Pit Bulls Attack Car Looking For Kitten, Ruin Bumper

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Four pit bulls attacked the bumper of a minivan on Monday morning and did quite a bit of damage, including flattening a tire. According to their owner–who is also the owner of the car–they were trying to get at a kitten that had gotten herself stuck up underneath the car’s front bumper.

Luckily for the kitten, she was wedged up in a safe spot and survived the attack without a scratch, although the vehicle didn’t fare quite so well. The owner, upon seeing the damage that morning, changed the tire and made his way to work, a 25-mile drive. When he arrived and got out of the car, he heard meowing coming from beneath the car and called authorities to help him retrieve the animal.

“Fender Lynx”, as she has been dubbed by her rescuers, is about 7-weeks old and is doing well under the care of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. She will be put up for adoption on Saturday.


Pit Bulls Attack Car Looking For Kitten, Ruin Bumper
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  • Ann

    My neighbors have two pit bulls and they are the sweetest dogs. The youngest plays with my puppy and there’s never been an issue. The oldest was a rescued fighting dog, so as a precaution he makes sure that dog is inside when our dog is over there. The difference, he exercises them daily, trained them completely, understands they’re a bully breed and makes sure they know he’s master, doesn’t let them out of his sight when they’re outside in their fenced in area, and made sure every neighbor met the dogs as soon as he moved in. They own a cat too and not once has either dog gone for the cat.

    It’s a shame the breed is always blamed for the stupidity of the owners who don’t bother to spend any time training or supervising their animal.

  • O please

    Training vs. Instinct you are just one of those idiots who have no clue what they are talking about and condemning based on your lack of knowledge. Statistically more Labs kill people then pit bulls so no one should own those too right???

    No of course not, because when a lab does something it will never get the press as if 1 pit bull does something. You are just one of those morons that eat up everything that the media wants to feed you, and never questions the motive.

    • Training vs. Instinct

      So sad… you reason based on emotion, not irrefutable facts. Do research before weighing in on such a devisive topic. You look like a mere fool when postulating your debate based on emotion and conjuecture, instead of FACT.

      FACT: Research from DogsBite.org shows that during the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, the Pitt Bull and Rottweller breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded FATAL attacks. By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (215) and rottweilers (81) and their mixes accounted for 64% of the total recorded FATAL attacks (466).

      It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts and humane groups that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks ); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).

      Go ahead, tell us we’re all wrong because YOUR lovey-dovey little doggie hasn’t killed anyone…. YET.

  • Heather

    For all you ignorant folks that think pits are a “visicious breed”… I happen to own one. Considering, all the negative responses, you obviously don’t and never have. I have owned many dogs, I recently purchased a pit and she is by far the best dog I have ever owned. It’s not about the breed, it is how you raise or train your animal. Saying it the breeds fault is racist in a sense. Thats like saying all black people are criminals.

  • 531993

    Dogs chase Cats…. just so happens these were pitts that wanted this cat.

    Yes, pitt bulls are known to attack randomly but in the right hands they can be excellent PETS.

    Its funny, one incident with this guys dogs, and to HIS OWN VEHICLE, and he’s a horible person and the dogs should be killed? They arent your dogs to say they are mean or bad in any way. they chased a cat, get over it.

  • gregg

    Glad the cats OK!! Wonder if I can sell u a new mini van???

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Pit bulls are only as bad as their owners, in my 71 years I have owned ten of them and all were like little playful kids as long as you didn’t attack a family member and even then all they did was get between the famiy member show thier teeh and growl deep in thier throat [ not bark] and never found a fool who didn’t smile and leave! And all were smarter than old stupid Race Ranger!

  • Ashley.

    The American Pit bull Terrier was bred to be aggressive towards other animals. Just like other breeds were bred to hunt, herd, & fight other animals! I have met mean Labs, mean collies, mean shepherds, & mean mixes. Pit bulls have a name for them, thats all! If they didnt they wouldnt be over populated & people wouldnt stereotype them.
    To the person who said Pit bulls ” lock ” < myth. Thats not true at all. & it has been proven that Shepherds & Goldens have a much bigger bite force than the APBT!
    You really want to know WHY half of these Pit bulls are on the news? First, they probably have never been trained. [A] They dont get good excerise. < My pit bulls run for 15 minutes in the morning down the street, they run in their yard & play for half an hour the most, 12p.m -3p.m they go either swimming for 2o minutes or walking for 30 minutes, they than do excerises in their yard [rope, tire, tredmill], & at night they run/walk for 2 hours. [B] Dicipline. < Mine do what they are asked, without being sprayed, slapped, or being crated. They dont get on the couch unless I invite them, they dont jump on people, & they dont show any signs of aggression. [C]Affection. < I never pet them when they want me too. I pet them when they are subbmissive. When they are resting, or when its on my terms.

    I have three APBT's, two cats, 1 ferret, & three kids. < My dogs are fine with them!

    Bad Pit bulls? Bad Owners.
    X Dont get a pit bull if you have NEVER done research.
    X Dont get a pit bull if you cant HANDLE one.
    X Dont get a pit bull if you are gonna be GONE 24/7.

    Half of the Pit bulls on the news attack, not because they are xxxaggressivexxx. But because, they are hyper & dont know how to use their energy.

    Socialize your Pit bull, as you would any other dog.

  • Jim

    A pit bull is only as dangerous as its owner allows. I had two and I trained tham from puppies that agression would not be allowed. They were only a problem if another dog challenged them, so they were kept on leashes when not in a yard with a privacy fence. They loved my granddaughter and when I broke a leg in the yard they stayed by me for my protection. I would worry more about the people that keep snakes for pets. Snakes have no loyalty to anyone.

  • Michelle

    people who are sitting here talk bad about pitts are ignorant I have a lab/pitt and he is not aggresive at all. people who can train a dog to be lethal or a good dog whom ever is saying they are a “bad” breed need to research instead of assuming!

  • Kat Mo

    There are two things here that need to be addressed.

    1. All dogs are predators. They have an instinct to chase anything that runs. Normal behavior. Most dogs can be trained to NOT chase but must be started young and with kindness not with violence. Yes pit bulls or American Straffordshire Terriers, are quicker to chase and often more aggressive than average BUT, it can be bred OUT. Make sure you DON’T get a dog bred for aggression. Pit Bulls are calld Pit Bulls because of the dogs that were/are specfically bred for aggression and used to fight in illegal “fighting pits”.

    2. Many dogs attack for many reasons. I personally know of a Cocker Spaniel that attacked and disfigured an eight year old childs face who was visiting the families eight year old daughter. Perhaps she thought she was protecting the daughter. She was euthanized because the family no longer felt they could trust her. She had never had any biting issues before and they had had her for 6 years.

    German Shepherd dogs also are known to be aggressive and bite. Also, small dogs are frequently snappy and bite. My mother had a long-haired dachshund that wouild readily bite, especially children, if you didn’t watch him.

    So really check your facts. Numbers can be manipulated for whatever you want. I also personally know someone who had a “pit bull” who was afraid of his own shadow. She did wildlife rehabilitation but she had to be sure the door to room she was in had the door closed when working with a small animal because the minute she turned her back he would come in and kill it. He couldn’t help it. Most dogs would do the same. Except maybe Sheepdogs, they would probably just try to herd them.

  • Chani

    A dog is a dog. A cat is a cat. A human is a human. We all have different bloody impulses and personalities. Shut your gobs already and move on.

  • Steff

    I own 5 pitbulls and one Golden lab mix all rescues!!

