Pit Bulls Attack Car Looking For Kitten, Ruin Bumper

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Four pit bulls attacked the bumper of a minivan on Monday morning and did quite a bit of damage, including flattening a tire. According to their owner–who is also the owner of the car–they were trying to get at a kitten that had gotten herself stuck up underneath the car’s front bumper.

Luckily for the kitten, she was wedged up in a safe spot and survived the attack without a scratch, although the vehicle didn’t fare quite so well. The owner, upon seeing the damage that morning, changed the tire and made his way to work, a 25-mile drive. When he arrived and got out of the car, he heard meowing coming from beneath the car and called authorities to help him retrieve the animal.

“Fender Lynx”, as she has been dubbed by her rescuers, is about 7-weeks old and is doing well under the care of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. She will be put up for adoption on Saturday.


Pit Bulls Attack Car Looking For Kitten, Ruin Bumper
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  • milt

    Wow you guys are still at it,there are two sides to every story.where do i begin i will make it short and sweet maybe.When it comes to american pit bull terriers first of all this breed was not bred to attack humans they were bread as ancient hunting dogs and guard dogs in ancient times, however just like the tosa and the akita their jaws lock and they have incredible pnds per pressure when they lock. Yes pit bulls were used in the 40’s, 50’sand 60’s as a sport for fighting in a pit with rules and regulations.You could train any animal to attack on command is not a bad dog just bad owners. How about those u.f.o hee hee I LOVE ALL PETS the world is perfect some humans make it bad.

  • zito

    Listen in the 80’s it was the Doberman that was the killer dog. In the 90″ it was the Rottweiller. In the year 2000’s it is the Staffordshire Terrier. The problem is that brainless people get Staffordshire Terriers when they are puppies because they are so cute. Then they start to turn into big dogs, these people dont know to train animals so when the dog gets older they bring it to a pound. Then a nice family feels bad for the breed and takes it home without introducing the dog to there cat or there children first. Then the cat runs and the dog chases or the child palys to rough and gets bit..The dog then goes back to the shelter and starts the cycle all over again.. The solution is for people to not adopt the breed unless they have prior breed experience…

  • TIM

    I would have to agree with the comments about how the dogs were raisedhis is true. Growing up I nknew several people who have had pits and they were some of the nicest dogs i have know. My neighbors (currently) have a male and feale pit. Male as sweet as can be. Female (now fixed) has had several litters and is as aggressive as can be. Twice have broken through our wooden fence. Cant get association to approve better fence. Luckily my daughter or pets were outside. Hate to say, but luckily for the dogs both times they have broken through, I was home. Would have put them down.

    • zito

      Listen there are 3 types of people… 1 true Staffordshire terrier lovers who own and train there dogs…
      2. Those who feel bad for the breed and adopt them without prior experience with the breed( which it is nice that they adopt)
      3. Those people who just love being the problem and love to jump on the dog band wagon and bash animals…

    • http://yahoo Craig

      Tim don’t comment if you cant spell proper English , go back to school you asshole

  • milt


  • Eve

    I have a pit and the most dangerous thing about her is her… ELBOWS! She digs them in my thighs when she tries to lick my face. She “bit” broke the skin on my husbsnd’s hand when he put his whole hand in her mouth. It happened as she gagged on it and on the pill he was trying to give her. Everyone is always so surprised at how truly friendly she is. She is the worst watchdog ever- a total stranger came in our house when we weren’t at home to do some work. He told us later that she just gave him a happy greeting, sat in the corner and watched him work.Our vet says she is his best socialized patient. So not all pits are bad. Some could be THE bests dog you ever had.

  • mikey

    I think that it’s true that these animals would for the most part be great pets except it seems many A-holes get Pits. The pure potential of Pitbulls to kill is above and beyond most other breeds (save particular Mastiffs..) That fact alone makes them a dangerous pet. We have read countless stories of Pitbulls that were raised in loving families but suddenly turned on their owner or someone passing through their neighborhood or an aquaintance stopping in.

    • shane

      wow, this picture is such a farce…….haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……this vehicle was wrecked, and the talk is about how bad pit bulls are…….what a joke……you guys are the joke…………

      • shane

        i have owned a total of 46 pitbulls in my lifetime……never have the bitten or killed anything…….except moths, they love killing moths………………you guys are a joke.

        • http://yahoo Craig


  • barb

    what kind of hoosier has that many vicious dogs who would go at anything that agressively? let me guess, a dealer, mexican, somebody in the hood? God only knows what they’d done to a child or neighbor’s animal. no excuse for such out of control, dangerous animals. whoever should be locked up and the dogs taken away. there’s nothing amusing about the story. it’s a horrific accident waiting to happen. how do they get homeowners? what city allows animals like that?! Sick individuals. Thank God the kitten made it out. I like animals sooo much better than backward f—s!!

  • Katie

    I’m a dog groomer. I’ve handled many ‘pitbull type’ dogs and I have to say I have never come across one that has shown aggression. Most will likely lick you to death and it’s not like groomers are a dog’s favorite person to see. The dogs that are likely to take a chunk out of you are your little dogs, i.e, yorkies, chihuhuas, poodles, shih tzus, maltese. There are no bans on these dogs are there? Dog bites are attributed to lack of handling and socialization with people and other pets. Should these dogs be banned as well due to their owners lack of knowledge on the socialization of their pets? I think not. It’s the owners not the dogs.

    • Dan

      Yeah obv one of those irrational animal lovers. Ask the relatives of those who have died from the pit bull attacks. Yeah it is a cheap answer and a cowardly one to say oh it is the owners. You will find that owners are among those killed by pits. Oh, they must have been bad owners. How do you define that? Well if the dog attacked them they must have been bad owners. So the dog is the decider of human fate? Folks like you will keep sticking your heads in the sand until someone close is a victim, and then perhaps the silly assertion will disappear. The dogs are often powerful and uncontrollable. That means not safe. It matters not if they mostly ok most of the time. I will not be around one, and any other smart person will not either.

      • http://yahoo Craig

        DAN you dont no what you are talking about so please keep your big mouth shout. i had a pitbull for n11 years before she died and many friends of mine had pit bulls and none of them ever had problems. you are a cock sucker because you have no idea what you talking about and you are also brain washed due to all the shit u see on tv and radio

  • loraine.estes

    Oh my god whoever did this is plain ass lying,Pitbulls get enough of a bad rep but this is not true,that van was wreaked and you can see it…………..This has nothing to do with pitbulls,kittens,its a farce,GET REAL PEOPLE

  • lori

    Do you see that car??? Its held together with zip ties,over the tire wheres the bite marks,howd they tear that bumper so straight,stupid people trying to get insurance money?the car has been in some kind of an accident,why all the negative comments,and all of you so called dog lovers,why feed into this liars story.

  • Jeff

    why is this even news

  • JaneDoe

    This story sounds like a complete lie. Where are these dogs? Pictures of said dogs? Car looks like its been in accident. Owner drove to work not knowing cat was inside but somehow knew pit bulls attacked cars OH PLEASE!!! Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs. I am disgusted by this idiotic story probably written by an underpaid intern looking for hits on one his sensationally titled stories. I’m sorry I clicked on it. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Jamie Rucker

    Only sick bastards own these dogs.

    • Nick

      Wtf thats not true. your a smut

    • Sladkaya

      And only an ignorant person would make such a comment. As an ER nurse, I go above and beyond to take care of my patients and their families. I also own a wonderful and loving rescue dog who is half pit and half german shepherd. If you are going to make such a comment, then be prepared to back it up. This sick bastard saves people’s lives. What do you do?

