Pitt Slams Aniston Marriage, Calls It “Pathetic”

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were once quite the pair. Their marriage lasted five years before the two called it quits in 2005. Looking back on it, Pitt says his marriage to Aniston was “pathetic.”

In a 2011 interview with the World War Z star in Parade Magazine, Pitt reflects upon his marriage with the Friends star. He told the magazine that his marriage with Aniston had basically devolved into him “sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out.” He then said that it started to feel “pathetic.”

He went on to say that he was so absorbed in trying to “find a movie about an interesting life” that his real life became uninterested. He partially blames his marriage to Aniston for the feeling by saying that he was “trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

This all may sound like Pitt blames Aniston for the above, but that’s not the case says the star. He says that he means he was becoming dull to himself in the marriage, and the blame fell on himself. He holds that Aniston “is an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman.”

In a more recent interview with Esquire Magazine, Pitt refers to the 2011 interview saying that he was a “drifter” during his marriage to Aniston. He also said that he spent the years during the marriage just “f*cking off.” He finally started to move on after an “epiphany” caused him to feel that he was “wasting [his] opportunity.”

As for his current life, Pitt says that he’s “satisfied” in his relationship with Angelina Jolie. The two raise children they have adopted from around the world and are regular activists for various causes. In fact, Jolie was raising awareness for breast cancer last week when she announced that she had undergone a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of developing the cancer. In the op-ed announcement, she urged other women to get tested for breast cancer, and to not be afraid of the surgery.

[h/t: NY Post] [Image: Georges Biard]

Pitt Slams Aniston Marriage, Calls It “Pathetic”
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  • Ann

    This is to the writer Zach, Horrible headline. People would respond and you would get comments if it read something like Pitt reflects back on his first marriage Trembles. The school you learned to write from is sad very sad

    • Buffy

      Yahoo headlines a LOT of their articles with “So-and-So Slams So-and-So…” The word ‘slams’ seems to be the only verb they know…

      • http://twitter 4legged

        s l a m s Dig in Buffy ISLAMIC the grounds we lay in. &, notice what luck an actress on the subversive show that cast (AIRS) such vulgar etiquette with make believe laughter for it. You think slam is bad? try porn in your daily routine’s.

        • Botmofthe9th

          Your A Fucking Idiot I hope you come and find me I would love to meet you…

          • Tony

            It’s “you’re”. If you want to be taken seriously, at least learn to spell.

          • Perry Hale

            why are there sooooo many people that cannot spell. Go back to school and learn the language before making yourself look and sound like a 3rd grader…it is you’re not your stupid!!

        • kmiff

          wtf are you even talking about?? This is kinda moronic.

          • schlumpi

            Uuhmm? I don’t understand a word you’re saying. Come and find You?????

        • http://twitter 4legged

          children of the corn. KNOW this, youth America, Jennifer Aniston is a hard working cheerleader for this county’s subversive wittier transmission Airing (humor)& is most unfortunately surrounded by scandalous men; Mathew Perry’s attempt at gay liberal housing exposure issue’s. They make there own bed for her to fall upon. The word ORE & any use of its nomenclature rests upon our own delinquency of growth issue.

          • Skwyrley

            Your command of the English language makes about as much sense as your armchair psychology. You sound like a moron to me!!

          • Robert Boehm

            Command of the english language? Hardly. Doesn’t even know it is “their” instead of “there.”


          • http://www.feedmindanaochildren.webs.com TY

            “Their” is the possessive pronoun (they make their own bed)….

          • http://Yahoo.com Randy Johnson

            You lose a couple legs, buddy?

          • kubana007

            4 legged moron – you are so ridiculous. Can’t spell, you are ignorant and karma will get you, sir. Now STFU.

          • pbuzbee

            well 4 legged you got the legs but missed the brain! what in the heck are you talking about?

        • http://twitter 4legged

          Brad has finally found peace of the mind/mine ORE TEXTUS TEA that is: in a woman who DOES cater to New World Order. She seeks the golden children (unblemished by American soil,youth star trick ease. Their marriage is match.com in/of/&4 heavenly light. Because he is forced into voicing his expression, you expect him to be positive for his hair error of a mistake? On a woman not concerned for worldly issue only laughter for your pleasing.

          • Silverbutterfly


          • Karin


          • Colleen


          • kayla

            So all of you think you can compare people you do not know! How do you know Jennifer is uninteresting? Just because Brad Pitt said so?? makes sense. NOT!YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER! all you see is what is on the news and the internet but you don’t actually know them. So all of these comments saying who you like more is kind of dumb since you still don’t know who these stars really are.

          • Cindy

            4legged : You’re as stupid as they come and also a little unhinged ; judging from your nonsensical rants. Might be able to overlook a few spelling & grammatical errors if your comments were coherent.
            Now, as for the Pitt/ Aniston subject : She seems a needy & very high-maintenance Hollywood airhead who cannot keep a man. She is annoying & self absorbed. No wonder Brad felt the way he said – Jennifer Aniston is a very limited actress @ best & seems boring – Brad & Angelina appear truly happy & are very good together. Wish Aniston would find a fool to marry her & shut her up !

        • http://n/a Roxanne Jean Barrymore

          I think muslims should be not seen and not heard. If you are a muslim; go back to your own sh*thole world and stay there. It is what YOU made it so YOU must love it. SO??? Why come out here and bother us? Go back under your ROCK. We’re not interested in your opinions. Keep them in camel-land.

          • Susan Castellon

            YOU Roxanne Jean Barrymore are a disgusting racist! People like you deserve to be put under a rock!!

          • Get Real

            What a bigoted moron! You can keep your stupid remarks to yourself. What hate you are spewing does not belong on any written piece!!! Go back to the sewer you came out of.

          • Stephan

            Roxanne has a very tiny mind. Grow up and educated.

          • Old man and happy to be so

            I love all of these responses…
            I never did like Jennifer. She always thought that her S didn’t stink…
            At least that is the impression that I got whenever I saw her on TV…

          • tamara

            BINGO!!!! The bigest liars, the bigest treators, the bigest ass holes are Muslims! I agree, send’em all back to their shit holes.

        • Savannah

          What? This made zero sense. Is it even english?

      • Invincible

        Ditto! I’ve been thinking the SAME THING for a while now! Is their no other words in the dictionary for insulting another person? Writers only know 2 words these days: “slams” and “rips”.

    • Anthony

      Yeah, your headline is a real eye catcher. psst

    • Gail

      Writers rarely write their own headlines.