    Tank is a blue brindle and weighs 65 lbs and was on the euthaniza list
    Daisy is a pit x boxer brindle weighs 46 lbs and has scars on her chest and chin from fighting

    Moose is a mastiff x pit mix black & with a little white and is 70 lbs he was gonna be euthanized also because he had kid aggression because he was isolated from the family for two whole years

    Lil Dude is a pocket pitty lol he is white and tan cutest guy but has trust issues because he was beaten since he was 4 months old til 1 years old!! He is 37 lbs and has cancer :[ he will be having surgery in in one week! pray for best:(

    Last pitty is Zeus! He is 7 years old and my first boy! He is a blue nose and 87 lbs and I rescued him from the pound

    My Golden Lab mix Ratchet is the only mean dog I have! She is 8 months old and will growl at men and kids only! She is getting better with kids because my nephew and neice (7 & 5 ) come over & walk with her! So she might be able to get better! I got her from a man who must have abused her because she had a poor coat, was skinny ( bad ) & had a paw that he said he never knew could pay for!

    Long story short, I love all my dogs! I dont favor the Pit breed but I dont hate all dogs for something one dog did!

  • moralaa

    ditch’em all, cats and dogs if you can’t handle taking care of them. i’ve grown up with both since the age of 6 and are 32 today.

  • http://none bottle

    I think one of the greatest commercials every made was when. I think it was Morris the cat was chewing on a lamp cord and a poof of smoke come out from behind the couch and the guy looks and there was a burnt spot on the floor in the figure of a cat. the next day the guy was seating on the couch watching tv and Morris walks in front of the tv LOL.

  • Michelle

    Pitbulls actually have genes that make them aggressive animals. Yes, people train some to become even more aggressive, but even the nicest pitbull could snap if the right situation arises.

    • Cara

      any dog can “snap” at the right situation……

  • Luis

    I hate how the media continues and continues and continues to show these dogs as vicious creatures. People get bitten every day by dogs around the world, they get bitten by poodles, by labs, by dachsands, german shephards, and other dog breeds, but for some reason the media does not like to show those attacks. They only like to write or air about a dog attack if it involves a Pit Bull. Pit Bulls are great dogs, just raised them right and they won’t be vicious. I know cause I have one.

  • Sondra

    Sounds like a dog(s) chases cat scenario to me. Many breeds of dogs (not just pit bulls) chase cats. I have three pits. One doesn’t mind cats, the other two don’t like them. Simple to keep them separated. Also, pits are very intelligent and a working breed with prey drive. Hence they need something that challenges their brain and wears them out. We work our dogs. Because of that, at night they’re passed out on the couch. A tired pit bull, is a happy pit bull. If you don’t have time to take proper care of a pit bull, don’t get one.

    • Montie

      Sondra.. you are correct! animal instinct is that of dog v cat. i have pits and I do not need to explain myself to anyone when I say my dogs are very tame but yes I do consider my dogs a liability if I’m not around. No aggressive behavior and I raise my dogs, kids, and cats all under one happy roof! No matter what breed you have if you have more than TWO you have created a PACK! so educate yourself…

  • Fact is FACT

    To all pit bull defenders… you reason based on emotion, not irrefutable facts. Do research before weighing in on such a devisive topic. You look like mere fools when postulating your debate based on emotion and conjuecture, instead of FACT.

    FACT: Research from DogsBite.org shows that during the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, the Pitt Bull and Rottweller breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded FATAL attacks. By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (215) and rottweilers (81) and their mixes accounted for 64% of the total recorded FATAL attacks (466).

    It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts and humane groups that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks ); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).

    Go ahead, tell us we’re all wrong because YOUR lovey-dovey little doggie hasn’t killed anyone… YET.

    • Laughing Back

      Your argument is lame. If Pitbulls & Rotts never existed then 2 other breeds would be responsible for statistics you mentioned, because the idiots that breed them for fighting would be using some other breeds. What breeds? I don’t know. But if those breeds also never existed then it’d be 2 other breeds, and so on and so on until there public outcries about how Yorkies and Pekingese were vicious, savage dogs and no one in their right mind should own one.

      It’s not the dogs, it’s the people who raise them.

      • J

        if your going to quote stats then get it right. They compare certain breeds to “pit bull type”. Of course the numbers are higher if you compare one breed to something compiled of many.

    • Lindsay

      Myth No. 1:

      All pit bulls and other so-called “bully breeds” are aggressive.

      Fact: Many people wrongly believe that pit bulls are aggressive toward people. Pit bulls were originally developed for fighting with other dogs—not people. In fact, there’s some evidence that pit bulls are actually less aggressive toward people than many other breeds. In tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls had a passing rate of 82% or better — compared to only 77% of the general dog population. Problems for the pit bull arose when these dogs gained the attention of people looking for a “macho” dog to meet their demands. Like any other breed of dog, pit bulls are shaped by their environment and, if not provided proper socialization and training, can be encouraged to show aggressiveness toward people. Pit bulls that exhibit aggressive behavior toward humans are not typical of the breed type.

      Beyond a dog’s breed, factors that affect a dog’s tendency toward aggression include reproductive status, sex, early experience and socialization/training. According to the Centers for Disease Control, these concerns are well-founded, given that:

      •More than 70 percent of all dog bite cases involve unneutered male dogs.

      •An unneutered male dog is 2.6 times more likely to bite than is a neutered dog.

      •A chained or tethered dog is 2.8 times more likely to bite than a dog not chained or tethered.

      •97 percent of dogs involved in fatal attacks on people in 2006 (the most recent year statistics are available) were not spayed/neutered.

      Myth No. 2:

      The term “bully breeds” indicates these dogs are inherently mean.

      Fact: There are several breeds of dogs often referred to as bully breeds, including pit bulls, bulldogs, mastiffs, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, Boxers and Bull terriers. The term does not refer to their behavior. It means they have bulldog origins and are descendants of the original English baiting dogs that were bred to grip and hold bulls, bears and other large animals. Modern dog-fighting can be traced to 1835, when bull-baiting was banned in England. After the ban, the owners of bulldogs turned to staging fights between their dogs, and the large, heavy bulldogs were bred with small, quick terriers to produce the dogs that became the fountainhead of today’s prominent fighting breeds.

      Myth No. 3:

      Pit bulls will attack without warning.

      Fact: No dog, including a pit bull, is likely to transform from a docile, gentle companion to a ferocious beast without warning. There are always warning signs that the dog is aroused, upset or afraid in a particular situation. Perhaps the dog has had little exposure to children and is wary whenever he sees a child. Perhaps the dog spends his days tethered in the backyard, barking at people walking past the property. The dog’s pent-up frustration could result in an aggressive reaction, should a stranger wander into the yard and approach the dog. The issue is not that pit bulls attack without warning; it’s that often people don’t recognize or pay attention to the early warning signs. Check out the ASPCA’s Virtual Pet Behaviorist for useful information in understanding canine body language.

      Myth No. 4:

      It’s not safe to adopt a pit bull from a shelter because its past is unknown.

      Fact: Although it’s always helpful to know the health and behavior history of a dog and its parents, there are wonderful dogs waiting to be adopted from shelters. And, often times, a shelter dog’s past is a mystery. Responsible shelters or rescue groups assess the dogs in their care so that they can avoid adopting out dogs with aggressive tendencies. And it’s the adopter’s responsibility to ask questions. Talk with the staff to learn if the dog has exhibited any undesirable behaviors. Adult dogs are open books — from the start, you’ll know things like their full-grown size, personality, likes and dislikes, and grooming needs. Having a dog since puppyhood does not guarantee that it will have all of the qualities you desire when it grows up. The ASPCA encourages potential adopters of a pit bull or any dog to bring the whole family, including their current dogs, to meet the new dog.