  • Michelle

    As an employee of the automotive repair industry, I can clearly see that said damage is not from an accident. There are no clear hit marks and no clear line that would form in the event of a collision. That being said, anyone who says otherwise is pretty much an idiot.
    You can clearly see bite marks, and scratch marks on the body, fender, and bumper of the vehicle. Which proves that it was in fact an animal attack. Four pitbulls? In my experience, those animals can in fact cause such damage.
    I do agree that given the right environment, a dog of that breed can and will be a very loving pet. But I also know first hand that those dogs can also flip on a dime, and no matter how you raise them, can be extremely violent and unrelenting. Face facts people. Pits are a very strong breed. When they want somthing or feel threatened there is NO stopping them.

    • Nick

      Your an idiot you dont know shit,

  • D

    I had a pit for 11 years, she was a huge baby, she was protective over my small children. My father did not like pitbulls but he loved her. Said she was the best dog he had ever seen around children. Not all pitbulls are like this I Know that from being around other pitbulls that did not have the temperment she did. Its with any breed some are not always the gentlest. My son got bit by a long haired chihuahua on both legs and broke the skin, he had to have the whole set of rabies shots because the owner didnt have it vaccinated, and my son did nothing to this dog. The long haired chihuahua ran out of its yard and down the road and bit him. So any breed of dog can bite, some worse than others. In some cases its how they are raised and others it can be the breeding of the dog.

    • me

      Only you are stupid have trust those kind of dogs around ur children one day you will think you are to dumb.

      • Cody

        what is up with all you people that hate on these types of dogs? Have you ever had one? If you did you would realize that they love and protect their families and can be very territorial but if they weren’t raised with hatred they are the sweetest and most loyal dogs you could ever know. So stuff your ignorance where the sun don’t shine.

        • joseph addison

          If I trained a Golden the way some pitt bulls are trained (to kill) that Golden would STILL be incapable of killing a full-sized man.

          • tami

            a mean golden could kill a man with no problem. look it up!!

  • Beckey

    I don’t know when people will realize it’s the people that make the pets mean and not the animals. Pit bulls are the nicest breed their is people just are the animals.

    • DG

      B S Becky straight B S, nice try.

      • Cody

        Seriously dude? You aren’t an expert in dogs either so don’t even try to say you know that pitbulls are vicious by nature or not.

  • DG

    I sure hope someone adopts that kitty and gives her a good life plus protect her from hooligans like those dogs.

  • Gaylon

    It’s people that make pit bulls mean? I don’t think so. I used to raise pit bulls many years ago and was a huge pit bull enthusiast. But that all changed when 2 of my pit bulls attacked my wife and my son. Only thing that saved them was being able to get to the bathroom and shut the door. I was sooooo naive…..just like so many people today. I shudder to think what could have happened to my family because of my ignorance of this breed. We used the dogs for weight pulling contests and were good family pets until the day they “went berserk”. Folks….they are animals that were bred for fighting. If you truly are NOT blind then you will investigate and find that most of the pit bull child killers were not dog fighters but just ordinary working people who loved their dogs. That is until they killed their child, their neighbors child or their grandchild. Pit bull owners in my opinion are the most ill informed lot in society. Not their dog…it’s only those dog fighters dogs right? WRONG! Get real and do not put your family’s lives in jeapordy like the mother who left her one year old baby at her mothers home in Magnolia, Texas. While she was out dancing her mother and fathers pit bull killed the baby. There should be a law that if your dog kills a person you spend a minimum of 10 years in prison. Yes…now it’s your turn to trash this writer and claim your pit bull is different than those other bad people’s pit bulls. I pity you.

    • Big E

      ( SIGH )

      What is it with you people ? So you’re insinuating that all bully breeds are bad ? Listen up….in my life I had a total of 10 bully breeds 3 American Bulldogs, 3 Boxers, 2 Staffordshire bull terriers and 2 pit bulls….I also had two labs now why is it that all 10 of my bully breeds were fantastic with animals and people…..I did not have any problem what’s so ever with my bully breeds but my labs were a different story….THEY were the ones always trying to be the alpha leader over me…well I’ll tell you why I had the problems that I did.

      My point is that I trained ALL of my bully breeds from pups I molded them into what I wanted them to be but those two labs they were between 4 – 6 years old when I got them so I didnt train them how I wanted them to be SO….what I’m saying is if you train ANY FN dog from a early age and show them who’s the Alpha leader you won’t have problems…bottom line

      • joseph addison

        YOU the owner won’t have problems. The average kid playing in the street does not even under5stand “alpha”.

  • Gaylon

    Ohhh come on. It’s how the dogs are raised? That old cliche “it’s how they are raised” huh? If a Tiger kills a person is it because it’s how the tigers owner raised it? No….look dummy…it’s a TIGER for gods sake. It’s an animal just like a pit bull or any other dog. Go through the animal world and investigate what the varrious breeds were bred for and see what the pits were bred for. I have a brother who got an American bulldog because he said they were different than most other pit bulls. That same week 2 children in England were killed by American bulldogs by 2 different bulldogs. He sold the dogs quietly and purchased another breed. I had pits for 9 years and the 2 attacks on my family sealed it for me. These dogs were purchased as 6 week old pups and raised lovingly in our home. I will never forget my sons tears when I rescued him from behind a locked door. Both dogs were gone within 24 hours. I am sad only because I was so naive and put my family in harms way. Never again. I pray that more people wake up and see the light before they have a tragedy. Personally I think homeowners insurance should not be availble for ignorant people who own these dangerous dogs. It is coming….it is coming as more and more insurance companies are discovering that owning a pit bull is going to cost a whole lot of money because of the liability. But lives and health matter more tha money.

  • cecy

    I had a pit bull almost 14yrs and he never attacked another animal or human being we had him from a puppy to the day he died he was the best dog we could’ve asked for and my brothers small children loved him dearly he was great with them so I will NEVER believe all pitbulls are the same. Just luckily this kitten wasnt hurt by these pits that did what a high majority of what ALL dogs do chase cats

  • cecy

    Yea name calling is a great way to get your point across. Ever heard of everyone being entitled to their own opinion? I dont recall saying anything to anyone on here. Not everyone has had your horrible experiences with this particular breed maybe none at all or just a different breed. It is very sad and tramatic im sure but like I’ve said as well as some others I’ve never had a negative experience with pitbulls. You have you opinion and i have mine. I will not sit here and continue this you have a goodnight and enjoy life. Goodbye

  • Tom

    Pitbulls are a very emotional breed. There’s no in-between and there’s nothing mellow about the overwhelming majority of them.

    If they like you, then they really really like you!

    If they don’t like you, then they really really hate you, and will most likely attack you!

    Sometimes, they are undecided about a person and couldn’t care one way or another…

    Just don’t get on their bad side!

    Of course, there are other breeds that are prone to attack, as well. That list would include Rottweillers, Chows, Dobermen Pinschers, German Shepherds, and Huskies…

    • Roger

      this breed of dog should be destroyed along with other breeds that are this way.

      • Big E

        It’s people like you that know NOTHING about bully breeds…you simple minded fool keep your mouth shut and keep your opinions to your self….and they’re just OPINIONS so don’t act as if they’re facts you prick

        • joseph addison

          Destroy the breed. They have an instinct to kill that is stronger than most animals.

          • Rob

            You are talking about the human race, right? Humans and felines are the only species that kill for fun and humans are the only ones who kill for profit.

            The fact that you want to eradicate an entire breed because some of them have been trained to fight and kill, while others are often misrepresented as “Pit Bulls”, so Pits get the blame, just shows how ignorant you are.

            A woman recently beheaded her two year old son before killing herself. By your logic, we’d have to kill all the mothers of young children to save them from eventual death and dismemberment…

          • Civilized Society or Jungle?

