Pittsburgh Shooting at Cities Largest High School


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On Wednesday, three male students, one who is 16 and two that are 17 were shot as the school day neared its end. This incident took place near the cities largest public school, Brashear High School that has 1416 students. Terrified parents had to wait for their students to be released after school, while the police department and swat team looked for the shooter.

The alleged shooter is 16 years old and has a had a prior physical incident with the victims last month. Police are viewing the incident as revenge for the drug related fight. Investigators revealed that the teens were not being cooperative and did not disclose any further information. Mark Bocia, head of the Pittsburgh Emergency Medical Service stated the "injuries were not life-threatening".

The police spokeswoman Diane Richard stated, "This whole incident ... may have been related over something that happened a month ago,".
Richard said the fight that occurred at the school on October 18th "quite possibly could be drug-related."

During a press conference held for the Pittsburgh shooting on the same day as the shooting, Lt. Kevin Kraus with the Pittsburgh Police confirmed that a 16 year old male was arrested for aggravated assault, attempted homicide, and other chargers related directly to the shooting. The police felt that the teenager acted independently and was driven to retaliate based on the earlier incident. Kraus stated that the other teens questioned in police custody were let go.

Many people are looking for real answers regarding the string of school shootings and the conflicting information that follows during each investigation. The representative from the Pittsburgh Police Department Diane Richard in the video below states that there were men plural that came out of the woods, and that "units are looking for actors".

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