      Myth No. 5:

      Banning pit bulls will help reduce dog bites and fatal attacks.

      Fact: There is no evidence that breed-specific laws — which are costly and difficult to enforce — make communities safer for people or companion animals. Breed-specific legislation carries a host of negative and wholly unintended consequences. For example, irresponsible owners forgo licensing, micro-chipping and proper vet care — all of which have implications for public safety and the health. Instead, friendly, properly supervised and well-socialized “bully dogs” and their owners are punished. Such laws also impart a false sense of security, because limited animal control resources are channeled into enforcing the ban rather than focusing on enforcement of non-breed-specific laws that have the best chance of making our communities safer, such as dog licensing, leash laws, animal fighting laws, and anti-tethering laws. Recognizing that the problem of dangerous dogs requires serious attention, the ASPCA seeks effective enforcement of breed-neutral laws that hold dog owners accountable for the actions of their animals. Click here for more information on pit bulls and their behavior.

      • Lindsay

        Pit Bulls are one of the best breeds. I’ve had 2 and have never had a problem!

      • Christine

        Thankyou for being an important part of this “fight” to educate the general public. Too often statistics used are misleading, but the ones you provide are clear and unrefutable. I type this from the window of a Seattle coffeehouse. Right outside is a beautiful black pit-mix peering right past me to keep a close eye on “his person” ordering at the counter. He’s beautiful. I’m sure he thaks you too!

    • Wes

      Thank you for those facts. I agree with you completely EVERY pit bull has the instinct to attack and kill, it can be suppressed, but I know of ones were the people said “oh he/she wouldn’t hurt a fly” … only to have that dog kill another dog or attack an severely injure a child only a month or two later.
      This is one of the reasons why, as a highly trained former law enforcement officer; and former U.S. Army Infantry Officer. I carry a high capacity .40 caliber hollow point loaded pistol. If I see one these dogs moving towards an attack I will kill it in a heartbeat. These dogs are more dangerous than guns. You never know when one is going to jump up and attack somebody – at least a gun won’t do that!

      Oh, and as to this is just a dog chase cat story? Most dogs don’t do that to a car!

    • Christine

      Something else to consider….
      I’m a veterinary technician and also have a few facts to share…
      Your “facts” are bites REPORTED. Think about it…when a smaller dog bites, and due to size, the damage is less severe, the attack usually goes unreported. The same is true, of course, for fatalities – larger dogs are more dangerous based on size alone. As far as pitbulls vs. other large breeds – two factors must be considered here. First is the somewhat obvious accounting of – the more we have of something the more bad examples of that same something there will be. It is estimated that the “pitbull” (which is not actually one breed but a grouping of at least five different breeds) and “pitbull” mix is the most common dog in the U.S. Many of these dogs go unofficially counted as they tend to be very popular in poorer areas and in areas where licensing is not required or enforced. Secondly – is the medias current “hate affair” with pitbulls. In the 80s it was rottweilers, the dobermans and now its pitbulls. Did you know that after WWII it was german shepherds? They were depicted as vicious, untrainable killers and look at them now…a respected and intelligent breed used for all manor of work. The media doesn’t always pick up the story of the lab that bit the boy in the face(as happened to my cousin), the german shepherd that grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go or the two dalmations that cornered my friend…but they love to run with any and all pitbull eye-grabbing headline. At least for right now. Hopefully, people will become more educated and will start basing their judgements on individual animals, rather than breeds as a whole. We’re getting there with racism…maybe the public will start to realize that this is the same thing.

    • Sheilagh Hicks

      Hear! Hear! Well said. Everybody seems to know a pitbull which is the exception to the rule. Unfortunately, the reason the breed exists at all is so inherent in their genes it is almost impossible to preduct their behavior. Sadly, too often a pitbull will instantly turn and grab a ______ (child/cat/other dog). When asked, the owner will usually state that the animal has NEVER misbehaved before, is a total sweetie, and is being harshly misjudged. I don’t see any reason for the breed to exist at all. What advantage(s) does it have over another breed? Is it more loving? Easier to train? More attractive? While this is a rather snarky comment (can’t help myself), a dog breeder was interviewed on tv. She was asked why people are interested in owning pits/rotties. Her response: “The bigger the dog, the smaller the dick.” When people figure out that owning a large strong dog doesn’t make you a large strong person, perhaps reason will kick in.

      • Christine

        I’ve already stated plenty of facts to refute certain arguments here – but I think the best response to your post is……I guess you just don’t get it.
        Do you own a dog at all? Whatever breed or breeds that it may be…how would you feel if you were told you couldn’t keep him/her anymore and every dog of that breed was to be euthanized? I grew up on a farm and am a veterinary technician, who has owned many different dogs over the years. While I loved them all – it was the immense amount of unconditional love that I recieved back from my two pits that I think made me love them the most. When they look you in the eyes, it’s like you can literally feel the love. Again – every dog is an individual and should be treated as such. I’ll never give up the fight…Education not Breedism!

  • Steff

    I own three pitbulls, 1 pitbull mix, and 1 Lab.

    Rex,98 lbs Blue Nose Pitbull 6 years old paid 400$ for him when he was a puppy great with children, cats, and other dogs

    Daisy, Red Nose Pitbull 57 lbs got her from someone on Craigslist when she was four months old she is now 3 years old good with children, cats, and other dogs!

    Pluto, Brindle APBT 68 lbs got him last year from the Animal Shelter from euthaniza list. 2 1/2 years old good with children and other dogs. Chases cats but doesnt bite but he is being trained & is now learning to not bother them but sometimes if we arent watching he chases them and barks at them!

    Zeus Pitbull mix! Dad was pitbullxbulldog & Mom was pitbullxakita
    He is built like a pitbull, he is white with two fawn spots. His tail was docked when we got him & his ears are cropped. His face is like an akitas. He is outstanding with kids & loves people!! He is 118 lbs & is okaye with cats & if he is hyper or something will try to jump on them & grab their tail, but when you say no he stops.
    Got him when he was a year old from my daughters friends grandmother who went into a nursing home! He is now 4 years old & a great watch dog!

    My last dog is Lady, a Golden Lab! She is 56 lbs & aggressive Why? Good question!She has a big yard, other dogs to be with, kids, and daily walks! But she doesnt like men or elderly people, and doesnt like cats! She is 3 years old and we got her at 3 months old from a friend whos daughter brought her home and she didnt approve!

    Just goes to show, its NOT the breed of dog!

    • Umm… duh!

      Did you ever stop and think that the lab is aggressive because it’s constantly surrounded by killer pitbulls?! Sheesh!

      • Laughing Back

        “Umm… duh!” – you’re a moron. She *clearly* said her Pits are good with other dogs, and yet you chime in with your double digit IQ comment that the Lab is aggressive because it’s surrounded by Pits. Moron.

      • Christine

        Wow. It’s hard to justify such ignorance with a reply…but really???!!!! “Killer pitbulls”?! Can you read? The ONLY dog here with a behavior problem is the lab. And that is exactly what it has…a behavior problem. ANY dog can have issues or be aggressive. Sometimes it has something to do with it’s current situation – more often it has more to do with it’s past or it’s breeding. Yes…certain breeds have been bred for centuries to fight, with the calmer animals being taken out of the line and the aggressive ones being bred(often inbred). Pitbulls, and other similiar breeds, need responsible owners – who are prepared for the possibility that some of these bred-in traits may appear at some point – and who can head off any problems. With responsible ownership, these dogs make some of the best family members ever! Labs, also, are a great family-friendly breed – but every animal is an individual and should be treated as such.

