew could be a nice addition to the offense, and a change of pace for a team that mostly relied on Le’Veon Bell as a rookie last year. He rushed for 803 yards on 234 carries with five touchdowns last season.

Bell is a great back, but it could help to have the veteran on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster, giving them a sense of leadership, and he may still have a few good seasons in him. The official offensive move that they have made already was securing that veteran Heath Miller would return, along with Troy Polamalu in the same move.

As a team, they started the 2013 with a horrible record, but managed to salvage it enough to almost make the playoffs, and were left out after a missed call in the game between the Chiefs and Chargers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have always been known for the power of their defense, with the famous “Steel Curtain,” and the few moves that they have made already have been focused on defense.

They had released a couple of veterans in Larry Foote and Lamarr Woodley, but of course needed to re-sign Troy Polamalu, who is set on finishing his career with the Steelers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have changed a bit in the past few years, and due to some injuries to players like Ben Roethlisberger, Heath Miller, and Troy Polamalu, they had some troubles in 2013. It is hard to know what they will do in the draft since, when healthy, the Steelers could still be a top team.

Perhaps they could use another receiver after losing Emmanuel Sanders to the Broncos, and Mike Wallace to the Dolphins in the previous year. Where could they use the most help?

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  • You must be blind….

    You do realize they signed Mike Mitchell on the first day of free agency to address the hole at safety, right? Also signed Cam Thomas who will be a serviceable D-Lineman. And both deals were done in the first week.

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    Woodley, but of course needed to re-sign Troy Polamalu, who is set on
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