      • Elkee

        Yeah, but they DO write the article, and this one sucks…It immediately draws you in to be defensive in favor of Aniston. But I’ve got to tell you…Brad Pitt should keep his mouth shut. He sounds boring. I already think his Jolie relationship is bull,…now I’m thinking he might very well be a dip-shit. Too bad…I guess it’s true that you can’t have it all.

        • http://yahoo Jose

          Angelina Jolie Academy award winning actress, Movie Director, Goodwill embassador to the United Nations, Philanthropist, mother of six. That is quite an accomplishment for a woman who is only 36 years old.
          For those who criticize her and call her all kinds of names this is a woman who does not give a F…ck about what anyone says, you can bet on that.

          • Mary

            oh oh oh don’t forget she’s an academy award winning home wrecker…Brad should have never done that movie with her….she was on the prowl and has no cooth.

          • DNA

            I agree with what you wrote, Jennifer is a very boring person compare to Angelina Jolie, it is like compairing apples and oranges. What people do not realize that their marriage (Jennifer and Brad Pitts) was over long ago, they were just keeping face for the public. Jennifer lied to Oparh about not knowing anything about their marriage being over and Oparh hates liars. Jennifer cheat with his new guy, he was with his girlfriend and she knew this, still she stolen him away, so why is that ant different than what Brad and Angelina did?

          • tim

            you forgot to add Succubus… he is Doomed if he stays.=)

          • Ruby

            Being a goodwill ambassador for the UN surely she cares about what others think. Get real! However working for that corrupt organization doesn’t bode well for the people that are aware. It certainly is no claim to fame in my book. I was shocked to see her be used by them. Thought she was more knowledgeable.

            Brad should refrain from discussing his marriage to Jen. It is over and both have moved on.

          • Maria

            @JOSE: You forgot a few descriptors: Home wrecker,loose. Not caring what people think is not a positive attribute because it often goes with not caring about people’s feelings or people in general. Personally, I don’t think Angelina would be a philantropist if she hadn’t first induced a married man to be a philanderer. That’s when her philantropy started, when people got nasty because she stole another woman’s husband and broke her heart. Angelina is a skank with at least one broken marriage, who slept with girls and carried a vial of blood around her neck. When her mother was alive, she was nasty to her. Now she is dead so her mother is a saint. Go figure! Even her father admits she has issues. Those are not accomplishments at any age,not to mention she looks much older than her 36 yrs. I look better and fresher than her and I am 47. So looks Jennifer Aniston. Brad knows he traded oranges for empty coke bottles and it’s too late to get Jennifer back. That’s why he slams her and keeps talking about their marriage in a truly pathetic effort to remind her and the public that they were married.

          • allison

            oh yes and don’t forget angie’s public french kiss with her brother on th red carpet and wearing a vile of billy bob thorton’s blood around her neck that’s not creepy or anything…shes a home wrecking freak…and she is hideous in comparison to Jennifer aniston…

          • lisa

            Of course she don’t give a f***, she slept with a married man, kissed her brother intimately on national television and worn Billy Bob’s blood in a vial around her neck, yep kudos to the weirdo’s!!

          • smitty

            Yes she is but all of those things but you forgot one addition to her personal resume. Adulteress!!!!

          • casey

            Well she’d better care what I think about this, if a huge amount of people feel the same. I will never see another movie with her or her freakish hubby in it again and haven’t since he so shallowly dumped Jennifer for her faked lipped self.


            You forgot homewreaker, husband steeling

          • Bebe

            …LOL Reminds me of the “but he’s a straight “A” student! He HAS to be innocent!” excuse that gets thrown about when little Tommy screws up. One’s accomplishments has absolutely NOTHING to do with who they are as a person. Am I saying that I know what kind of person Jolie is? No. Just saying that people REALLY need to stop being so simple. People will look down on a good person simply because they don’t have the “things” or “accomplishments” one thinks they should have…Meanwhile, their douchebag asshat of a friend gets a pass because he has a law degree or because he’s “attractive”.

          • Carmen

            Yes, YOU CAN TELL SHE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT PUBLICITY. Karma IS a BITCH then you marry Brad Pitt. Sorry……no, not really.

        • ron

          That is what it was meant to do and it apparently did that.

          • http://n/a Roxanne Jean Barrymore

            you people are all so stupid. You sound like kids in a school yard. the only thing I HAVE to agree with is that Jolie is worn-out and weird compared to Jen. Other than that, they are ALL THREE doing exactly what they want to be doing. And the accusation of ‘homewrecker’ is the most hilarious of them all. bwahahahaha. You’re talking about Hollywood, people.

          • http://yahoo Monserrate Rodriguez

            The only one that breaks up a marriage are the two that are married something was wrong with the marriage way before Angelina came into the picture other wise if it was solid nothing or anybody could have come in between the two of them, so stop blaming one over the other, To me if Jennifer was so crazy about Brad she would have put her career on hold and gave him children, because look how happy he is with his children, that was maybe what was missing in his marriage with Jennifer, and Angelina gave him what he wanted all along, I wish them both a lot of happiness, and Jennifer as well…………..

          • http://yahoo A Reilly

            @maria…ahh,lmfao.You got it just right!

        • CC

          Sounds to me like the headlines are the only thing you read. When interviewed one always responds. There are people who truly like Angelina and Brad and admire them for who they are, you ever think of that Elkee? Your pathetic.

          • Get Real

            What is an Elkee? (It sounds like you are trying to say alcoholics.) As for who likes who, it’s no one’s business! I have never found Jennifer Aniston fascinating. That was before Brad! Once she stole Brad from his fiancee (what goes around comes around), I cared less. These people are actors and their lives playout for the press to mess around with. None of them have done anything to me personally so I just say good luck to all!

        • Gunnel de Perez

          Oh God, he think he is sooo great,actually I think Aniston is much better without him.
          He and, what’s her name, ah ya, Jolie, are soooo ignorant, they do belong together and you know what they say,What goes around, comes around,,,so just wait and see,,,
          Aniston, you go baby,,,,,,

          • Frantz Nelson

            Apparently some people did not read the article, or else they would realize the headline is extremely misleading and he was not “slamming” Jennifer Aniston in any way – he was actually being very critical of himself, and blaming himself for what happened in the marriage.

            He had only high praise for Jennifer Aniston.

          • thena

            The only “pathetic” about their marriage was Brad Pitts. He and choo choo lips belong together. LOL that is until she finds someone she “loves” better. She did improve from Billy Bob but not that much!!

        • http://yahoo barbara mikula

          All about him much? He should keep his cheating mouth shut. All I have to say is who cares?