  • http://Bing The Court Jester Laughs At You

    Our condo complex prohibits certain dog breeds,such as the Pit Bull,for a reason!

    Pythons,alligator’s,crocodile’s,venemous spider’s are all God’s creatures and are considered “cute” by some too—but they do not belong in homes as “pets”!

    • Laughing Back

      Alligator’s? Crocodile’s? Spider’s?

      The Court Jester doesn’t know when and when not to use apostrophes.

  • Mike

    Why does everyone make a big deal about f****ng pitbulls & s**t! Really theyre a f****ng dog that was bred for what it does! My friend Kyle has a pittie named ross and the dogs great with his kids and people but when someone sees the stupid dog everyone makes a big deal ” oh no a pitbull ” all of u people are so annoying!!!!

    I own to dogs a beagle and a boxer and im sticking with my dogs! my friends are all like get a pitbull and im like f*** no to much drama owning one!

    I like my dogs and if I get another one its either gonna be a english bulldog, or another boxer!


    • ron

      I can’t figure out whether you are defending pit bulls or telling people to stay away from them. Also do you need to use the four letter word as much as you do?

  • http://yahoo Debbie

    I raised a female pit for 4 years and she was the greatest dog ever. she was wonderful with all adults and kids. dont blame a breed for a man’s ignorance. research the history of a pit bull. man made them fighters.

  • Angela

    No damn Pit did that!! Gimme a break!!! People jus want attention…

    • Ralph

      Oh really? Look at this video and tell us that pit bulls could not do that kind of damage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g94oakxE9Sw

  • Sky;D

    Let me ASK you all something…

    Whats wrong w/ us? We sit here & blame ” Pit bulls ” when really we ARE ” The Human Race.”

    >> Humans VS. APBT’s. <<

    X We murder.
    X Use weapons [ Knifes, Guns, Bombs etc.. ]
    x We bully.
    x We blame.
    x Were selfish, greedy, ignorant, & cruel.
    x We abuse [ sexually, meantlly, emotionally, & physically. ]
    x We lie & steal.
    x Were judgemeantal.
    x We create hate groups.
    x We pollute, waste & over use.
    x We cause fights, drama, & arguments.
    x We rape.
    x We hate.

    Pit bulls.
    x They cause death, NOT on purpose but for what we may have learned or have not learned.

    x They use no weapons, other than teeth/claws.
    x They DONT bully. Infact, they love us for who we ARE.
    x They DONT blame us for what they DO or DONT do.
    x They arent selfish, greedy, ignorant, or cruel.
    x They dont abuse. Infact they can be help for us.
    x They dont lie, but they do steal. Our hearts.
    x They DONT judge.
    x They ARE hated.
    x They DONT pollute, over use, or waste.
    x They fight for YOU!
    x They dont rape.
    x They love.

    ^ What I just described was the Pit Bull, a dog.
    They do what we ask. When the kill someone, next time catch the owner in the act. Where were they? How was the dog TREATED?

    Humans ARE worse, than Pit bulls.

    • Duane and Audrey Pflueger

      I love what said, and have never seen it put that way, we are proud owners of a beauitful Red Noise pit, and the only people he dont like are the ones in uniform, Except for the dog catcher… LOL Go figure! And strangers, Dont most dogs act the same twords some one they dont know? I just wanted to thank you for the way you put it…… So very true!!
      Thank you

  • http://YAHOO CHARLES

    American stafficherds are very good dogs it is how this breed is trained that makes them vicious .

  • Love my PIT

    I own a Pit and she is the most loveable dog you will ever meet. She is great with my 3 kids and great with ALL other animals, she even plays nicely with my sisters pet rabbit!! She is far from aggressive. At any sign of danger, she hides BEHIND me. Don’t stereotype a breed because of what a few dogs have done. That’s the same as stereotyping a race because of what a few people have done. It’s all about the training.

  • Duane and Audrey Pflueger

    I have read most of the coments on here, and as a Pit bull owner, I have to say the the bread ISNT to blame, It is how the DOG is rased, And treated. ANY bread of dog can be rased to be mean, Even a lil chihuahua !! I learned at a early age not tease any dog, I got bit by one when I was about ten, and I deserved it, And never did it agian, And no, it wasnt a pit bull.
    We are taught to be afraid of what we dont understand, And we rased our pitbull to respect people, He dont like strangers( Most other breads dont,) He will protect his family at any cost ( Most other breads will ) He dont like cats ( Most other breads dont ) He plays well with our son without any aggretion ( Like most other breads will ) And he loves us like we love him ( Like most other breads do ) We will never give him up because of the ignorane of other people. I realize that there have been attacks and I am really sory for that, but dont blame the dog, or the bread, Blame the owner for not taking the steps to protect the people.
    If you are a Pit Bull owner, and want to help with the cause to keep them legal, Send us a email, and Ill send you a link to a person that has a website for the cause….. Our Email is audreysduane@yahoo.com.

  • http://employernetwork terry

    Did you read about the pitbull that mauled a woman to death upon entering her apartment?????Hell-o pitbulls are aggressive by nature and sooner or later there aggressiveness will come out. for the person who has children around a pitbull you been blessed so far, have you ever seen a human after a pitbull attack??? and for the one who loves pits get a hobby

    • Anthony Patterson

      Really? Have you ever HAD a pitbull? My entire family has grown up around pitbulls for generations, and never, NEVER had one attack any of us. We are not “blessed” by anything, there is nothing we need to bless us. Our pits are the way they are because they’re a part of our family.
      Pitbulls are not aggressive by nature you ignorant fucking twat, they are RAISED aggressive. I’ve seen several pictures of humans attacked by pitbulls, and I’ve also seen hundreds of thousands of pictures of humans attacked by OTHER HUMANS.

      • Pitbul Luver

        My family too has owned pits for years, and never has there been an attack. But there has been incidents with other breeds. All of the pitbuls I have ever known were and are lovers, not fighters. My moms pitbul and my pitbul are lap dogs. And they are a part of our family. We love them dearly we would be devastated if someone tried to harm our dogs because of their breed. My 5 year old daughter loves these dogs very much and they love her too. And protect her more than anything. Are you kidding me? Dogs can have mental issues like people do especially in-bred dogs. I bet all the dogs ho turned had something wrong with them. Our dogs come from a good bloodline. And we raised them all with love and discipline. You have to be the pack leader, dogs are pack animals. I read these horrible news stories posted about pitbuls and looking at my family history with this breed and my own personal experience, its just un-imaginable. I grew up seeing the good in these dogs.

    • John

      im sorry u have no clue about anything, all dogs can do damage.. u only hear of pitbull attacks, i have a paramedic friends that sees dog maulings majority not from pits & never make the news. so stop w/ ur BS. u cant love dogs & hate a breed. i think u need to get a LIFE!!! LOVEMY4DOGS, 3 ARE PIT mixes!!!

  • Jooky

    Who says that damage wasnt done by a Pit?

    Look at this youtube footage below and tell me different


  • bob

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute

    • elle

      my pit bull is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, great with kids of all ages and other dogs! people can’t believe a pit can be so meek and sweet when they meet her! the only thing she will do is kiss you! stop judging them based on bad publicity and stupid owners!

  • Kathryn Torres

    Hello pitbulls are vicious cannot be controlled, hence they are dogs only for military and police not family, want a good dog for children get a golden retriever.

    • carol weglarski

      pitbulls are like any other dog you can train them and they listen better thsn some people.i had 2 rotties which are in the same category,and also dobbies .they were the best behaved animals i;ve ever had. my daughter has a pit,

      • victor

        Yup, and get your house robbed at the same time.

