Pinging Around With Pingoat

    October 19, 2005

For the 19 million blogs and the 70,000 blogs created every day, you might just need a ping. A new pinging service turned up and it’s got some great stuff. Pingoat pings quickly and thoroughly, allowing users to pick through a few dozen sites.

Nods go to SearchEngineJournal and Research Buzz for the heads up on this one. It looks like Pingoat is a great service. Having experimented with it, it allows user to pick from a wide variety of locations in three categories for pinging love. You just plug in your site name, your URL and you’re off.

Next comes the option to pick which places you want to ping. You can choose Technorati or IceRocket or newsisfree or several others. You hit the button at the bottom and it’s pings away. The great thing is it’s quick and easy. Just ping it when you blog and you announce your presence with authority.

Pinging is essentially a post-it note to the blog crawlers saying you’ve got new stuff on your blog. Then when they open their spider cages, they can weave your blog into their web.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.