            We live in a civilized society, not a jungle. As such, we have the right to regulate our environmental setting to eliminate such innane threats as a dog breed that visciously attacks humans and other animals. This is why we don’t have bears and cougars roaming our streets… duh!

            If you want to allow animals unrestricted license to behave wildly, then go live in a jungle. But if you choose to live in a civilized society, it is perfectly reasonable to control threats such as pit bulls who show an undeniable propensity for viscous, random violence.

            You animal-loving fools are so pathetic. You turn to dogs for love because you can’t find it elsewhere. And you think your animal actually loves you back. Wow, really? New Flash… your dog doesn’t love you, it loves whoever feeds it. And once you’re gone, it will simply “love” the next person that feeds it. What morons you are to think you can LOVE an animal. Truly pathetic, I feel sorry for you.

        • joseph addison

          The fact you called them the “bully breed” makes me sick. How could any moron like you want dead three-year old little girls at the jaws of something known to be a “bully”? You are sick, and lack any morality.

          • Rob

            “the term actually has nothing to do with the dogs’ temperament or behavior, and everything to do with their origin and history. Bully breeds all come from the same root stock called Molosser”

            “One often overlooked fact is that any dog may attack if it’s neglected, abused or trained to be aggressive.”

      • james

        you sound like dog Hitler!

      • It’s Me

        Roger I suppose you also believe everything you see on TV, and everything on the Internet is also true, right? You obviously know nothing about this breed, aside from what the media wants you to believe.

      • vic

        Ignorant people should keep quiet,that means “U Roger”

  • Dana

    I have encountered 3 pit bulls in my life. One you could put food in your mouth and let him take it from you. He did so with such grace and never touched you while he did it. He loved all people and you could see hurt in his eyes when people shied away from him. The most awesome dog I had ever met. He died at the age of 16 not once did he snip or bit anyone. The second, was almost just as nice. He has been raised around 3 rough house boys and is a gentle as a hummingbird. I have never seen him show his teeth nor have I heard him growl. The third, I believe he would have been as gentle as the other two but at the age of 1 the owners neighbor who has kids decided to poison the dog while she was outside in her own yard. Why? because the neighbor had a 12 yr old son that decided shooting bbs at this dog was fun and the dog snarled and I mean just snarled at him. I was there and seen it all go down myself. Hell, I snarled at the kid as I ripped the bb gun away from his hands and took it to his parents. So, the dog is dead and the 12 yr old turned into a meth head and is serving 25 yrs… who is worse in this case the dog or the parent?

  • BS

    F THE BS, dogs may inherently have certain instincts, that are only brought out by the way they are raised. For four Pitbulls to relentless attack a car bumper until it is almost destroyed WITHOUT even getting the kitten that they were going after is complete and utter BS. So the whole entire time that the dogs were attacking the car the owner just sit by and watched as they TRY and capture a kitten that was underneath? Thats COMPLETE BS. Who in their right mind would watch until their dogs completely destroyed their car bumper before getting them to stop? Big or small dog something like that would never happen. I’m sorry but this is definitely a case of a negligent owner of dogs that should not be allowed to own dogs anymore. IF ANYONE HAS A STORY SIMILAR TO PITBULLS ATTACKING A FRONT BUMPER PLEASE LET ME KNOW, BECAUSE I FIND IT UTTERLY RIDICULOUS THAT A PERSON WOULD NOT KNOW AN ANIMAL IS “STUCK” INSIDE THEIR BUMPER UNTIL THEY REACH THE END OF THEIR DESTINATION. Sounds like someone doesn’t want their pets to get put down…

    • Dana

      maybe the owner was in the shower before work

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org Grateful Child

    Dogs are unpredictable and should never be let loose to roam the streets. You never know what might set one off, even though they seem to be very gentle. Pit bulls and German Shepherds, Rotweillers, are some of the most unpredictable. If it were my children or family that was attacked, I’m not going after the dog, but rather it’s owner that caused this. Tear up my children and you get it back double.

    • Dana

      most vicious dog is a chihuahua… those lil things can tear someone one up and will in packs

      • steve e.

        Not my 19 lb. chihuahua….She’s the gentlest chihuahua in the world. Kisses everybody for ten minutes. Maybe it’s because she’s a deerhead chi and not an applehead.

    • chris

      i own a pit and a greman shepherd. they are the most loyal and lovable dogs ive owned. i had 2 germans prior. they would rather like you an cuddle with you then bite you. its all in how the owner treats an raises them. but i will say if you came into my house or messed with any of my family then you would see the protection they give.so i dont see how you can judge a dog you have never been around to see their temperment.

    • vic

      If u let Thugs and Gangsters roam the streets without Law Enforcement what do u think will happen,same with dogs that aren’t trained or trained to b vicious.Its not the breed its the owner.

  • Dana

    The thing is… The news report only the bad. I don’t know if you all have noticed that but they report things that will sell and kept people in a turmoil over things. I have gotten to the point I watch the weather and that is it. It’s not even allowed to be turned on when children or present. We stations start reporting extremely good things I might turn the boob tube back on. Good is expected, the bad in the world no longer shocks me. These dogs did just what my beagles do…chased a cat if my boyfriends beagles had jaws like that they would do just as much damage trying to get one.

    • Amen

      Preach dude.. seriously

    • Rob

      “a pit bull named Stubby became the first American war dog during World War I, when he served with a platoon in Germany. There, he saved countless lives and became a decorated war hero upon his return to the U.S. This early example of a bully breed’s heroism and loyalty helped catapult bullies to the status of beloved household pets.”


    Animals are animals. To try and predict their behavior or their patterns of attack is useless because THEY ARE ANIMALS. If humans completely understood animals then no such thing would ever happen. But that is not the case seeing as how animal attacks are just as unpredictable as human attacks on humans. Why blame the dogs? Who owns liability for the dogs and who let them continuously attack a car until they stopped? Doesn’t the responsibility for the dogs lie on the owners? So why is it that many are siding with the owners of the dog? Did the dogs do anything? No. But did the owners do anything? No, so who has more liability/responsibility on their shoulders? Sentient dog owner or dogs that may not realize their own conscience/sentience. Too many people put the blame on the animals themselves without realizing that they may have been the one to cause their animals extra stress.

    • Dana


    • Josh

      I very much agree

    • xan

      True, The owners are responsable for any damage done to that car. and why were the dogs allowed to run on the street with no leash or owner in sight?
      I am very glad the kitten got away and a chance to have a wonderful home. Hopefully with a owner who will not let him run amuk either.

  • Ryo

    At least this time around, the victim {the kitten} got away without a scratch, and it happened to the owner’s vehicle and not some other guy who relies on his car for a living. If I saw a dog attacking my car for any reason it would drop dead when I put a slug in it.

    • Josh

      As a dog owner if you shot my dog for doing a natural instinct, you would be the 1 seeking medical attention. It is natural for a dog no matter the breed to chase cats its what they do its fun.

      • Linda

        Seriously, Josh? SERIOUSLY?!! Idiots like you are why I subscribe to the motto “Shoot, shovel, and shut-up.”

      • Mon

        As a dog owner…if YOUR dog is tearing up MY car then you are not being responsible for keeping YOUR dog where He belongs…in YOUR yard and not on THE street tearing up MY car. As a result of YOUR lack of responsibility for YOUR animal…he would get shot.

  • Karen

    I have a Jack Russell, he detests cats eventhough he has been around them much of his life. It is in a dogs nature to go after the cat. No different than a hunter going after a deer……….