          • Get Real

            Cheating mouth? Seriously? Wow! The man appears to have cheated on Aniston but remember he was engaged to Gwenyth Paltrow when Jennifer entered the picture. The man is admitting that he had problems in his life and his marriage did nothing to help him. No one but Brad and Jennifer know what did and did not happen during the marriage. The news is slanting the story once again to boost ratings. The deal is this – get over it, move on! Both of them have and both seem to be far happier. (PS I’m not a fan of either Brad or Jennifer but I just know when someone says something they know nothing about, they need to get the real facts before opening their mouth.)

        • May

          I find the fact that he credits and epiphany for the break up of his marriage to Aniston a ridiculous cop out. We all know that it was his and Jolie’s lack of morals on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith that was the true reason for the dissolution of the relationship. Jolie herself in an interview with the NY Times “Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.”

        • tamara

          Brad is NO man in my eyes. A real man would never belittle a woman, specially a woman who he lived with and loved once. I guess red-necks
          exist even amongst rich and famous.

      • casey

        and this one barely writes………….

        • tamara

          well, english is my 5th language…sorry…

    • Chris

      If Brad is truly happy with his life I am happy for him, HOWEVER, slaming his ex for his lack of satisfaction is ALL based in his inability to be a man. He has a desire to be TOLD how he will live his life and Aniston is a true good woman that will allow a man to be himself. His lack of satisfaction is his problem. Had I an inkling of a chance Jen wouldn’t be able to walk away and I wouldn’t either. That however is something that only a real man would understand. A man that DOES NOT desire to be ruled over. Rather a man that is a gentleman but KNOWS how to make a woman WANT a man. Brad became bored because he was and is NOT a man, rather a child seeking acceptance from a stong wonman that will direct his every move in life.

      He may have looks but he is a sad excuse for a MAN.

      • CC

        OMG Chris, you sound like you KNOW them personally. What the hell is wrong with you people. Aniston could be a shallow person, you don’t know anything but yet you accept what you read, in fact you don’t even read the story, he praised her for F**K sakes, you only read the headline…so sad.

        • MP

          CC you obviously have never been in a relationship where you were cheated on. There is nothing that makes that ok, not even if the other person is wicked (Jennifer Aniston is not though). Once more what makes it worse is that he finds it necessary to keep bashing Jen he was the cheating lying scumbag. Both Brad and Angie can’t stand it when they are not in the publics eye so they have to do or say something to the press so people remember they still exist. It is so obvious that they can’t stand the fact that Jennifer Aniston is happy and getting married and has been and remained in the public eye. He has become so unattractive and she is no more then a walking stick that thinks she is pretty, well she isn’t.

          • lola

            How do you know ANiston is not “wicked”, who pays Chelsea Handjob to slam Angie at every opportunity, you think it a coincidence that Handler gets invited to Cabo for the A$$ and cooch show, then ONE WEEK later is ranting on stage about Angelina being a c##t, wh@re, and home wrecker, all according to a woman that has done porno tapes and broke up the marriage to her boss at the E network, I think not. Aniston just wanted a mouthpiece to say all the things she wanted to say, but was too afraid the minivan idiots that really believed she was rachel greene might find out she’s a manipulative witch that slept with Brad Pitt the very first day she met him (she loves that story), while still engaged to Tate Donovan. This is really a non story as far as Aniston is concerned, but hey, could the woman that lives for any tabloid press let such an opportunity pass, of course not, she had to stick her huge nose into Brad’s Esquire article, even though she’s not mentioned ANYWHERE in the article, not even referred to, but that didn’t bother the ho, publicity is what she thrives on, and why not, it’s not as if she has anything else in her life, and after this stunt, what she gets she wholeheartedly deserves.

          • lola

            So Aniston is “getting married”, then why is she waiting, her gigolo have too many projects going,can’t be that, he hasn’t worked one day in THREE YEARS, Aniston, herself working on too many big budget movies, uh no, and she never will be offered any decent parts, she’s a lousy actress, has aged out of her bombcoms, and is too old and not attractive enough for any part but the boozing old Grandma.

        • Christina

          Are you serious?? I read this article and have heard all other nonsense. The few positive comments he made were just cover up so he wouldn’t seem so bad to people who are easily snowed. You don’t keep talking about the past the way he does unless you have an agenda and you don’t keep PUBLICLY saying that I was so unhappy with HER and I am so happy NOW with the woman that I cheated on her with unless you are deliberately trying to humiliate a person. You have not lived life.

        • tamara

          Chris doesn’t need to know them personally. Brad put his x down and it’s not manly, that’s what Chris said and I agree with him.

      • Ask

        Brad never slammed Jennifer. He simply said that he was not satisfied with the way he was living his life. He and Jennifer married young and sometimes people can grow apart. As we get older sometimes we look for a deeper meaning and want more out of life. Brad has always said that he wanted a big family and Jennifer kept pushing it off. By the time she decided to give it a try, she had a miscarriage. But, if she truly felt the same as Brad when it came to having a big family, she shouldn’t have had a problem with adoption or having a surrogate or simply try again. But, her life is different. She still enjoys the things that she did in her youth life drinking and bending over for bikini butt shots. She’s living her life the way she wants and that’s great. So let him live his life the way he wants. They have both moved on. Just sad that poor editorials like this keeps re-surfacing. Brad already apologized about this being taken out of context a long time ago. I think he probably was a sad excuse to be a man. But, now, he is the real man that he always wanted to be.

        • Tell

          Ask, finally someone with some reading comprehension skills who has actually LOOKED at the article past the sensationalist headline. You are spot on.

      • Bebe

        You know, I always found it funny that he seems to always feel the need to speak of his past marriage, while Jennifer doesn’t say a peep, or hasn’t since the immediate aftermath. It’s almost like he is trying to convince himself that he made the right decision. He is holding on to some imaginary grudge that he seriously needs to let go of, and if I were Jolie, I would feel some kind of way about him always talking about her, especially in great detail(even if they do as him about it…him speaking negatively means nothing…if anything, it is more of an indicator that he still has some unresolved feelings…I mean, at the time of this interview, it had been what, 6 years?). When was the last time she talked about Billy Bob? Maybe she does and I just don’t hear about it, who knows. Throwing Jennifer under the bus, whether directly or passive aggressively, is getting old. I remember this dumb interview and his so called backpedaling. Wash, rinse, repeat. Just apologize to the woman for your past actions (and actually mean it this time) so you can finally go to sleep. This could also just be a simple case of some douchebag who doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions and projects and deflects, nothing more.

