Pirate Bayers Sentenced, Say They’ll Be Fine

1 Year Each in Prison, $3.59 million in Damages

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The Pirate Bay guys have been sentenced to a year each in jail, and the payment of US $3.59 million in damages. That goes for Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Carl Lundström, the four guys behind the BitTorrent tracking site. Each man was ordered to pay $905,000.

The four were found guilty of "assisting in making copyright content available." At least one of them doesn’t appear to think it will stick though. paidContent points to a statement from the Pirate Bay, which before the verdict came out said, "This will not be the final decision, only the first before the losing party will appeal. It will have no real effect on anything besides setting the tone for the debate."

Kolmisoppi has been tweeting away too. He also assures people that nothing will happen to them.

Pirate Bay Tweet

Nevertheless, the verdict is what it is at this point. WebTVwire calls it "a tragic blow to the file sharing industry in what is the biggest file sharing and internet piracy case to date."

Pirate Bayers Sentenced, Say They’ll Be Fine
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  • Guest

    … nothing happens to all the real pirates in Indonesia, Thailand, Phillipnes, China etc

    I have friends and acquaintances who have literally thousands of movies (sometimes 5 to a disk), music CDs and more software than they could possibly use that they have brought back from those countries which they have visited on holiday and for business. They pay literally peanuts for this stuff and the quality is first class – just like the real thing.

    They think I am some sort of sad loser because I actually pay for legitimate copies but being a content developer myself I can’t bring myself to use, listen to or view knock offs. They know it is unlikely they or the people they buy from will ever face any sanction.

  • Another Guest

    Perhaps the authorities though that since they couldn’t do anything about the Somali Pirates busy causing mayhem all over the globe, they’d go after a few people who set up a search engine for content that they are not responsible for, nor have the means to effectively administrate…
    Why not go after Google, too? They have links to torrents of all types…

  • Darren

    I wasn’t at all worried about The Pirate Bay being closed down, I knew it wouldn’t, and even if it did, there’s tons of other torrent / file sharing websites out there, and alway’s will be.

    Shame Peter and the other guys behind The Pirate Bay got sentenced to prison for a year, they never expected that. I downloaded Series 4, Episode 17 of Prison Break last night from TPB, absolutely amazing. If torrent sites never existed, i’d be doomed.

    Long live The Pirate Bay!

  • Guest

    One site semi-shutdown, 1 billion more to go. LOL! This shouldn’t even be news. These news makes it worse for whoever is singing victory today. This verdict will piss off them sharers and open more sites. Hope they do.

  • http://howto-findagirlfriend.com AsherG

    They will be out of jail soon enough, don’t know how they managed to find anything to stick on the guys. They are just tring to scare other people not to fileshare. Never gonna happen!

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