    • It’s Me

      I also have a Jack Russell who was raised with our cat and he chased her every time he saw her. I finally gave her to a friend where she could live a more peaceful dog free life.

    • xan

      I disagree, like the pitbull a dog takes after its owners teachings/ and or breeding. I have a jack russell and 2 cats and they all love each other very much.
      It depends on breeding and social life.

  • Scooter Rooter

    I doubt that 4 pits could do that much damage but they are really tuff little buggers – I have one 6 mo s – he’s a really cool dog and he can knock me over when he hits me on a full run – really too cool – I love him to death.

  • steve e.

    Like pit bulls in a china shop.

  • steve

    They’re animals. People it seems, think animals are smarter than they really are. Actually, as lovable as we know they all are, (I have six doggies) they have the minds equal to that of a 3 year old. You wouldn’t hold a 3 year old accountable for its actions, and neither should you blame the animal. My unscientific observation is they’re smart as heck when they’re hungry! Once they fill their belly, it’s nap time!

    • DDDD

      look up the number of viscous dog bites in America pit bulls rank #1. people should not be able to have these dogs.

  • Jeff

    I am thankful that we have laws in our community outlawing these vicious breeds. Interestingly, violent crime and domestic disturbances are way down since enacting this law. Seems it helps curb the presence of the gangstas, pimps and street thugs that typically come with these breed.

    • Calla

      You must be one hell of a racist if you think ALL pit bulls (dobie’s, rottie’s, etc.) are vicious. Can’t imagine what you think of people. Do yourself a favor and get educated on the breed instead of basing your opinion on news articles and making ridiculous comments.

      • Alexa

        You are totally right. It is not the breed that is vicious. Sure, originally put bulls were bred to kill and fight, however, it ALL has to do with the home the dog is in. I have a small shitzu that lives downstairs, absolutely vicious cause it lives in a BAD home. However, my pit is the sweetest thing in the world because we provide her with a great home and the love she needs. How dare anybody single out the breed and put this stereotype on all dogs of that breed.

        Also let me put it in perspective for you once more, in a town close to where I live, a study has been completed and chiuauas and golden retrievers have been found to be the most likely to bite. Who’s vicious now?

        • http://webpronews/life saannie25

          actually pit bulls were bread to be nanny dogs, in England, it was some evil human that gave them the bad name they have, I have a friend that has 2 and the only danger you have while visiting them is being licked to death. They are 2 of the sweetest and loving does I have ever seen, they also love cats as my friends have cats also. I have always said it’s not the breed of the dog that makes them dangerous, but it’s how they are raised. Hence the ole saying, not bad dogs but bad owners.

        • Bob

          Pit Bulls were bred in the old world to take down Bulls That were running around . Read your history books .

          • Bob

            I own pitbull terrier she is the sweetest dog you will ever meet .

          • Alexa

            Well excuse me for not using the exact right terminology, just using what people actually think of them. Whatever it was that led to the breed, I do know they have the instinct to kill and once they start they have the instinct NOT to stop. Im not calling them vicious though. I have one, and am searching for more, to give these amazing dogs homes because i absolutely love them. They are in fact the sweetest things in the world, and yes, the only thing to worry about is getting licked to death. Or getting beat up by a wagging tail. They are amazing dogs and people who call them vicious are ridiculous.

      • Brenda

        Thank you for your comment. All pit bulls are not vicious killers. Any breed can have vicious dogs. I am so tired of hearing from people that are not truly informed. Thank you Calla for your input. You are so right. What kind of world would we live in if everyone accepted bad actions of one person as the way the entire ethnic group behaves.

    • It’s Me

      Jeff is the ignorant thugs training these dogs to be violent that make them that way. Any dog has the ability to be vicious. Are you aware that the dog that bites the most in the U.S.A is the Golden Retriever?

      • SRV WannaBe

        Check your facts, It’s Me, before spouting off statistics. The dog that bites the most in the US is the Cocker Spaniel – not the Golden Retriever. Idiot.

    • ken

      really, so now im a gangsta? funny i thought i was a retired paratrooper. ive never had adomestic violence issue, never been a pimp so how do these laws affect the landscape, couse im missing your point…i own a pittbull and he is the biggest baby unless you come here looking for trouble, but then again he would be your last concern. so just exactly how do these laws effect violence in america coouse im just not seeing it.

    • tami

      dont read much do you? dogs dont bring crime. people do!i have never heard of a dog calling his friends and telling them ,im taking my pimp out walking tomight! all dogs are different. just like all people are different. any breed can be mean or vicious. sounds like you just dont care much for dogs!!

    • Cece

      I have a Rottiweiler and people always say the same things. My rottie is so sweet BECAUSE WE TRAINED HER TO BE NICE!! People train Pitbulls and other “Dangerous Breeds” to be dangerous. It’s not the dogs fault the owner/trainer was stupid.

  • http://pronews/life kennymm

    all pitbull have the potential for being vicious. They were bred just for that purpose. Just like some dog breeds hunt, swim, retrieve, pitbull were also bred to do something special, and that’s to fight. I don’t care what anyone says. that’s the reality of it. But dogs in general when in packs will go after other animal and people.

    • Christopher

      You gotta be kidding me, you are an example of a feeble minded nitwit. Pitbulls have to be trained to be vicious, if you look up the description of pitbulls youll see that they are actually very loyal and actually get along good with kids. A labrador retriever is bred to hunt , but unless you teach it to hunt it wont have a clue how to hunt. Pitbulls used to be the choice dog in america back in the day. Guess who owns one, Rachel Ray the cook, is she a gangsta, i have one and i am no gangsta. quit stereotyping.

      • http://goinsideandwatchtv.com Dan

        Research from DogsBite.org shows that during the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, these two breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded fatal attacks.1 By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (215) and rottweilers (81) and their mixes accounted for 64% of the total recorded fatal attacks (466).2
        It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts 3 and humane groups 4 that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks ); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).

        • Josey

          Maybe this is because people trained them to be so vicious. Any dog has the potential to be like this if they are trained. Chihuahuas and smaller dogs are the worst, they bite more than bigger dogs but since they don’t have enough bite to damage anything.

          If they were not PitBull this news will never be published.

        • Christopher

          Ok you might have your facts , but i am not denying that people are morons and breed Pitbulls to fight. That is where most of the attacks probably occur from are nitwit owners that raise Pitbulls to be mean so they can look cool. Pitbulls deserve a chance to come out from under a stereotype that doesnt fit them when they are taking care of by responsible owners that treat them good, Find the fact on how many of them Pitbulls have bit someone. Quit blaming the dog, blame the owner. Why are there people out there that think they have to blame a Pitbull, or blame the gun. Try putting the blame on the irresponsible people behind the Pitbull and behind the gun. Did you know “a pit bull named Stubby became the first American war dog during World War I, when he served with a platoon in Germany. There, he saved countless lives and became a decorated war hero upon his return to the U.S. This early example of a bully breed’s heroism and loyalty helped catapult bullies to the status of beloved household pets.” This is from Rob . scroll down to see.

  • Sam

    All breed are born equal. It is the trainers that should be prosecuted for teaching them to be vicious. They are a strong breed and people take advantage of that and use them as fighters. What a shame.

  • just saying

    To anyone who is against pit bulls get your head out of your asses. Pit bulls are only givin bad names due to their owners. yes they were bred for legal fighting years and years ago. people that do it today well they just need to be shot. it does not matter what kind of breed the dog is most of them would’ve went for the kitten.

    • Mason


  • Civilized Society or Jungle?

    We live in a civilized society, not a jungle. As such, we have the right to regulate our environmental setting to eliminate such innane threats as a dog breed that visciously attacks humans and other animals. This is why we don’t have bears and cougars roaming our streets… duh!

