Pikmin 3 Gets Reveal Trailer AT 2012 E3


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Pikmin is finally back! In what can only be described as WTF? Pikmin skipped the Wii, with no explanation at all. Now it is back on the all new Wii U! The awesome new game brings back all your favorite Pikmin including some new ones! In the trailer it introduces Rock Pikmin that can be thrown at crystals to shatter them. Doorways are crystals as well as some enemies that have crystals for armor.

Here is the launch trailer that Nintendo showed during the 2012 E3 showcase:

So as you can see the game look promising! There are 2 other things that I took out of the game. #1 is that you will be able 2 control 4 captains but it is to be seen if this turns into 4 player co-op and #2 you can use the Wii U controller as your overhead map. The use of the controller as a map is going to be, in what I believe, the future of video games. It was teased on the Gamecube with some games able to use the Gameboy SP as a secondary controller with a map/inventory screen.

Pikmin 3 has beautiful visuals and really is already using a lot of the horsepower that is available to the system. I especially like how the water looks in the game and the environment looks more real than ever. At this time the game does not have a release date but keep your eyes open. Hopefully it will be a launch title.

Image courtesy of Nintendo