    • Sam

      Golden Retrievers are more aggressive than pit bulls, LOOK IT UP. they’re quicker to bite than any pit bull ever. Pit bulls have a loving personality and they are protective of those they love, but they do not lash out for no reason. They won’t. They have to be provoked to do something. I should know. I own THREE pit bulls and they have never attacked a person or a thing. They’re gentle creatures who love everyone and people like you are the reason everyone dislikes them FOR NO REASON what so ever. Own a pit bull, you’ll see they’re the biggest teddy bears ever.

      • cj meyer

        You’re kidding, right. Goldens actually have the least bites of any breed out there. Where did you get your info?

        • jujubecool

          In the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, a pit bull killed a U.S. citizen every 20 days.
          2011 Dog Bite Fatalities by DogsBite.org, 2012

      • Pitbul Luver

        Right on Sam!!!

    • jessica

      All breeds can have some bad in them. Some golden if inbred or something can be wrong, can be a bad dog. I had a rottie and she was a teddy bear. It is how the dog is raised.

  • The Pits

    Each generation has a different ‘vicious dog’ that gets the limelight…thinking back, it was German shepherds, then dobermans, then rotties, now pitties. Think it’s okay to judge a dog on looks…wait till they come for yours.

  • Amber

    Not all pitt bulls are vicious! Their attitude depends alot on how they are raised.

  • Larry

    In the 3-year period from 2006 to 2008, pit bull type dogs killed 52 Americans and accounted for 59% of all fatal attacks. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths.

    DogsBite.org is a national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks. Through our work, we hope to protect both people and pets from future attacks.

    Victims of serious dog attacks often suffer acute damage, which may require $250,000 to one million dollars in specialized medical care treatment. Reconstructive surgery, such as skin grafting, tissue expansion and scar diminishment, often requires multiple procedures over a period of years. In many instances, insurance and the dog owner pays little of this amount.

    Our popular blog tracks serious and fatal dog attacks and dangerous dog law trends from coast to coast. We also track world trends. Fatal dog maulings, mainly inflicted by pit bulls, are not limited to the U.S.

    View studies from medical researchers, public health agencies and a 3-year dog bite fatality report by DogsBite.org.

    Unlike other dog breeds, pit bull terriers were selectively bred for dogfighting. Learn why pit bulls don’t let go once they bite.

    Legislating dogs

    More U.S. cities are adopting pit bull laws. View cities and federal agencies that are setting nationwide trends.

    About us

    DogsBite.org launched in October 2007. To our knowledge, we are the first and only resource of this kind. The “pit bull problem” is nearly 30-years old. In this time, at least eleven U.S. State Supreme and Appeals courts have ruled that pit bull terriers pose a significant risk to communities and can be regulated accordingly. We are a national group because this is a national problem.
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    Three year fatal dog attack study 2006 to 2008Report: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006 to December 2008 »

    One year study police shootings of dangerous pit bullsReport: U.S. Police and Citizen Shootings of Pit Bulls 2008 »

    Video of pit bull attack victims in 85-day periodVideo of Attack Victims: U.S. Pit Bull Attacks in 85-Day Period »

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    Over 30 countries across the world regulate dangerous dog breeds with breed-specific laws including: France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain.
    Ecuador Joins International Trend: Bans Pit Bulls and Rottweilers as Pets by DogsBite.org, 2010

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    There was blood everywhere. There was blood in the wheel wells, there was even blood on the exhaust pipes. It was like someone had just taken buckets…
    Jamie Southard

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    Last modified: July 31 2012 22:13:38.

    • jason

      it is obvious this is not an unbiased dog bite sight as by soon as opening the page defemation of this breed is everywhere. hitlet had a way of propaganding hatred, keep it up!

      • jujubecool

        Linda Leal

        51-years old | Colusa, CA

        Linda Leal, 51-years old, was mauled to death by her pit bull-mix. Her husband, Enrique Leal, discovered her shortly after 7 am in the couple’s backyard. One pit bull, with a history of violent behavior, was penned up in the yard. The couple’s other dog, a pit bull-mix, was loose and found with blood on it. Arriving firefighters found extensive head and neck injuries “consistent with a dog attack.” An autopsy later determined that Leal was alive during the mauling. As of January 7, officials did not know the time of death and are awaiting a toxicology report. Sheriff’s Lt. Shane Maxey said the tests were needed to ensure that she “didn’t have something in her system that put her in that position.” Yet, police also said that there was no indication of foul play or a sign of struggle at the scene. Leal had been battling liver cancer at the time of her death.

    • Tatiana

      Larry are you a fag with a cat? It shows and Fuck Lynn she is a psycho and everybody knows it!

  • joseph

    These biological abnormalities should be outlawed and a bounty put on them…
    Too many deaths and terrible disfiguring injuries !

  • Gail Rendle

    WHAT pit bulls? I don’t see any photos of pit bulls! Maybe it was another breed? But pit bulls doing bad things get NOTICED, so the writer will call them pit bulls! WE AMERICANS LOVE TO REINFORCE BAD BELIEFS! “Oh, your neighbor’s pit bull saved your baby’s life? Not interesting enough for the news.”

    I think this writer owes us some more pictures, before we denigrate pit bulls. Yes, they CAN be trained to attack. They are a lot bigger than Jack Russells, but no more relentless, and they are more compact than a doberman pinscher, so some people who are really serious about “being protected” by their dog often choose a pit bull. Also, the bad press makes a would-be attacker (they hope!) think twice, and think again, before attacking. But if you watch TV, esp. Shorty on “Pit Boss”, you learn that pit bulls can be cuddly and silly, too. Just like any other dogs. In the meantime, what is that car made of? I take it that it is not metal! If it is, SHAME ON THAT CAR COMPANY!

    • m4onixtj

      Ok, you did see the the dogs owner was the one that owned the van, correct? I’m guessing, somehow, maybe, the writer of the article was able to wring from him the breed of dog. This might have given it away…”According to their owner”. I have nothing against pits, they are prety sweet dogs, but they can be destructive when they want to get to something.

    • victor

      You are going to die soon. People like you don’t last to long in this world. I have owned a pit bull for 15 years. I never taught them how to fight and they was always loyal to my family and i. If you expose the pitbulls when they are young to other animals they will get along with other animals. If not you are just asking for trouble in the future. Its not the animals its the PEOPLE that don’t know how to handle pits.

  • Pitsrule

    pitbulls are not an agressive breed of dogs unless raised that way. Just like how all german shepards are not running around sniffing for bags of dope all day until trained to do so. They don’t become an agressive terrifying dog until their owner puts them threw a terrifying life and and extreme workout program for dogs. And the reason people use pitbulls to turn them agressive an possible have them fight other dogs is because of their athleticism and extreme loyality to their owner. Like the case where a young ladys home was being broken into when she was home. The pitbull attacked the entruder and saved his owner. Her pit was stabed 6x by the entruder and still fought to protect his owner. (excuse the spelling and grammer)

    • roberta

      I think all pitbull owners should be euthanized, then do it to their dogs.

      • Patrick C. Dempsey

        so quick to “judge” and comdenm.. Seek the Truth

      • jason

        as a christian and pitbull owner i will pray for your ignoant ass!!!

      • Fran Martinez

        Love it Pitsrule!!! @Roberta-I will also PRAY for you!!! “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid” bet your tired…:)

      • Tatiana

        Roberta You are a certified moron and nutcase. Go get some help crazy old cat woman AND a new name! lol!