    If you want to allow animals unrestricted license to behave wildly, then go live in a jungle. But if you choose to live in a civilized society, it is perfectly reasonable to control threats such as pit bulls who show an undeniable propensity for viscous, random violence.

    You animal-loving fools are so pathetic. You turn to dogs for love because you can’t find it elsewhere. And you think your animal actually loves you back. Wow, really? New Flash… your dog doesn’t love you, it loves whoever feeds it. And once you’re gone, it will simply “love” the next person that feeds it. What morons you are to think you can LOVE an animal. Truly pathetic, I feel sorry for you.

    • Bob

      Feel sorry for you . No one to love or companionship . YOU sound like a fool waiting to raise hell with someone Get a dog it will love you back . The way you talk your wife or husband will do the same thing as you say .

    • Christopher

      All i can say is WOW!! You are an idiot.

    • Kimberly

      If I were you I wouldn’t blame the entire breed. As it has been stated time and time again, pit bulls are NOT a viscious breed. It is the handler, the person, that makes them agressive. Educate yourself a little better; dogs, by nature, are a predatory animal. They will chase, dig, bite, and scratch when their predatory instict kicks in (ie: chasing a kitten). BUT, on the opposite side of things, dogs are a domesticated animal; their behaviors can be changed. Clearly, this person, not the dogs, didn’t take the time to teach and correct his animals. Unfortunately, the consequences of the PERSON led to this article.

      Oh, and as to the “animal-loving fools,” it has been scientifically proven that dogs are capable of emotions of sadness and affection. To such a great extent that there are stories of undying loyalty: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/02/hachiko-dog-death-explained_n_830224.html

      You are the fool in this case. It’s not the hand that feeds the dog. It’s the mutual respect between animal and human that allows for a relationship between the two. A dog considers the human its pack member and they do love and respect pack members.

    • John

      Pittbulls aewell as other breeds all can potentially be trained to be more aggressive etc, than natural. It is ALWAYS the DEED of the OWNER, there RESPONSIBILITY to ALLOW a DOG or any other ANIMAL to be TRAINED to be MEAN and AGGRESSIVE. It is never the animal’s fault. If anything , the animal kingdom is more civilized than us;we as human’s we are selfish, greedy, hateful, judging, critical, we hurt each other. Just look at the news around the world, IF ANYTHING , WE CAN LEARN FROM DOGS AND THE REST OF THE ANIMALS AROUND THE WORLD, WE AS HUMANS ARE THE TEACHER’S. THE FIRST STEP IS TO PRACTICE WHAT YOU(WE) PREACH:) GOD BLESS.

    • http://m=noneq jason

      You are an idiot. Its not the breed its the people who raise them. I have a pitbull that cuddles kittens and is great with kids too. Take the idiots off the street like yourself. And the press should stop with all the press about pit bulls.

      FYI Just as many people are bitten by other breeds which dont get the publicity. An infant baby just had its legs eaten by a labrador . But kill all pit bulls.. MORON

    • Stitch

      I can only reply with FU! Animals look for affection just like humans. Obviously you are weak on this feeling. Go get a dildo!

  • judith n

    I have been attaqcked by a pit bull, and there was no way that dog was no way that dog was going to let go of me. Once they have their prey jaw locked. The neighbors called the police, and the dog was taken down. I am terrified of these dogs. Earlier this week when my Jack Russell went to the vet for his shots, a 4 month old pitbull was in the waiting room, that dog was just grawling; the owners told me “our pit bulls mom was a trained fighting dog, and now our pup is torturing ours neighbors pets, so we are here to put her down before she harms a child or another human.”

    • Christopher

      No vet would put a puppy down. I’m sorry you had to go through a dog attack but telling lies for your cause to slander these dogs because you afraid is not fair.

    • vic

      Jack Russell Terriers r a lot more agressive than pits,just smaller in size.

    • ann

      all responsible animal owners should put down thier pit bulls. they should be extinct. they are too dangerous. a woman from arizona was killed sometime in the last year by pit bulls who got loose from thier owners. she had only been taking a walk in her neighborhood. scumbags use them as live weapons and the law doesn’t do anything. you can say that it’s the owner but what good does that do you when you’ve got a chunk out of your leg for the rest of your life?

      • Emma

        ann, you and kara sound like best friends. in every breed, you can find history of a dog attacking a person, so does that mean all the dogs in the world should be put down because of a bad past?

  • karen

    there is good and bad it all in training them and must of all loving them .pit bulls have big heart and r very smart .and they love to be train but u have to train them the right way it not pitt bull r bad it the one they love that trains them.and everyone know dog hate cats and cats hate dogs.but if a pitt is rase up with cats it no problem.i love pitt bulls they r great dogs. i just think god the kitten is fine and will find a good home

  • kara

    Those dam dogs should be brought to extinction. There will always be an asshole that defends the breed and I hope they become a victim of these dogs themselves so they shut their ingnorant mouths once and for all. These ugly beasts are aggressive, maybe not all of them but a good majority have a higher tendency then ANY other breeds to be aggressive. Im tired of seeing these animals attack their owners totally unprovoked and after the family having given the animal love and a home for many years, there is no excuse for that!!! they attack small children and small animals and that makes them bullies, attacking defensless VICTIMS!!!. I would love to see them attack a lion see who wins?!?!. I love dogs but to me these animals arent dogs they are unpredictable beasts bread to fight and are backstabbers to the hands that feed them. I will never get tired of criticizing this dog, never heard of another breed as much as this one attacking humans ever! and if I even encounter one and they they get near any of my children I will have no qualms shooting one of them in the head. They should stop allowing people to have these animals living near families with children and even elderly people who may become victims of these beasts. The remaining pitbull breed should be dropped of at some jungle and left to deal with other wild beasts like themselves!!!

    • Mason

      Their owners are the one to blame you can’t always blame the dogs. The owner is the one that puts it in the head of their dogs. Pitbulls are to blame its the owners that mistreat these dogs and get away with it.

    • adam

      @kara I hope a dog eats your face

      • kara

        oh Adam do you think you affect me with your comment?? you sorry bastard hahahaha you probably weak and need to have ten pitbulls protecting you because you cant do it yourself. I feel sorry for you.

        • Emma

          kara, youre a heart less bitch who needs to become extinct.

          • kara

            Emma you feel the need to insult others because you have no other vocabulary. I wont say anything to you because your just not worth it :)

    • Jeff

      Kara you are a stupid person. Really. I have a pitbull and we live with a dachsund and a 9 month old baby. NEVER have any problems. You are an ass. Any dog can attack if its owner has never disciplined it. Totally ignorant. You may have your opinion but the way you state it makes you look like a fool. Putting a bullet in anythings head. Real classy and smart thing to say

      • kara

        No Jeff Im not a stupid person or an ass and yes I would put a bullet in anything that endangers my family and I dont think Im the only one unless of course you would let one of your loved ones get attacked by one of these dogs infront of you, then you are the jackass who would let that happen. I go by statistics my friend, Im not ignorant,,,ignorant is the person who thinks that everything is the way he/she thinks it is based on personal experience!,, get out of your hole and read a little bit. I dont care what your experience has been with the breed if you read you would recognize that the majority of these dogs arent like yours!!!! do some reaserch and pray your dog never turns on you because it can happen!!!