      • Christina

        I totally agree. This man is blaming his ex for what was clearly an issue within himself. These are personal matters that should not be discussed publicly anyway; especially when one is not being sincere but only manipulating at another’s expense (taking no real responsibility). Yet, every opportunity this pig of a man gets he keeps trying to humiliate and attack her; while she on the other hand continues to show class and dignity and doesn’t speak about the details unless pressed in an interview and even then her comments are limited. Btw, before all the nonsense started I use to notice that Jen never seemed happy about being with Brad. Did it ever occur to some of you Brad worshippers that Jen wasn’t satisfied either just has enough decency to keep those personal details to herself. It seems obvious (if you’re not a brainwashed, bedazzled follower of all things that SEEM to glitter) So many people are led by the superficial and by the camouflage that some people portray. Public exploits have nothing to do with the inner quality of a human being when the cameras are off. Angelina has a very disturbing history and her philanthropy started as she was trying to change her image because of her past behavior. I would be for her if it seemed sincere but what tells the truth about WHO a person is has to do with character in real life circumstances. She committed adultery with another woman’s husband. People make mistakes but quality people who have done what they know is wrong show genuine remorse and for them I would fight for their right to move beyond those mistakes but Angelina and Brad don’t show ANY genuine remorse or conscience. In fact, they keep taking underhanded shots at a woman who THEY wronged and who seems to just want to move on with her life. These two pigs along with the partial press keep this alive. Let this lovely woman move on with her life!!!

    • Visit

      Yet here you are reading the article and giving your 2 cents on the matter… seems like his headline drew you in perfectly same as everyone else here!

      • Anonymous AJ

        Yes, the headline drew us here, because we couldn’t believe Pitt could be THAT much of an a hole.

        • casey

          I can believe it…………

    • Ass

      “The school you learned to write from is sad very sad”

      I believe this is called “irony.”

    • Kummin

      It is rarely if ever that the ‘writer’ chooses the headline. It is an editor that wants you to click on the story.

    • J

      sooo agree! In fact I think the writer should have sought an editor prior to publishing because it was awkward and hard to read. There are some grammatical errors…

    • http://yahoo patricia

      Just jealousy

    • RLP

      Seriously? What a horrible thing to say. Quite frankly, Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli are highly overrated. There is real news out there to reported and hearing about this highly sensationalized couple over and over and over again is nauseating.

    • brenda

      I think Brad is pathetic! Why does he bring up something that is so long ago? Let it go… I’ve really lost a lot of respect for Brad and his remarks are degrading to him only.

    • summerrider

      If you want to rite about something write how Brad went from clean cut to looking old, homeless, like he doesn’t have 2 nickel’s to rub together. Since he has been with Angie, he looks awful!!!!!! not a nice looking guy any more.

    • Susie

      He chose the title so that it would grab the attention of his audience. No one would want to read an article titled as you suggested… that sounds boring…Its all about attention-grabbing. DUH

    • Michelle Mobley

      Just so you know…the news writer NEVER writes the headline. I learned that in journalism school when I made the mistake of writing the “hed” on my own news report. The instructor used my error as an opportunity to let us all know that the EDITOR decides how to title a story. Obviously, the editors at WebProNews are driven to sensationalize a non-story by composing bogus headlines.

    • D. WHALEN


  • Gia

    This is where an article where he states how much he loves Angelina gets twisted for the benefits of trash reporting. Just stupid.

  • prettyitalian1010

    Brad Pitt u are rude. U made it pathetic & look where u are now 6 kids later. Ur the one in a rut – 6 kids is no joke & now an almost wife that is not well. U owe the girl an apology unless u totally lost your mind. RUDE…I change my whole opinion of u.

    • prettyitalian1111

      Your an idiot. You speak as if he is doing bad in life and is an a bad situation. He had his kids by choice(because half he adopted meaning he wanted to have them). On top of that, he can afford to take care of his 6 kids, he isn’t in any kind rut. He’s still getting work! Angie is not sick she choose to have a preventative procedure done. He owes his ex wife nothing. But I’m pretty sure your opinion of him means nothing to him!

      • GLENN

        went from a women to a whore

        • http://yahoo Jose

          Brad Pitt Went from a neurotic, bitchy woman to a “real woman”, this I the reason he is going to marry Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Anniston is America’s sweetheart in name only, all she is doing is rehashing the same roles over and over again, being Jennifer Anniston.

          • Annie

            If Brad Pitt was so hot to get this real woman, Angelina, why has he waited so long to put a ring on her finger and get married? I truly have no respect for anyone who bashes an ex the way he is Jennifer Aniston. He needs to grow up!

          • Christina

            @ Jose.You sound ridiculous. We are talking about actual behavior and comments that have been made. You are just trying to win an argument by attacking Jen based on nothing. Nothing in Jen’s behavior so far would qualify for being called bitchy or neurotic. You not debating according to actual behavior your just trying to win like a two year old.

      • prettyitalian1212

        Well said prettyitalian1111!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Susie

          Did you read the article? Cause he didn’t bash Jennifer. The headline did that

        • Susie

          Did you read the article? Cause he didn’t bash Jennifer. The headline did that

      • prettyitalian1212

        Well said prettyitalian1111!!!!!

      • Amy

        It’s “you’re an idiot,” not “your an idiot.”

      • Amy

        It’s “you’re an idiot,” not “your an idiot.”

    • WMS

      I don’t think that Brad is rude at all about him saying that his marriage was pathetic. He wasn’t blaming Jennifer, he admitted that what he was doing in the marriage made it feel pathetic. And him and Angelina with their kids seem to fulfill his life and make it more meaningful. I think they as a couple, both actors, with so much responsibilities and still take care of the their kids is very admirable.

      • Chaz

        This is not the first time he has talked about his marriage this way. He should not have even brought up his marriage to Jennifer.. Every times he talks about his time with her, he refers to their marriage as “dull”, “pathetic”, etc… Then… he walks back his comments saying it was him, not her. He should not even be commenting about that marriage, especially to reporters, years after… Also Brad never starts off with he was pathetic or dull, he always starts with his marriage was! He knows full well what he is doing and he is doing it to get his name out there for his new movie… as usual Brad lacks having class.

        • lola

          Brad hasn’t said one word about the marriage in over TWQ YEARS, why that A$$HOLE had to put that blurb from the old Parade interview is baffling, did he want all the Aniston hens to come clucking to defend their precious girl next door, the menopausal rachel greene. If that was his objective, he certainly achieved it, he knew the hens were too stupid to know the difference between now and two years ago, intelligence and Aniston hens are an oxymoron.