    • jujubecool

      Tyzhel McWilliams

      8-months old | Lemon Grove, CA

      Tyzhel McWilliams, 8-months old, was killed by one of three male pit bulls owned by his mother’s roommate. The three shared a rented apartment on the 3500 block of West Street. The child’s mother had been living with the dogs for two years. In an interview 5-days after the baby’s death, the mother expressed disbelief that the pit bull named Zulu that “seemed to watch over the infant like a protective parent” would take her baby’s life. At the time of the incident, all three dogs were separated, one was asleep in a crate in another room, the other was fenced in the backyard and Zulu was inside the bedroom with the mother and roommate. Tyzhel was playing in the living room across the hall from the adults. When he crawled into the bedroom, Zulu suddenly bit the infant on the head inflicting fatal injuries. As of July 4, 2012 no charges have been filed.

    • Pitbul Luver

      Well said Pitsrule!

  • Agast

    If that’s what they did to the car, I shudder to think what they would have done to the cat!

    • Tatiana

      They hopefully would have rid the world of another scaby cat that urinates all over and stinks to high heaven.

      • jujubecool

        Eugene Cameron

        65-years old | Roxboro, NC

        Eugene Cameron, 65-years old, was discovered dead under a car port in a home where he had been housesitting. Cameron’s body was found naked with his clothes “balled up” beside him, surrounded by bloody dog paw prints and severe dog bite injuries along his right arm. Person County authorities seized a male pit bull named DMX owned by Antonio Ford who resides in a home next to the crime scene. Two different labs where used to determine if the pit bull’s DNA could be found in the blood at the scene and on the victim’s clothing. Throughout the nearly three month long investigation, Ford maintained his dog’s innocence and put up a sign in yard reading “Free DMX U got the wrong dog.” On August 16, after finding the dog’s DNA on the victim’s clothing and Cameron’s blood on the pit bull, authorities arrested Ford and charged him with involuntary manslaughter and felony obstruction of justice.

  • http://google janetknight

    it’s not the breeds, it’s how their trained, your have control of your pack or your pack has control of you, this guy pack will end up doing some very serious harm……………

  • Patrick C. Dempsey

    Instead of speaking your opion, seek the truth… This breed was originaly breeded to protect the children! They come from the terrier, thus making them hiper and VERY protective. They need alot of attention, excersise, and love. If they’re stuck in a yard and neglected they will act out for attention.[just as humans] So once again instead of blaming the breed look at the owner… A dog will reflect the actions of it’s owner.

    • greg

      true…Called the “nanny dog” on american farms because they watched the children and protected them from other farm animals and wildlife…..its the owner not the breed

    • Fran Martinez

      Well said!!!!

  • Carol K

    I have the sweetest pittie ever who was rescued after being shot and tossed away in a black plastic bag by the side of the road. She was probably discarded this way because she is a lover, not a fighter. It is the neanderthals like Michael Vick that take these dogs, torture them, abuse them and make them vicious for their own entertainment. Can you imagine the mindset of these subnormal cruel individuals who want to see dogs tortured and fight to the death. The dogs don,t have a chance, The public should be made aware of the true victims here and the police should go after the perps with meaningful sentences. One other note, in England pit bull terriors were often used as dogs of choice for families, because of their love for children.

    • steve marley

      Our German Shorthair’s shredded two pick up trucks, top and bottom going after a squirrel. Pit Bulls have nothing to do with it, they’re still dogs!!!!

      • steve marley

        above was reply to all those blaming the breed and not a response to Carol :)

      • kathy

        It is only a matter of time! what would have happened if that were a small child that could not find shelter?? One pit is bad enough But 4!!! You are asking for a law suit!

      • Pitbul Luver


  • anthonyx26

    Even the best raised dogs (including Pits) can on occassion misbehave. And that’s the core issue here…there is a huge difference between a chihuahua misbehaving and a pitbull misbehaving.

  • victor

    I think that they should license the people that can handle pitbulls. If you don’t have a license then you can’t have one. I have experience with pits for 20 years. I never had one go crazy and bite people or animals. It is not the pits fault it is the owner that can not control the animal. When they have idiots like michael vick that treat the dogs the way he did the pits have no choice but to act on the violence that the owner is teaching them. You keep people like michael vick barred from possesing one and no one under the age of 21 in possession of one unless accompany by a licensed adult.

    • jujubecool

      Maryann Hanula

      73-years old | Surprise, AZ

      Maryann Hanula, 73-years old, died seven months after suffering a violent attack by her neighbor’s two pit bulls in October 2011. The victim was attacked by the dogs in her own yard after the animals escaped their owner’s gated property. The pit bulls bit the woman all over her body and ate through most of her right foot before a neighbor — an off-duty Phoenix police officer — intervened and shot both dogs to death. Friends said the victim underwent 13 surgeries and suffered from multiple infections in the months following the attack. Most of the last seven months of the woman’s life were spent in a hospital. Maryann died on May 12. The owner of the pit bulls, Cynthia Montoya, had only lived on the block for three weeks prior to the attack. About 6-weeks later, the Montoya family moved to a new location. The city’s prosecutor’s office “might” charge Montoya with a misdemeanor, assuming she is locatable.

  • Brian

    I’m contacting my city council member this Monday and am pushing to ban Pitbulls in my city.

    • http://www JuseMe

      ‘Scary thing for dogs to attack a moving car. ‘look at the damages. Beastly predators & vicious. I do not like them. I rather have a cat any day.

      • http://yahoo ken

        all pits are not bad just like some people

      • Tatiana

        That’s because your a JU with no balls! You little faag.

        • jujubecool

          Breed ambassadors

          According to the Tufts study, the most public way in which pit bull owners managed breed stigma was to become a fierce advocate for the breed. These owners seek to “educate” the public — often through their own well-behaved pets — by discounting stereotypes and promoting the finer qualities of the breed. For instance, to help deflect the fear that pit bulls incite about children, one respondent kept a photo handy that showed three children rubbing her pit bull’s tummy.

    • Tatiana

      oh I am sure everyone will get right on that, Brian.

  • DJ

    We have a pit/rott mix, raised him from 6 weeks old. Never “trained” him to attack & he was raised around our children. However, he does not like cats (not our doing) & went after one in the same manner. Full-grown cat, sitting under front of my CTS. Dog chewed on both front fenders trying to get the cat, but not to the extent of the above pic.He has not & does not bother any kids nor show any agression towards adults.We also have a female (3 yrs younger) & their puppy and all get along well & have from day 1. But he will go after any another dogs (male or female), if given the chance. We’ve never left smaller kids out alone with the dogs, but that should b the case with any dog, regardless of breed.

    • whisperer to dogs

      so even though you never showed your dog any aggression , it still will attack any other dog that comes around . . exactly why the breed should be eliminated . . can’t trust them . send them to philadelphia and give them to michael vick !!!!!

      • MelissaS

        Uh, my friend has a chihuahua and a yorkie that tried to kill a cat. I’ve seen several labs (America’s favorite dog) do the same thing. Do some research before you say things that make you look stupid. Seriously!

      • Tatiana

        Oh you poor crazy cat lady. Studies show individuals who do not like dogs and DO like and OWN cats are psychologically f’d up like you.

        • jujubecool

          Jazilyn Mesa

          15-months old | Las Cruces, NM

          Jazilyn Mesa, 15-months old, was brutally mauled by her father’s pet pit bull in the backyard of her grandparent’s home. The baby and her grandmother, Leticia Mesa, were trying to place the dog in its kennel when it attacked. Leticia beat the dog with rocks, but the pit bull would not let the baby go and dragged her under the family’s ground-level trampoline. Neighbor Barry Snyder, 69, heard Leticia’s screams and rushed over to help armed with a 45-caliber handgun. He shot the dog five times, and by mistake, also shot once into the grandmother’s leg. Snyder followed the dog after it fled and fired one more round killing it. Upon hearing the gunfire, another neighbor ran to help and found both female victims underneath the trampoline. The child was transported to a Las Cruces hospital, but did not survive her injuries. As of May 23, 2012 no charges have been filed.