        • Shannon

          Kara, I’m behind you. I have a friend who will always defend these dogs, but we just agree to disagree, but I will not bring my children around her dog. They are known to snap, just like an overtrained crazed circus Elephant and try to kill everything in sight. That is why many homeowners insurance companies will raise your rates if you own one. They are known to maul children and animals. An animal is an animal and subject to instinct, not reason. People who argue it’s the owner, not the dog, think too much of themselves to be reasonable. You only have so much control over an animal – horses, elephants, and tigers included. They’ll be controlled as long as they want to be and then they won’t. I am an animal lover, but if any animal tries to hurt my family, I, like you, will defend my family first. What idiot would say, “stop mauling my baby’s face, doggie, please?” Come on.

          • kara

            Thanks Shannon

    • Calling Out Ignorance!

      You talk about ignorance, but your entire statement was blatant ignorance and stereotyping. Maybe you should be the one who is so easily discarded in the jungle. If you scale up a Chihuahua or Pomerian to the size of a Pit Bull, both known to bite and provoke, you would have a vicious animal. Learn the facts, Kara, before you run off at the mouth.

      • kara

        So what are you “calling out ingnorance” confused?! I thought you posted something against pitts?!, cmon you just ruined yourself comparing a pittbull to a pomeranian! get a dam grip!.When you get a pomeranian they tell you these dogs can become neurotic and viscious with small pets and children because thats just their tendency but they are perfectly good breeds for older people, and they are easier to manage by the owner because of their size so they dont pose the same threat to people, but are you serious?? you must be crazy comparing both these breeds! its like comparing a tiger to a chicken! hahaha. These pitbulls are said by many idiots that they are good family pets and great with your kids and then they flip out one day out of no where and attack your toddler!!?? what the hell do you do?!?! it may never happen but there is a higher chance with the breed and the life of my child is more important so I wouldnt take a chance specially when there are other dogs i could have around my children. Yes these animals were bread to fight and sometimes it is the person who owns the animal that is to blame but too many unprovoked attacks have happened where owners where great to the dog and it didnt matter. We need to stop entrusting people to trian these animals properly anyway, people are crazy in this world and cant even take care of themselves and we are going to expect them to raise a dog properly?!?! if they are raising bad children everyday!?. The kind of breed needs to b put down for the protectiono of other innocent people since this breed is not only viscous but extremely strong and hard to control. You want a pittbull?? go live in an enclosed all pittbull community!

        • Calling Out Ignorance!

          Kara, you are a social reject. I did not ruin anything. If you had the sense to do a little research before jumping online starting your own private holy war against Pits, you would realize that comparing the 2 breeds isn’t as ridiculous as your comments. Re-read my first post to your twisted reality, and you would see that I said “If you scale up a Chihuahua or Pomerian to the size of a Pit Bull, both known to bite and provoke, you would have a vicious animal.” So, for your sake, I will dumb it down for you. If a Chihuahua or Pomeranian were increased to the size of a Pit Bull, they would be vicious dogs. If a Pit Bull were scaled down, the general public, you included, would have a very different opinion. It’s just like an uninformed fool to claim full knowledge of something, then show their asses when their ignorance shines through. By the way, while you’re on here promoting violence, maybe you should consider a grammar course. An animal is “bread” to fight? Really? I use “bread” for sandwiches. But it seems like you would use it for “samiches”. You wouldn’t last in a face to face debate. Your facts and outlook are embarassingly flawed. Tuck your tail and run to the jungle you invision. Maybe there should be a law to put down stupid people, too…

          • kara

            I speak four languages “calling out ignorance” who cant give his/her real name! do you think im watching my grammar on this thread?! why would I do that if im speaking to ppl like you?. I know alot more history and have ten times the culture you will ever see in your sorry lifetime. I still dont know why the heck you keep making comparisons that make no sense and that will never be?! what point are you trying to make??. Of course you express yourself well in your languange, you better!! or you would have yet another reason to feel sorry for yourself. I came to this country from Italy after living in France and Spain about 10 years ago and I have masters degree so I highly doubt that in a personal debate, you would even have minimal chance of being at my level. I wrote my opinin on pittbulls and yes it sounded violent because I do have an intense dislike for these animals and do you know why? because Im also a martial artist and I have a pround dislike for anything that attacks something defenseless, Im used to fighting against opponents my size or bigger then me and I have a high sense of protection for the weaker. I dont know why Im even talking to a moron like you why dont you just dig a hole and put yourself in it so no one can hear the stupidities coming out of youtr mouth!

        • Calling Out Ignorance!

          My name is Cody, since you need to know. You have a lot of claims. Amazingly unimpressive. I’m sure you’ve made your family and friends proud with your amazing hatred and verbal attacks on so many people on your post. We could all make claims such as yours. Your a sad individual. I’ve wasted a lot of typing time these posts to you. I can tell you have a one track mind and everyone is wrong but you. Good luck with your pitiful life.

          • kara

            Cody! you share the same name as my conure parrot thats funny!lol. I wish I could have understood you really! sadly I still dont know if you are pro pittbulls or not since you are extremely confused and just picking pitty arguments with me at this point. I dont have a reason to make false claims, I was just hoping to enlighten you but I guess I failed at that, I can admitt when Im wrong and i dont ususally discuss politics or religion with people because those subjects are too delicate and extensive and no one is ever wrong or right with their beliefs, but with these dogs its very back and white! it is what it is and you dont have to do much research because the facts are there. Good luck figuring out the point you were trying to make ;)

        • Calling Out Ignorance!

          I’m not cunfused at all, Kara, nor have I picked on you. Actually, I may be confused. At what point were politics or religion discussed..? Anyway, yes, you could label me “pro-pit bull” since my Pit is curled up and asleep at my feet right now along with my other dog, a Lab/Greyhound mix. Please, Kara, if you’re looking to “enlighten” someone, don’t take the negative or sarcastic approach. It’s unappealing. Lastly, the media only prints and televises the negative stories on Pit Bulls. You’ve fallen prey to stereotypes. Had you done some research, you would know that Pit Bulls are not the most likely to bite, that title goes to Golden Retrievers. Pits just have a much stronger bite. Also, there is also no medical or scientific evidence that the jaws lock. They have high muscle mass, especially around the head, where the jaw muscles are located.

    • vic

      Ur a moron kara,pitbulls r some of the sweetest dogs there r,only morons that abuse the pitbulls devotion to the owner or morons that shouldn’t own a big dog run their mouth uselessly including u.I bred Akitas for 10 yrs,was involved in dog rescue clubs,we kept a record of breeds that bit or attacked people,pitbulls and akitas were not at the top of the list,Golden Retriver,Dalmation,German Sheperds and many of the toy breeds were.If u don,t possess the knowledge,u shouldn’t run ur mouth with the rest of the ignorant people.

      • kara

        shut up just shut your mouth and read a dam book! or get real name VIC

      • Stitch

        Thank You!

      • Jooky

        I have to agree with you vic. Its the people like Kara who is scared of her own shadow or the black neighbor next to her that will talk crap about things they have no understanding about

    • jeanette davis

      I work in the medical records deparatment of our local hospital. Every day I see the er charts of various animal bites. All species, all dog breeds and mixed breeds. The ones that get in the news are the Pit Bull Terriers. If the local media would report on all animal bites, the public would see that it’s not the breed but the owners. Look it up. There are many other breeds that are considered more natrually agressive than Pits.
      The Pitbull breed is the breed of choice for those who choose to create an agressive animal because of their physical attributes. These people are sick and twisted. They should be jailed.(Can anyone say “Michael Vick”?) Their intelligence made them the breed of choice for family dogs back in the day. A properly trained and socialised dog will not be a danger to the public, regardless of the breed.