      • Get Real

        Thank you for being one of the few people on here who sounds intelligent. You read what I read – Brad wasn’t blaming anyone but himself. When someone is in a bad place due to drugs, alcohol, etc., they need to work on themselves. The marriage wasn’t right and it’s over. I totally agree with you about he and Angelina. Somehow or another, they are making it work and how they are raising their children is far more important than worrying about what others think. Thanks for putting some sense into this meaningless conversation the idiots are putting on here.

    • Sherry Birchall

      Hey Prettyitalian,

      You are being jerked around by a misleading headline. If you read the article he mostly says that he became pathetic but Jennifer was and is a wonderful human being. The title of the article is just to get that gut reaction, not because it’s reflective of the actual content of the article.

      • Christine Silverman

        People are just stupid..they don’t read the article, then feel entitled to comment. Seeing as none of them actually know Brad or Angelina, their comments about their marriage, or their character are meaningless. Ranting about Angelina and calling her names because an actress you liked got dumped is the height of stupidity. In life, you have to do what you have to do…when you meet your soulmate, you’d better not let them get away, what would you have him do…stay with Jennifer and make both their lives miserable.

    • Jet

      Seems like a nice, honest guy to me. I’d take him.

    • http://twitter 4legged

      I don’t care how pretty tally you “R” woman. I don’t want to know you either. Put your veil (ORE) back ON over your face! If you think the 8 tupplets of a Wittier California woman’s insemination on welfare is moore’s Etiquette; your sadly mistaken for your own four legged versing a no/sew/low contend ray. A Woman’s total choice awards off: Imbroglio’s Today!

      • abigail

        you make no sense at all

      • Christine Silverman

        Who ARE you, moron? I can’t understand any of your illiterate, ranting posts, so give us a break and presto, chango, diasppearo!

      • narnia6@gmail.com

        4Legged – What drugs are you on?? Your rants make no sense. Maybe you need to see a doctor.

      • Bliss

        you make absolutely NO sense whatsoever.

      • syd


    • abigail

      oh come on, did you even read the entire article? He was reflecting on his past marriage and his behavior during those years. You think loving 6 kids and having a loving relationship with a healthy woman who was smart enough to get PREVENTATIVE surgery done, is living in a rut? She’s not sick. She had the surgeries so she wouldn’t get sick; her mother died that way. You come across as extremely uneducated and silly. Grow up

      • http://. reedude

        Pitt is a punk and don’t forget if Jolie is such a “smart” women ,why did she walk around with a vile of billy bob thorntons blood in it. Give me a break! These two deserve each other.

        • Alex

          It’s “vial,” genius.

    • HandsomeItalian

      He says in the article that he made it pathetic and calls Aniston and giving person. Read past the headline.

    • Bebe

      LOl He made it seem like it was her fault that he hung out on the couch smoking weed, hiding from the paps lmao!

  • Laureen

    His words were twisted. He was commenting on himself not Jennifer Aniston.

    • aquilaranch

      The article was portly written. Personally I don’t find the man very attractive inside, looks can be deceiving, wouldn’t waste my time. His arrogance is well known on and off the set.

      • http://yahoo Jose

        You can start by spelling the word arrogance correctly.

        • Christina

          Ummm. It’s spelled the same way you just spelled it. You need glasses.

        • CMG

          Yet, you did not spell it any differently…

        • Cheryl A.

          Why don’t you show us how to spell it since you spelled it exactly the same. LMAO!!!

          • fran attaway

            im so glad to see the “grammer / grammar police are on the job”.

        • Christina

          @Jose. So petty. Everyone makes typos or forgets how to spell certain words. Even the smartest people make these little errors.

  • Linda

    Not a big Pitt fan, too full of himself for my taste. Aniston has a lot more class than he does IMHO.

    • Sharon

      What a success you are, married to a whore – no morals in your family. Don’t blame Jennifer – she is a classy lady. You are the pot smoking fool – she is better off without you, so don’t talk sour grapes.

      • Newsgirl

        Are you guys even reading this before you post? He didn’t blame her, he stated he was the one with the problem. People are so freaking stupid!

        • Jet

          I think the headline is clear, Pitt is slamming the marriage, not her.

          • nitebloomer

            Oh, I think they read it ok. Maybe they are commenting the way they are because if he was unhappy he should have left before he started something with another woman. Poor Brad pathetic ways his actions and his “womans” too….you know the one who said “I don’t need to take another woman’s man”while she was preggers with the child she said she would never have. Or did you forget she said she would only have adopted children? Maybe people are just sick of the PITT/JOLIE crap…

        • Butttercup

          Regardless, he was ask about his personal life and marriage he should of never commented about his marriage to JA at the time and kept his mouth shut, he even said everyone miscontrued and took what he said out of context. The main point was and is that you keep your mouth shut, he should have never brought his marriage up in the first place period.

        • DNA

          You are right, a bunch of morons just commenting without reading the article.

          Calling bad names to Angelina, but do not forget Jennifer jumped dated many, many men and she took this last guy away from his long time girlfriend, they were living together as a couple and Jennifer knew this. That’s life, if you fall out of love and meet someone else, why brand them, it happens all the time, No one is perfect. Move on people, they all moved on!

          • Bebe

            In the original interview, he said, “And I think my Marriage to Jen had something to do with it”, and then went on to “elaborate”.

        • Bebe

          That was said after he got slammed for the original interview. He later “clarified” what he “meant”. Classic Hollywood back pedal.

      • lauren t

        you are a moron….anniston has slept with half the town of men and you call her ‘classy.’ You have the brains of turnip…wait the turnip is smarter!

        • http://Yahoo CherCher

          No matter how many men Jen slept with, she can’t compare to Angeline, with a vial of blood of a man around her neck. It is even reported that she cheats on Brad. Brad is washed up…nothing is really going for him and he is just trying to be relevant. He knows if he brings up Jennifer’s name, it is going to generate a national discussion. His brain is fried from smoking too much pot. Their drug habit is well known.

          • alessa

            You are right and she also slept with her mom ‘s boyfriend at 16. She is a whore since forever and nobody believes that he is happy.He looks like crap

        • DC

          And you know this for a FACT miss Lauren? HALF the town? How many men have YOU slept with? People shouldn’t make up things in their simple minds..miss turnip..

      • margaret

        used to be a fan of both, but lets face it , jenn knew that Brad wants kids!!! it was her lose ,not Brads!!! she comes on as a goody little girl to me , needs to grow up and be a WOMAN. love Brad and JOLIE , a great pair ,and like minds in helping others!!!

        • cindlemain

          I feel sorry for you and people like you who look up to someone who cheats on his wife and then knocks up a woman with no morals and doesn’t have a problem having illegitamate kids.

