Piper Perabo: A Wedding Dress To Remember

    July 27, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Piper Perabo is now a married woman!

Perabo walked down the aisle alongside beau Stephen Kay on Saturday in New York City. The actress and director/producer exchanged vows and even took a “selfie” of the event.

There is one very interesting thing that stood way out in the images of the marriage ceremony.

And that would be Perabo’s wedding dress.

To say it was anything but conventional would be an understatement.

The Covert Affairs star walked down the aisle in a sheer gown that was covered in a silvery leopard print pattern. Her veil was yellow.

It was a look that would make some reach for the smelling salts and clutch pearls.

Combined with Kay’s decidedly relaxed appearance, it’s pretty obvious they weren’t going for the “bride and groom wedding cake topper” look.

Even though Perabo decided to avoid a more traditional look on her wedding, you can clearly see in the images that she is one happy bride. And the bride’s happiness on her wedding day is what matters most, right?

Perabo spoke with Pop Sugar about all the craziness involved in both planning her wedding and working on her popular USA Network drama.

Said Perabo, “It’s a lot to balance with everything going on.”

Not everyone could maintain their scruples while trying to both bring a fictional character to life and get all the specific details of their wedding down.

But Perabo wasn’t the only one challenged to find balance. Kay is a writer and executive producer for Covert Affairs himself.

With the filming of the most recent season of Covert Affairs out of the way and Perabo joined to Kay in wedded bliss, it looks like the actress and her new husband have managed their time and social constraints just fine.

Congrats to Perabo and Kay on their big day!

Image via YouTube

  • grandmadove


  • annio

    Could she find a more unflattering dress? Really? Such a beautiful woman and such a tacky outfit.

  • annalisa

    She is very beautiful and the dress did nothing for her. She didn’t have to have a wedding dress. However, she could have chosen something that looked great on her!

  • Pam Roth

    Hope she was not charged for that dress–hideous

  • dmwood333

    ummm…love her…HATE the dress! I don’t mind different but at least be flattering. This dress was not at all.

  • Julie Hickman-Rincon

    Yeah the dress and veil were pretty horrible, or I should say, not my style. But I could actually kind of forgive the whole ensemble if her makeup was better. I get the natural look but her dress and veil needed a better compliment. I would have gone with a brighter eye and nude lipstick.

  • jill

    people seem to have strong feelings about weddings and what they would do…and they can at their own wedding. it is the ultimate in ignorance to feel you can judge another in such a way. she looks very happy and that is the key element. who cares what they wore? at least they had a good time . best wishes.

  • J, Dial

    Their wedding. Their choice. If they felt beautiful and looked appealing to each other that is absolutely ALL that mattered.