    • jeremy

      Kara! You are an idiot! Get your one track mind out of your ass! Obviously you dont like animals if your willing to put a bullet in a animals head! You need a reality check. You dont love dogs! Looking into the history of the American Pit Bull Terrior and you will see they were great dogs. I have a AMPT. and he is great with my family and kids. all the media does is when they hear Pit Bull they put it on the news when in reality they are not the number one dogs for dog bites. Learn your research first before you post. You say you love dogs?! LOL

      • kara

        jeremy your just another average minded idiot and im not going to waste my intelligence on you. I can love dogs but my family and children are first. Was your mom a dog or something that you love them beyong your family?. A dog is a companion idiot!! they need to be a good fit to your family, if your an irresponsable idiot that likes taking chaces with something as precious as the welfare of your family and children then please, please go live in a shelter with all of your pittbull family

    • Cheryl

      Kara it is people like you that ruin our world! You are very prejudice and I’m sure it’s not only about Pitbulls. You think that because something wrong happens in this world that we should ban everything, get rid of it etc? Then go live in another country where everything is controlled for you. I think we should get rid of people like you who has never spent anytime with the breed to know any better and base your opinions on things in the media that get blown out of proportion because it makes for a juicy story. I don’t deny that there have been Pitbulls to cause injury or damage. However, if the media covered all dog incidences equally then you would see that it is not just Pitbulls. I have seen little “yip yap” dogs that I could toss arcross my yard act more viscious than most Pitbulls. Yet the media would be laughed at if they covered those stories. Educated yourself before you speak. Go talk to a Vet who sees these dogs, go spend time with a family who has Pitbulls. If not we should drop all stupid people in the jungle to figure it out for themselves!! Have a nice day!

      • kara

        Cheryl and you have all the answers to fix everything right?? shut your mouth and read the dam statistics! I would never want to run into a dog like this and have to defend myself or my children from an attack!!! everybody should be able to walk down the street and feel safe that they arent going to get attacked or shot by anyone!!! in this country you cant do that anymore because the laws are all backwards!! and people live with their heads in their assholes ( like you) protecting something with all their strength and ignorance based on personal experience!. I wouldnt go against any living creature but Im tired of reading that these animals have the capacity of eating a toddlers head and they are given out for adoption to just anyonme who wants to have them. If people want to own these animals then they need to be very very sure they can handle it, get special liscences is and there should be a way to protect the public from these beasts if they decide to attack someone int he middle of the street!

    • Emma

      first off, you’re a bitch. theyre mother fucking dogs. yeah they were bread to be fight dogs, but that can be trained out. if you provoke the animal in a threating way, which is happens most of the time because the little kids tease it and are mean to the dog, and causes it to defend itself. I own and raise and breed dobermans which were first raised and bread by germans to be vicious guard dogs. over the past few years, that aggression has been TRAINED OUT OF THEM. Pit bulls aren’t any different. you cant judge something based on its past and on other dogs who were raised differently. my owner owns two pit bulls and they are the sweetest dogs in the entire world, not these man eating “beasts” you claim them to be. My neighbor is also a foster home for animals and troubled kids and never have her dogs ever attacked anyone. so shut your fucking mouth before you say anything else about an innocent bread that was brought up wrong years ago. change can happen, even for a bread like them.

    • Stitch

      I have been bitten by more fuckin poodles and little Mexican dogs than ever been attacked by a pitbull. My sisters dogs were beautiful and loving! My Sheperd could play with them like children. Maybe you had a bad experience but they are not BAD DOGS! You should get a gerbil and shove it up your ass!

  • Mason

    Alot of you people make me sick. Pitbulls are growing to grow up, but it matters how the dog is treated first. Are all of you people blind? My Pitbull hasn’t harmed anyone in her liftime. She is one of the most loving and caring dogs I have EVER had. Yes, im 12 but i’ve had alot of dogs. The only why she barks is, if a unknow person that she doesn’t know or reckonize, if I take her food bowl away to go fill it up. The harm she has ever done to me is lick me to death. So look here people it matters how the owner treats the dog. ALL types of dogs know how to harm people. Their ancestors are the wofls for crying out loud! People just get it though you thick head, If YOU treat a Pitbull RIGHT there will be no HARM.

    • Slay the Blush

      Maybe YOUR aren’t aggressive, but I don’t KNOW you. So, when I see you or anyone else at the dog park, I’m not taking the chance of my dog being around a pit bull, or myself. But to say that the dogs aren’t aggressive is just poppycock. Furthermore, many many dogs if you wound up being abusive to them, they wind up being timid, NOT aggressive. So your argument while I agree that much of the dogs aggression lies in the owners, that’s not true in every case. Again, the breed has aggressive tendencies!

    • Sherri

      Mason, You are so right. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.. I adopted a dog who is part pitbull and that is all people focus on.. He loves his belly rubs and his mama. If any dog is brought up to be mean then that is what they will become. They never mention the owners when they tell these stories. Thank you for your comment. Your dog is lucky to have you.

    • Robin

      I know someone who raises pitbulls. There are some dogs that are naturally agressive. He has one that has been raised from a puppy, but it still tries to bite me even if the ohter dogs are calm. There are bad dogs just like there are bad people.

    • Jamie

      Mason, I understand you love your dog and he is a good boy but when you are an adult and someone sues you for everything you have because of a pitbull attack you may see things differently. There is never a problem with a pitbull until there is a BIG problem. They are not worth the risk of the potential harm they could cause to others, sorry.

    • Malinda

      Thank you for standing up for your dog and the Pit Bull breed, these people are so silly they are only going on by what they have heard and have not done any reasearch for themselfs on this breed. I bet they don’t know the British used Pit Bulls to watch over their children in the nursuries because of the instinct they have to watch children, I could go on and on about the great things that this breed has done but all people care about is the negative. In the 70’s it was the doberman, in the 80’s it was the rottwiller, and now it is the Pit Bull. Funny I took my Pit Bull for a walk and two small dogs were off there leashes and tried to run up and attack my dog, my dog tried to turn and go away he didn’t even want to be bothred with these two little dogs and the owner yelled at me to get my dog away from hers but she was the one without them on a leash and her dogs were attacking my Pit Bull but i was the one wrong, yeah right. You can’t blame a whole breed for what some of them do or how they were raised it is not the breeds fault, that’s like blaming a whole race for what a few people do.

    • Ann

      Good post, Mason! Thank you for telling it like it is; it’s not the dog, it’s the owner that makes the dog!

  • Pit bulls need to go away

    Pit bulls were bread as fighting dogs years ago. As such they have an aggressive quality bread into them. Yes, they can be loyal and loving pets, and they can be great with kids; however they were originally bread to kill and to fight. People say that it’s the owners who are responsible for the dog’s aggressive behavior. While that is partially true- you can make any dog vicious. You can’t take the aggressive tendencies that have been bread into the breed and train them away. You can alter the dogs behavior through proper training but you can’t take away its “bread to kill” instinct. My neighbor has 2 pit bulls, and they are great with his kids however they attack or at least try to attack everything other than them. I was across the street talking with our other neighbor, and the 1 of the dogs got out and tried to attack me. The other dog was unable to escape but it also tries to attack me every time I go out to water my garden. You say it’s the owners that make the animals mean, I say it’s an aggressive animal that good owners are able to teach not to be as aggressive. Its not the other way around!

  • Sam

    I read all the comments about people make the Bullies vicious…It’s not the dog it’s the owner etc etc. I know folks that have these dogs and they a good with their family…so far…But I would never own a dog capable of doing what these dogs are bred to do. I have several dogs including an Anatolian Shepherd and a German Shepherd. I can guarantee when a cat gets into our yard they do not destroy a car to get to it. Can you imagine what they would have done to the kitten?? What if a kid kicked a ball over the fence and went to get it?? Nope..while I keep watch over and managed my pets I would not own one that I would have to constantly worry about attacking and/or killing someone/something.