        • Bebe

          Maybe (in reference to the kids), but she definitely doesn’t come across as a goody little girl. Not with that potty mouth. BTW, that should have been fully fleshed out before they got married. I guess he thought she would come around. Still no excuse for the extreme disrespect.

      • abigail

        You are not a thorough reader are you? No? Thought not. So will all the nasty minded swill you are flinging around, how is that going for you in life?

      • Christine Silverman

        Gee, Sharon..do you know Angelina personally, or are you just a stupid media whore who believes what they feed you? My guess is the latter.

  • Vernon Alarcon

    It seems to be getting harder and more challenging to have a committed, long-term relationship. The 7 year syndrome is more than just an itch imho. Good luck to all of us. It’s hard work indeed.

    • Rae

      That is so effed up. My husband just told me he doesn’t want to be married anymore, seven years into our marriage.

    • Christine Silverman

      My boyfriend did the same thing. 7 years into our relationship, he decides he needs to move on. Met a new girl, not as attracted to me as he was, ..what choice did I have…a person has to do what they have to do…can’t make them stay. 7 year itch…it’s valid.

  • bubba rydel

    the older I get the more I realize how “stupid” most of our celebrities are. JLO, Pitt, Arnold, Letterman, Jagger….what a bunch of idiots. I could kick myself for wasting my money and my precious time on these losers.

    • Bebe

      But you were paying for their entertainment, not their insight on life and their personal decisions. I guess I could see how it could make you look at them differently though?

  • Robin

    This article is just plain pathetic. The interview was a year or three ago, and he was calling himself pathetic. Give me a break!!

    • Robin

      And Zach, maybe you should stick to gaming and technology!

  • renee walls

    what an unbelievable, obnoxious ass!!
    I have never liked Brad Pitt and now I have a better idea

  • maison

    Brad Pitt needs to review his own character since he was the one who cheated. He needs to act like a mature adult and to wish Jennifer the best.

    • KC

      Seems like you need to learn how to read when he was talking about HIMSELF and not her.

  • Tom K

    WOW. What groundbreaking reporting. Taking a NY POST ARTICLE from 2011, and changing the movie (originally MONEYBALL; now WORLD WAR Z) and printing it otherwise VERBATIM as if Brad just said these things. Pretty “pathetic” yourself, Zach Walton- as well as WebProNews! And shame on YAHOO NEWS for picking up the story!

  • Mandy

    He’s just bitter because his current wife doesn’t have any boobs.

    • http://yahoo Christine

      Mandy..that’s a horribly crude thing to say. You would be heartbroken if someone said that about you and you had surgery, hoping to avoid breast cancer. You should think in the future before you say such horrible things. You may not like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, but for heaven’s sake, don’t be so horrible. Your comment is shocking.

      • Christina

        This is the first thing I agree with on. Don’t respect Brad or Angelina but anything could happen to any of us. Illness should never be mocked.

    • lp

      Really! what a total classless comment.

      • Frank

        “Really! what a total classless comment.” We all agree with that.

    • Ruby

      Mandy, That is the stupidest remark of all ! You seem to forget you are speaking of another human being. You can bet she had reconstructive surgery immediately. In many cases one looks better. Let’s try and be a little kinder.

    • http://Yahoo Mildred Greenpasture

      Shame on you

    • ellie denegre

      You are aBOOB!!!!!

  • LPlannie

    Am I the only one who heard the Quentin Tarantino interview on Howard Stern, when QT told Howard about his trip to the Pitt/Jolie household? He said that the acreage had several structures, and that Pitt and Jolie basically don’t even see each other. Pitt stays in a separate structure and gets high on hash all day long. Jolie deals with the kids. Sound familiar?

    • Janedo

      sounds about right! LOL Hollywood is a joke

    • margaret

      most couples wish they had their own space at some point!! has nothing to do with the love they have for each other. at a friend wedding i did mention it , give each other space,respect it and DO NOT ABUSE IT!!! and learn to grow together . i’ll marry again if the man respects that…

    • Henry

      … and you believe everything that Howard Stern says????

    • lola

      I listened to Howard Stern when David Arquette admitted Aniston was part of the reason he and Courtney divorced, she would not leave them alone, going as far as SLEEPING in the same bed with them. So it MUST be true, he said it on Howard Stern’s radio show.

  • Tony

    Mr walton, I guess you need to stick to gaming and technology.Your writing sucks. Terribly misleading title, misleading info in article. If you were paid for this,you need to refund the money.

  • Christina

    Brad you just made yourself look pathetic! Jen was the best thing that ever happened to him and he was a dummy for leaving her for a straight Wh***. He has looked like the biggest, fakest, house Bi*** ever since he left Jen for Ang. Thumbs down for Brad!!

  • lola

    How par for the course, Aniston once again wanting to make Brad’s life all about her, newsflash Aniston, Brad doesn’t give a rat’s A$$ about you or your life, he never mentions you, in fact I sincerely doubt he remembers very much about that bad time in his life, he’s got a woman he loves and a family he adores, so I doubt he appreciates your coat-tailing him every chance you get.

    • DA9999

      He must give a Rat’s A$$ about Aniston, because he is talking about her. It is Aniston who doen’t give a shite about Pitt. She getting married to a guy that is 10X hotter than Pitt. Maybe Pitt is jealous and that is why he is bring up his past marriage. If he has truly moved on from Jen then he needs to stop talking about Her. Notice she never talks about him.

      • alessa

        He doesn’t care about Jen or her guy .He wants to promote his coming movie. The last one bombed at the box office, later he did the stupid furniture crap and Channel. Too much pot and not brain.
        He was lucky before, because of his looks and now he looks like shit.

      • lola

        Why don’t you point out exactly WHERE Brad talks about Aniston, if you’re still stuck on that Parade article, then I know you’re a diehard Aniston hen, your lack of intelligence gives you away.

    • Vicki

      What are you reading, lola? Aniston never comments on Brad. It’s Brad who brings up his past marriage. So, what are you smoking?

      • lola

        OMG, you have lived under a rock for the past 8 and a half years. VF cry fest, all the while she was sleeping with Vince Vaughn, then the Oprah pity party, then ALL the magazines she did where it was one year after Brad, her cleaning her closet after Brad, changing her life after Brad, the woman hasn’t shut her big mouth or her legs after all these years. Brad mentioned TWO YEARS ago a bad time he was going through, and admitted the marriage was not what the public thought, there was no “golden couple”, it was PR invention, and he wasn’t going to participate any longer, so, ever since Brad has been vilified because he dared to be honest. The Aniston hens preferred the fairytale that never was to reality. The reality is Brad loves Angelina and their children and does not care one hoot about Aniston, she has someone to “care” about her, and I’m sure he’s paid well for his services.