    • jason

      sounds to me with a little calm but stern dicipline and some time it will be a great, well behaved dog.

    • Dan

      You say your rot/pit mix “does not bother any kids nor show any agression towards adults”. You mean so far he hasn’t. I had a very similar experience with an English Setter I once owned. A bird dog. I never hunter with her, never encouraged her to be interested in birds in any way. Yet she was absolutely fixated on any bird she would encounter. Creeping up on them, pointing. It was bred into her nature, permanently. I had a Labrador Retriever who was the same way with retrieving. The same has been witnessed in herding breeds, even those who are never “trained”. It’s bred into them through selection, it works, which is why humans have been doing it for thousands of years. No one needs, or should be allowed to produce and possess a dog whose innate nature is violent attack. Each of these dogs is a grenade just waiting to go off. It’s part of what they are.

      • me

        And when my Pit explodes on an intruder I will smile as I line up my sights.

      • cj meyer

        I agree. We have a hound german shepard mix. I see her sometimes creeping up on a bird. Not once did i teach her to do that. It is instilled in their nature to be hunters. It just comes out in certain dogs more.

    • Deborah

      So if your child were holding a kitten, what would the pitbull do to get to the cat?

      • Tatiana

        who cares about the cat you crazy old cat hag! Get some psychological help for your sociopathic personality disorder. Anyone who prefers cats over dogs is sick. Read all of the research done and get yourself to a professional you vile piece of sh1t

        • jujubecool

          Makayla Darnell

          3-days old | Monroe Township, OH

          Makayla Darnell, 3-days old, died hours after being bitten on the head by the family pit bull-mix. At the time of the incident, the baby was sitting in an infant swing in her family’s living room. After the attack, which occurred about 6:30 pm, the infant was driven to Blanchard Valley Hospital and then flown to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center in Toledo. She was pronounced dead shortly after 11 pm. Lucas County Deputy Coroner Dr. Cynthia Beisser said that an autopsy showed that the baby died from blunt force injury to the head, consistent with a dog bite. The baby’s mother and grandmother were in the kitchen, just a few feet away, when the attack occurred. Steve Kale, a Lucas County coroner’s investigator, said the family never heard a sound from either the baby or the dog. “It all appeared to happen in a matter of seconds,” Kale said.

          • Pitbul Luver

            “Pitbul MIX” Btw all dogs bite, Its only news when pitbuls and pit mixed breeds bite. It is very rare that a family pet will bite… I have been around pitbuls for 27 years and never seen this kind of incident before. Only in the news.

  • Cindie

    First of all, most bumpers are fibreglass these days, in fact have been for years; why do you think they would be metal?
    Thank goodness Ms Lynx was OK, but animals of all types will attack cars and other things, not just pit bulls or dogs… my husband’s family had a horse that used to chomp fenders if you let it get close enough. Horses have big teeth! We had a terrier raised from a small puppy and never encouraged to attack anything, who would go after work boots. Not if they were sitting there, but when on your feet. Never went after anything else, and was intimidated by cats. Bears can rip a car door off completely. Just goes to show that all animals are never completely “tame” and predictable.

  • Bill

    I LOVE the “hey, it’s just the owners’ neglect” crowd apologizing for this mangy, useless KILLERS. GET ****ing rid of PIT BULLS, period! Just liquidate a bunch of them as humanely as possible, and the rest, just “water them down” by cross-breeding.

    The ONLY people interested in Pit Bulldogs are antisocial misfits who hate people anyway. Why give them more excuse to make sure more people and property are harmed, just so they can compensate for diminutive sexual organs or whatever?

    Pit Bulls are a MENACE TO SOCIETY. Good grief.

    • Dan

      I agree, there’s a lot of childish “My dog can beat up your dog” motivation among pit bull owners. The statistics are clear; pits attack humans more frequently than other breads, and when they do attack, the damage is much more severe. But pit bulls are like a lot of other things in life, such as guns & motorcycles. They tend to have their greatest appeal for the least mature among us, the last group of idiots who should possess them.

      • Marion

        actually you should get your facts straight. Poodles bite much more often than any pit bull. I rescue pitt bull terriers and all of mine get along with cats, people, and other dogs just fine. You’re an idiot that watches too much fox news.

        • cj meyer

          Actually you have your facts wrong. Pit bulls and rottweilers have the most attacks on humans. Pit bulls being in first place. The are the bullies of the species!

          • Tatiana

            CJ you are an idiot with no facts to back up your story. And the antisocial people are the cat owners read MULTIPLE university studies-you bunch of crazy cat ladies-get Yourselves some help-the Pitt bulls are fine.

          • Lon

            My cats are uglier than your pit bull!!!!

        • jujubecool

          Report: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006
          to December 2008

          A 2009 report issued by DogsBite.org shows that 19 dog breeds contributed to 88 deaths in a recent 3-year period. Pit bulls accounted for 59% followed by rottweilers with 14%.
          Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by DogsBite.org, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period.
          The data also shows that pit bulls commit the vast majority of off-property attacks that result in death. Only 18% (16) of the attacks occurred off owner property, yet pit bulls were responsible for 81% (13).

        • Dan

          To begin with, name-calling moron, I don’t watch Fox “News” AT ALL. But being WRONG seems to be something you take pride in, and arguing with a zealot on any topic is a waste of time. The figures are CLEAR. The vast majority of studies clearly show that pits attack far more often than any other breeds, and the results are MUCH more likely to be devastating. You are incorrect that poodles bite more often, but even if they did, the RESULTS of such an “attack” is certain to be much less damaging than one by one of these absurd 4 footed “attack robots”. You are an uninformed fool, and I suspect it’s only a matter of time before one of your little pals turns on you or (especially) a child close to you.

          Hopefully, it will be the FORMER, rather than the LATTER.

      • Lisa

        It’s amazing how uneducated you are. Any large dog will do severe damage when they attack not just Pit Bulls. It’s people like you, with your way of thinking that give Pit Bulls a bad name. Dogs are a reflection of their owners and upbringing, and not all pits are “useless killers”. Let’s see, Rottweilers and Dobermans turn on humans quite often, should we get rid of all them too? It’s pathetic that you would condone killing hundreds of pits yet you criticize them for attacking people. So sad that society harbors such racist, judgemental people like you. Too bad we can’t water down your gene pool because your the antisocial misfit. And no, I don’t own a Pit Bull I just love all animals and it disgusts me that people like you are unable or incapable of doing actual research on pit bulls. The “statistics” you so speak of…are doubtful from reputable sources. Probably just another person like yourselves that is filled with nothing but hate filled rhetoric for these innocent creatures.

        • Mac

          1. Any animal or breed that can, and routinely does, attack, maul, and kill children and other animals is not an “innocent creature.”

          2. Look up the definition of “racism.”

          3. Here’s some statistics for you:

          Dog Biting Incidents: 2008 to 2012

          DogsBite.org – Animal control departments in at least 25 U.S. states report that pit bulls are biting more than all other dog breeds. These states include: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. The oft-quoted myth by pro-pit bull groups that pit bulls “do not bite more than other breeds” is categorically false. In addition to leading bite counts, the pit bull bite is also the most damaging, inflicting permanent and disfiguring injury.

          4. You’re the idiot.

          • Tatiana

            Mac shut the fcuk up you american arse.