    • http://Yahoo Tanya

      I love dogs (often more than people) !!!

      However, even when raised as a loving pet, and I have been around several; the breed should be euthanised. Too many times they go insane and attack for no reason.

      I feel sorry for the pit bulls that are forced to fight for “entertainment” for sick people that like to blood and killing. Find a new hobby or go see a person for mental health issues.

  • Light

    Some states or areas have laws against owning pit bulls. I agree there is a sound reason. The stories keep coming and I see no need in adopting a pit bull as “mans best friend”. Too often they have turned on their owner, other dogs, people and now a van. What more? I hope it is not you or anyone else.

  • Training vs. Instinct

    To those that argue it is the owners fault… you are uninformed, misguided, and sadly blinded to the FACTS. You are rationalizing; your thinking is clouded by emotion. Do you truly believe there are thousands of pit bull owners out there secretly “training” their dogs to be vicious? Sure, there are a few sick people who engage in this type of twisted activity, but NOT IN LARGE NUMBERS. Perhaps, just maybe, there is something about the breed itself that is problematic.

    FACT: Pit bulls have the INSTINCT to attack. The definition of instinct is:
    1. An inborn pattern of activity or tendency to action common to a given biological species.
    2. A natural or innate impulse, inclination, or tendency.

    Statistically, pit bulls attack FAR MORE than any other breed. In FACT, they fatally attack more than all other breeds combined! Pit bulls have a bad reputation due to the FACT that they attack viciously, randomly, and without warning or due cause.

    For you pit bull lovers that choose to disregard the FACTS, feel free to expose your children to the lethal threat of this unpredictable breed. But don’t expect sensible people, armed with FACTS, to agree with you… and keep your viscous killer “pet” away from the majority of our population who choose to avoid this senseless risk of bodily harm.

    • brittany

      Do you know back in the day before people turned pit bulls into the breed to bash people would actually leave their children home with the family pit to watch them! They where considered “nanny dogs”. Just some food for thought.

      • Michelle

        you are too ignorant

      • Christine

        That’s true. The pitbull was called “America’s Dog”. They were used extensivlly in wartime efforts – especially during WWI. A few famous pitbulls include Nipper the RCA dog and Petey from The Little Rascals. Sadly, the breed as a whole has changed a bit over time, through negative breeding. Aggressivness was a sought-after trait that was bred for, and now many pit-type dogs display different levels of dog-focused aggression at times. What many don’t stop to think about though, is how these dogs were selectivly bred for DOG-BASED aggression. These same animals, while in the fighting ring had to respond without question to their owners and never accidentially bite a person. So the dogs chosen to continue these bloodlines had to be both dog aggressive and un-failingly submissive to people. This is still a tragic situation, but just stated to show that pitbull on human attacks usually have nothing to do with breeding. The dog in question is an individual, and just like any other breed, many factors are always at play.

    • training vs instinct is a dipsh*t

      you are so incredibly stupid it is almost unimaginable. please show the stats that you pitbull haters always like to quote. they do not exist. most people like you couldnt even pick a pit out of a lineup. you always hear that a pit bull type dog attacks this that or the other thing, but in reality you can consider anything from a boxer to an american bulldog to a bull mastiff to be a pit bull type dog. “Do you truly believe there are thousands of pit bull owners out there secretly “training” their dogs to be vicious?” yes absolutely. people like vick and his boys, abused pits are rescued from shelters after being forced to fight, ‘urban’ folks all over the country like to fight dogs as well. point being, the owners are the problem. i assume you have some yappy little froo froo mini dog bc your not man enough to handle a real dog.

      • Fact is FACT

        FACT: Research from DogsBite.org shows that during the 7-year period from 2005 to 2011, the Pitt Bull and Rottweller breeds accounted for 74% of the total recorded FATAL attacks. By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2011, a report by Animal People shows that pit bulls (215) and rottweilers (81) and their mixes accounted for 64% of the total recorded FATAL attacks (466).

        It is important to point out that fatal dog attacks committed by pit bulls and their mixes more than doubles the attacks inflicted by rottweilers. It is well documented by experts and humane groups that pit bulls pose a substantial danger due to their selective breeding for dogfighting. Unlike other dog breeds, pit bulls frequently fail to communicate intention prior to an attack (surprise attacks ); possess a lethal bite style (hold and shake) and a ruinous manner of attack (gameness).

        Go ahead, tell us we’re all wrong because YOUR lovey-dovey little doggie hasn’t killed anyone… YET.

    • The Pits

      T v. I, you clearly have not read the ASPCA facts, quit depending on wikipedia, it is not accurate! Also, “pitbull’ is a collection of several bully breeds, so ‘statistics’ often lump several breeds together. There is not a genetic component for aggession. 75% of dogs ‘bred for fighting’ will die for refusing to fight. It goes against millions of years of dog nature. Pack animals work together for protection and hunting. I love my dogs sure, but my dogs have to behave ‘better’ than other dogs (I’ve owned 4 pit/pit mixes). In terms of aggressiveness towards humans, sadly this has been bred OUT of them through dog fighting over the years. If they are aggressive towards their handlers they will be put down. It is this incredible loyalty toward humans (in the 25% that will fight) that puts them in the position of being abused through fighting ‘against’ their inherent pack nature. You are the one who needs to get your facts straight.

  • dixie shoup

    Humans are more dangerous than all the dog breeds combined. People kill each other far more often than you ever hear of attacks by dogs. Guns kill a lot of people. Cars kill a lot of people. Addiction to drugs and alcohol kill both the addicted and the others around them. The focus should be on the humans that acquire powerful dogs and neither socialize or train them when they are pups. Dogs need exercise and something to do. The dangerous dogs are the neglected ones penned or chained and bored or scared out of their minds, living a life of confinement and dissociation. Think about the kind of human that would evolve from the same environment. A bad human can make any dog dangerous and those are the ones needing punishment. Humans are supposed to have evolved.

  • brittany

    Owning four pit bulls is a lot! Unless you are a skilled dog trainer or someone who knows a lot about dogs why would you have four? Why do people always blame the breed? When you see a child acting wrong don’t you say where are the parents or why do they let them act like that? I know I do. People need to remember dogs are animals! If they are not treated right and trained right of course they are going to be bad people are all on pit bulls because they are big and strong. Small dogs can be aggressive and bad as well. We just don’t say anything because they are so little. My pit mix was scared to death of our neighbors mean and aggressive Yorkie! I think all or owners and their dogs (no matter the breed) should take dog training classes! Also did anyone ever think that maybe the dogs where trying to get the kitten out? Why is it automatically assumed they wanted to hurt the kitten?

  • Lou

    I feel very glad that those dogs did not get the kitten. The owner should be held responsible for them being loose. I can not believe that he is not more responsible when it comes to owning those dogs. What a shame!

  • Barbara

    For those of you posting negative information about Pit Bulls…have you ever owned one?

    • Michael Krouse

      No, I’ve never owned a Pit Bull, but I’ve never owned a Lion or a Cobra either. I really dont need to to know they are inherently dangerous animals. I dont think Pit Bulls make the best of pets. They are in some cases overly aggressive and have proven to be a clear danger to other pets and humans.

  • Raceranger

    Two things come to mind. 1.) Cats are problems – period. 2.) The entire breed “pitbulls” should be euthanized. Surprise, they do what they were bred to do.

    • Michelle

      your are ignorant

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      Raceranger, it’s U that should get the needle and what a favor to the world that would be and please do attack any women and father any children since one of you is more than enough! Like all other dogs there is no such thing as a bad Pit Bull only bad Pit Bull Owners and extremely Stupid People kust like you!

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