  • http://none YES

    This man is pathetic its not that his words are being taken out of text; He just can’t keep his mouth shut about his marriage to Jen maybe because she is moving on and not in tears over him anymore. Let him marry Angie first because living with someone and being married to someone is something totally different. I am under the impression that Angie may not want to get married “KARMA” its a beast.

    • lola

      Where in the blurb from Esquire does Brad mention anything about Aniston or their deadend marriage, nowhere is “where”.

      • http://none YES

        He does not have to mention her name because he keeps bringing up the marriage he was in with her, he’s a PATHETIC, “A” HOLE”: Like I said let him marry Angie and let’s see how the BEAST of KARMA comes around.

        • lola

          Then point out WHERE he even mentions anything about the deadend “marriage”, you can’t, he never mentions Aniston or the marriage in any way, shape or form. Please read the right article and stop obsessing about some blurb from two years ago .Hens cannot stand for Brad to talk about how much he LOVES Angelina Jolie, it destroys them.

      • Vicki

        He doesn’t have to say her name. We all know that his past marriage was to Jennifer Aniston. AND, he IS talking about his PAST marriage. So, put 2 & 2 together. I know you can add. He’s talking about his marriage to Jennifer. It’s NOT Jennifer talking about her past marriage to Brad. It’s Brad doing the talking.

  • sandra coleman

    OMG WTF I love Brad and I love Jen but wth is going on? I hope she prospers cuz guys like him are so seriously F Up………..

  • http://Yaoo Litlj43

    Bitt is an a-hole. Sure sounds like a man so into himself that he can’t find anything better to talk about than a marriage that ended years ago. I would say “get a life Brad” but he already has a pretty pathetic one. Has anyone seen any of his movies lately? I haven’t. Has been!

  • Abbey

    I agree with Ann & Gia, the headline sucks as well as the twisted tale. What sucks even more though is Brad Pitt! I think he left Jennifer for all of the wrong reasons…..it was so obvious at the time! But like a good, strong woman, Jennifer has held her head high and over come Pitt’s distasteful actions! I haven’t liked him or Jolie since…..

    • http://Yahoo Mildred Greenpasture

      All those who are against Brad are Psyco, u need medicine or something.

  • Jean Peterson

    Personally pretty ignorant of you Brad Pitt would have made you a better man to have said nothing but what else could we expect from someone with a big ego Shame on you.

    • Anne Y Williams

      I think it was in very poor taste for Brad to say anything about his marriage to Jennifer Anniston. She was a wonderful person, but it seems like he was the one who was unhappy and not mature enough to be a good husband. How can he be happy getting bombed on weed most of the time. He need help in order to be a completely happy person capable of being the man he was made to be. I pray that he finds himself before Angelie gets rid of him.

  • Janice Cochran

    To Brad Pitt. Are you blaming Jennifer for everything? Even as an excuse for your infidelity? There’s a place for people like you and you will be paid back.

    • http://Yahoo Mildred Greenpasture

      Read between the line Sir/Madam, whoever you are.

  • suzieq

    I think that it is a very misleading title for the article. So typical of our media.

  • lola

    Some of you have some serious reading comprehension problems. It seems Aniston and her super aggressive PR team are at it once again, but if they can find where Brad mentions Manny, then they’re reading the wrong article. Once again, Aniston, the D-List has-been is coat tailing the superstar that dumped her fat A$$ 9 years ago, the woman will not let go.

    • Christina

      You’re really off.

  • Jalie

    Brad Pitt is correct, he is pathetic. I find him ugly and disgusting. He and Jolie are narcissistic trash. They collected trophy children like others vacation souveniers.

  • comentator

    Just a polite way of saying he was fucking bored. And it was boring and now he is not bored.. now he has someone wh is not boring to be with .

    • Eve

      Well, “satisfied in his relationship with Jolie” just sounds like another kind of “bored” to me. What an exciting statement. HA!

    • http://Yahoo Mildred Greenpasture

      Well said, Brad and Angie are happy.

  • ceci

    I am glad that Brad said that about Jenifer, because the way I see it, it was a pathetic marriage and that is why he went with the beautiful and talented Oscar winner Angelina. Seriously, Jenifer scares off all the men she has ever been with it and you can see by her bad acting on screen how bad she must have been in real life.

    • constance zell

      You are so on the money, I’ve been saying that for years.

    • gilly

      He is a cheater and Angelina a home-wrecker and that’s the truth!
      They can donate as much money as they want. They can’t take them to the other life with them… He didn’t even deserve a decent person like Aniston. The loser from Oklahoma!!!

    • Bebe

      …Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • DonewithBadWriters

    What’s pathetic is this writer….

    • ldr5353

      mr. Pitt anyone who left his wife like you did, is a sleeze, I have no respect for you or what you think of Jennifer, you cannot justify all your so called goody two shoe things you do with who you are with now, you have no justification on saying those things, you just lost any respect I may or may not have had for you…………………..

  • Valerie Colter

    I would definitely end your career in journalism if I were your boss, Zach Walton. The way you worded this article is PATHETIC. Slimy journalist. What goes around, comes around. You totally took what Pitt said out of context and you know it.

    • Crazy John

      He not only did that but he did it from 2 years ago!

  • Mike

    This interview was two years ago. And if I remember right, he said that HE, not the marriage, was starting to feel pathetic … mostly because his wife’s TV series was still a hit and he was an out of work actor. Then when he started working again, on “Mr & Mrs Smith,” he got his confidence back and had an affair with his co-star (Jolie).

  • constance zell

    I think everyone knows there has to be something wrong with Jennifer Aniston, she has been thru more men then any other well known person. (I won’t call her a star because she’s not)She’s probably so boring nobody can stand to be around her.

    • Shannon

      Could you site your sources? She’s dated yes, she wasn’t cheating on anyone, she is a better actress than Angelina any day, and please, just who are alllllll these men she’s dated? So many more than other actresses no less. Please, inform us.

      • http://Yahoo Mildred Greenpasture

        Crazy, u make me nosieted. Zip it.

    • Bebe

      By that logic then he never would have proposed…

  • Mc

    Really if he was so happy why bring this crap up …. Jenn has way more class…….

  • bethany

    this is old news. He said this a few years ago and then apologized for it. He’s still a jerk.

  • lou

    I am confused….Did the story come out in 2011 or this year?

  • Maudie Lebowski

    Simply put. Brad wanted babies…and Jennifer did not…and still doesn’t. Been there and done that Jen!