    • MelissaS

      I agree, there are a lot of people out there that use the dogs as status. However, there are also many people out there that are true animal lovers that rescue pitbulls from the aformentioned people. I have a pit mix that I rescued from a shelter that is an awesome dog and the gentlest dog ever. I’ve been around more pitbulls in my life than any other breed and have only met one that was truly mean. The rest were eager to please. In fact, I’ve been bitten (working in rescue) by more chihuahuas than any other breed. Thankfully they can’t do much damage, but please don’t blame it on the breed. I’ve have actually talked to someone that lives in an area where pits are used as status symbols, and he outright told me that they are taught to be mean to strangers. He even went into how he taught his dogs that. : (

    • Kay

      You are an IDIOT! First of all, it is NOT the breed itself that is the problem. Pits, Rotts, etc., are GREAT dogs–but, when an animal is TRAINED and ABUSED–by it’s own HUMANS–you’re going to get dangerous, and, sometimes deadly animals. Sometimes, Pits that have been used for fighting do have to be put down. But to suggest the mass murder of Pit Bulls, so we can just be rid of the problem, is both cruel and stupid. If this world had no Pits, Dobies, Rotts, etc.–they would only turn other breeds into killers. We need to love and nourish our furry friends–they look to us for only love. Sadly, they don’t all find GOOD humans with which to share their lives.

      • jujubecool

        “Don’t blame the dog” logic

        Pit bull owners frequently blame the “environment” after a pit bull seriously injures a person. A participant in the Tufts study illustrates this clearly, “If you get some kid that has been beaten all his life, he’s going to go out and be aggressive towards people.”9 The intention is to assert that an aggressive pit bull must have been beaten or taught to attack by their owners instead of admitting to the genetic traits that define the breed (See: Why do people say that pit bulls “don’t let go?)

        Pit bull owners frequently direct blame onto victims after an attack too. While “blaming the victim” is a universal phenomenon, pit bull owners do so offensively. The instance involving Wendy Blevins, who DogsBite.org awarded 2008 Victims Advocate of the Year, is an excellent example. After Tina Agerson’s pit bull casually walked up to Wendy and her daughter and latched onto the child’s head, Wendy immediately straddled the attacking dog and pulled it off Charlotte.

        As blood flew everywhere, Agerson stood by and watched. She later said that Wendy “blocked” her from getting her dog. In a subsequent blog post about the incident, a pit bull advocate left a comment asking why Wendy did not have insurance to cover her child’s medical bills, which surpassed $110,000 in 30 days. First, Wendy was insured; second, the commenter blamed the victim for being unable to pay these bills after “someone else’s dog” nearly killed her child.

        In a separate incident, a victim with a history of seizures was blamed for the attack that led to her death. Kelli Chapman was sleeping in her bed when her two pet pit bulls killed her. It was quickly assumed that because she suffered from seizures, she must have had one and the pit bulls “naturally” reacted to it by killing her. Yet, we will never know if she suffered a seizure, and if she did, the order of events: Did a seizure cause the attack or did the attack cause a seizure?10

        In nearly all instances of serious and fatal pit bull attacks, pit bull owners, and in some cases authorities, blame the attack on the environment or the actions of the victim. There is a refusal on their part to admit that a pit bull will attack unprovoked. Some of the most grievous examples include a child holding a stuffed animal and a child bumping into a pit bull. “Don’t Blame the Dog” believers say such actions sufficiently explain why the pit bull severely injured or killed the child.

    • Pitbul Luver

      That is really a rotten thing to say, actually there a lot of rotten things being said on here about pitbuls. I have been raised with these dogs all 27 years of my life, and it is the people making these dogs look bad. If you train any dog to attack they will do it. Look at German Shepards, they are police dogs, attack dogs. My daughter loves our dogs very much why would you want to destroy a family pet? I hope nothing of the sort ever happens to this breed, I have been around all different breeds and this one in particular fits in my life. I never use my dogs as tools or intimidation. They are family pets and have been in my family for many years. We have all had good experiences and happy memories. It is people like you who over dramatize these poor animals and it is disgusting! Dogs are dogs they are all the same.

      • jujubecool

        Jace Valdez

        16-months old | Magnolia, TX

        Jace Valdez, 16-months old, was mauled to death by a pit bull while in the care of his grandmother. His grandparents owned the 7-year old male dog, and his grandmother was the only adult present during incident. Arriving deputies shot and killed the pit bull inside the home. Though not physically injured in the attack, the grandmother was immediately hospitalized for shock. Several days after the deadly attack, the child’s father, Jeremy Valdez, issued a statement to the media. “Baby Jace had been in Mr. Valdez’s sole care and custody for over the past year; however the child was visiting his mother for the week where she resides with her parents at their home in Montgomery County and where the attack occurred.” At the time of the attack, Jace’s mother was visiting friends in Spring. Detectives continue to investigate the child’s death. As of January 26, 2012, no criminal charges have been brought.

  • Martin Morale


    • Earl

      I hope you’re delivering self-inflicted wounds to yourself, thus relieving the world of ignorant hate.

    • http://yahoo wadeo

      one more bang for the cat

  • Scott Daniel

    Hell I use to have a Turkey that would chase any vehicle that had a crome bumper and I mean chase. He would go all the way up the driveway when someone would leave gobbling and trying to spur the bumper. At least a hundred yrds or further. Tom was a good guard turkey.

  • Al Pal

    I have owned a number of pitbulls and I get EXTREMELY tired of reading how bad these dogs are i can almost bet that the people saying how horrible have never owned a pitbull in there life. I am a firm believer that everyone should have their own opinion however, please don’t tell people that they are bad pets. I LOVE my pit he is the BIGGEST baby ever! I also think that every dog can be trained to hurt people if trained by a person who trains them that way. Since everyone is freaking out saying they are so dangerous well then don’t get a dalmatian since they are on the top 10 most dangerous dogs oh so is a chow chow!! However I’m 100% sure all of you will defend them now won’t you ;)

    • jujubecool

      Not normal dog owners

      To understand the experience of owning a negatively perceived dog, Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy did a case study on pit bull owners that was published in 2000. Researchers found that with “outlaw” breeds, such as pit bulls, the human-dog relationship is sociologically more complex than previously known. Owners of pit bulls, they discovered, directly feel the stigma targeted at their breed and resort to various tactics to mitigate it. These strategies included:

      “passing their dogs as breeds other than pit bulls, denying that their behavior is biologically determined, debunking adverse media coverage, using humor, emphasizing counter-stereotypical behavior, avoiding stereotypical equipment or accessories, taking preventive measures, or becoming breed ambassadors.”1

      The study is sympathetic to pit bull owners and makes unsourced claims, but does show the basis of pro-pit bull propaganda. Strategies identified by the researchers are the same strategies employed by pro-pit bull groups to stop a municipality from enacting a pit bull law. For instance, pit bull advocates will claim that a pit bull cannot be identified, that there is a “media conspiracy” against pit bulls and that pit bulls are in fact “wiggle butts” who only want to “lick you to death.”

  • jollyrancher

    My rottweiler would never had done that. Just saying.

    • cj meyer

      Rottweilers get a bad rep.

      • Tatiana

        shut up moron, rottweillers are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay uglier than pitt bulls.

    • Pitbul Luver

      Neither would my pitbuls. Obviously the owner permitts that type of behaviour in his animals. I certainly do not, my dogs fear me and are not aggressive. And I agree with someone’s post on here, any kind of big dog breed could have donbe that. It’s always news when a pitbul is involved. I am so irritated with this sterotype. As if any other dog is not as aggressive.

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