    • TaranceK

      Well, he has a bunch of kids now from all over the globe, and also a set of twins. Isn’t he happy now? Doesn’t sound like it.

    • Donna

      Maudie….you do not know what you are talking about. I specifically remember that after he cheated on Jenn and ended up with Angela…one of the things that really hurt Jenn the most was that she had wanted a baby and Brad didn’t. Then…he almost immediately adopted a baby with Angela.

    • Donna

      Do you not remember Jenn’s very painful miscarriage? She was devastated. To add insult to injury, Brad cheated on her and then has a bunch of kids with the homewrecker tramp Angela Jolie!

  • DJ

    What a class act. A pathetic stoner couch potato married to an incredibly giving, loving and hilarious woman. With friends like that…

  • Sara

    Why is this even news? He was quoted for saying this about himself during the marriage – in 2011. 2011 people!! not May 2013!

  • Shannon

    So he’s saying he needed someone who was a mess and had a hot mess of a life and would bring drama into his life so he didn’t feel bored with himself. Well he sure picked the right person to bring drama LOL

    But the fact remains, he didn’t have cheat on his wife, and he did marry or is living with anyway, someone who was more than happy to be with a man who is cheating on his wife/girlfriend and lying about it. That’s how Angelina built up her ego, was to always always start an affair with a man who was with someone else. I think he’s a very good actor but as a person, not much character in him.

    • LPD

      You have no idea whether Brad cheated on Jennifer. I know all of the “team Aniston” types THINK they know all about how and when things happened, but the fact is, only Brad and Angelina know what happened and the rest is nothing but rumors and speculation. His marriage with Aniston was in trouble, according to both of them there were problems, he met a woman and started to have feelings for her. Whether those feelings were consummated before or after his separation from Aniston are pure speculation. Get over it already–it’s been 8 years (longer than his marriage lasted).

  • Dan Herrmann

    Brad Pitt is pathetic Springfield trash. His commercial for Channel is pathetic. Actors are a joke and I cannot recall a movie other than Burn before reading where he played a character that was within his ability. Aniston is awesome in all her movies, she is funny and real. Just because she didn’t like Brad’s shortcoming as all his old girlfriends have confirmed he should keep his pussy mouth shut

  • Dave

    He is a complete boring dick. Bet Jennifer is thanking her lucky stars he buggered off. He’s a shithead.

  • Melin

    Making these comments is classless, tasteless and just plain white trash. He’s lost his credibility and now his looks. Aniston should thank God everyday that she has a second chance with a total babe and class act like new fiancĂ©. She dodged that bullet and came out with the far, far better deal. And he has a freak show.

  • Johnny Poindexter

    Now that he’s done slamming her can I have a go?

  • TaranceK

    Wow, he’s still blaming his ex-wife after all these years. I actually feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston, that she still has to listen to this garbage long after she’s moved on with her life. If Pitt’s life is so much better now, then he needs to shut up and get on with it.

  • Sammy

    Pitt is a jerk. He’s with Jolie and thinking about Jennifer hmmmmmm

  • kamala

    Brad was not happy married to Jennifer Aniston. They were not a good match. He DID NOT call HER pathetic. He was referring to himself. What is everyone’s love affair with her anyway….Gosh (sigh)

    • Chaz

      This is not the first time he has talked about his marriage this way. He should not have even brought up his marriage to Jennifer.. Every times he talks about his time with her, he refers to it as “dull”, “pathetic”, etc… Then he walks back his comments saying it was him, not her. He should not even be commenting about that marriage, especially to reporters, years after… Also Brad never starts off with he was pathetic or dull, he always starts with his marriage was! He knows full well what he is doing and as usual he lacks class.

      • LPD

        No, he starts off with talking about how he was an idiot sitting on a couch smoking pot. He talks about how he was not the best version of himself during that marriage. Does that mean he’s blaming Aniston? I guess so, for those who have an ax to grind. Do you honestly think that Brad brings this stuff up with no prompting? Reporters ask questions about it because morons like you eat this stuff up. Btw, have you EVER met a person who DIDN’T talk about their ex-spouse or their former marriage and sometimes even what they learned from their mistakes? And most of those people don’t have to do interviews where practically every interviewer is asking questions about it.

  • Elsie

    Poor Me Poor Me Pour Me another drink

    • Cookigrl


  • Teresa Groat

    Why does this guy need a woman to prove his merit? Why does he need a woman to make his life interesting? Maybe because waaay down deeeep inside he’s … shallow.

    • Christina

      @Teresa. Exactly right! He should have been bringing something good into her world as well. The issues he describes were his own.

  • Viki Bailey

    ANOTHER bull crap story by a writer trying to make a name for themselves. Why can’t the media be honest…ever????

  • Parsley

    I’m glad Brad takes the blame for the disaster of his marriage to Jen. I remember the photos in People Magazine when Brad and Angelina were making Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I could see from the body language that something was going on between them. I’ve always felt that Jennifer was blindsided, and this article makes this definite. Good for her that she was able to pick up the pieces and go on. Shame on Brad. I was once a fan, but no more.

    • lola

      Aniston has “gone on” alright, starting with Vince Vaughn just shortly after the separation, from then on there’s been a revolving door by Aniston’s bed, you could definitely say she’s the “doorknob” of Hollywood, everyone’s had a turn with her. As for “blindsided” what kind of marriage withstands the long months apart that Brad and Aniston had, Brad was gone for SIX months to film Troy, even Brad said she visited ONCE, and obviously he wasn’t all that interested in going back to LA to see her either. They had a short four and a half year marriage, he’s been with Angie going on the ninth year, you do the math.Face it, Brad and Aniston were never meant to be, and I’m beginning to believe there’s no man that can put up with her narcissistic lifestyle, everyone keeps running away as fast as they can, this last guy is a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict, and he’s already drinking, it won’t be long before she sends him back to the hard stuff, if anyone can do it, she can.

      • furrrball

        oh dear Lola, sounds like u were married to Aniston. what a sh!tty life you had. woe and sad tidings for you to spill it all. what happened to – what happens at home stays at home. medicine time !!!!!!!

  • Mary

    A bad year with Jennifer Annister would be much more desirable than a good hour with Jolie. Being with Jolie and her drama b.s. would absolutely be like be on the freen mile in the eleventh hour!!!! He must have switched from marijuana to some serious stuff to exist with her and her wild self. Not impressed by either…No doubt they have money. Have they done anything others would not do if they also had mega bucks?

    • http://webpronews Pearl

      They say what goes around comes around.
      There are only four people who knows what really went on
      Brad,Jolie,Jennifer and last but not least God,so let it
      be and it will be taken care of

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