Piers Morgan Bids Adieu With Shot at NRA

By: Kimberly Ripley - March 30, 2014

Piers Morgan bid adieu to his television viewers on Friday, replete with a shot at the NRA and a plea for Americans to become more stringent about gun control. Morgan’s show was canceled due to low ratings. Critics say the British native is “out of touch” with American culture.

“We gave everything we had and loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute of it,” Morgan said before signing off for the last time.

Morgan’s show was supposed to fill the open hole Larry King left with his retirement. Things didn’t quite pan out the way CNN had planned.

During the last few minutes of Piers Morgan’s final commentary, the talk switched to gun control. He had in fact pre-empted his last show with a tweet that indicated he had something more to say before his official goodbye.

Saying first that he respects Americans, the CNN host quoted something his brother, a colonel in the Royal British Army, once told him.

“You always want an American next to you in a trench when the going gets tough.”

“But that’s where I think guns belong, on a military battlefield,” Morgan said. “Not in the hands of civilians.”

Piers Morgan went on to say that gun violence in America is “a disease.”

“The gun lobby in America, led by the NRA, has bullied this nation’s politicians into cowardly [sic] silence even when 20 children are blown away in their classrooms,” he said.

Long criticized for his anti-gun stance, Morgan once lost his cool during an interview with a woman whose brother died from gun violence. He crumpled up his papers and promptly ended the interview.

During his sign off, however, Piers Morgan insisted that his beliefs were shared solely for the good of Americans.

“I’m so pro-American I want more of you to stay alive,” he said.

While many are opposed to Piers Morgan’s beliefs about gun control, it is interesting to learn what someone from another country feels about safety and violence. Were you a fan of his CNN show or did you think he was better suited to being a judge on America’s Got Talent?

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  • Me

    Sorry to see you go Pierce. I wish you the the best of luck. I enjoyed watching you and learning. CNN just did not promote you enough.

    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      Show some evidence of this “learning” you speak of. CNN promoted the hell out of him, there just weren’t enough illiterate people to tune in. Sorry you missed the “free information” revolution online. You might want to spend an evening on youtube watching the documentary “No Guns for Negroes” by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. It might open your eyes to learn that gun control, like the drug war in America, is mostly racist, and 100% classist.

  • Colleen Alton

    we like him and will miss him–good luck Piers

    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      Too bad you don’t miss your lost individual freedom the way you miss a critic of American freedom.

  • an American

    good bye and good riddance!

  • Colleen Alton

    I will really miss him–he has the right idea about gun control–watched him all of time–hope he has good luck!

    • Truth928

      Piers Morgan along with you Colleen and some others who insisted on gun control…Adolf Hitler, Mao. Lenin and many other murderous genocidal nuts..PLEASE wake up.

  • Paulette Carini

    Another victim of the NRA. Forget power to the people. PM is right, the NRA is more powerful than our government, certainly and governments that call mass murder “war.” Guns are the new tender. They’re used as barter (Iran/Contra). Their team consists of murderers and drug dealers. The NRA says guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Yes, and there’s a special kind of “people” who seek out guns. The NRA fights for the right to put guns in the hands of those violent people – some of whom shoot people just to see what it’s like. Note to the NRA: “people” doesn’t always mean human. After all, one is either an animal, a mineral or a vegetable. Human’s are the highest form of animal. Violent “people” never reached that echelon. Murderers and drug dealers – that’s your peer group. Don’t be putting yourself too high above your station. Now lie down and stay still while I wipe my shoes.

    • ambpete

      All you fools that love him, please go with him and leave this country. Your all a bunch of right wing liberals who do not care that you are loosing more of your rights everyday! And you don’t know anything about the NRA…so don’t pretend to think you do. You and CNN are where you belong, at the bottom

    • Dowtin

      Never heard anyone being shot by a tomato

  • rsmit228

    Get lost, if you don’t like our culture go home. Our firearms are the only reason we are not the British subservient cattle.

    • schbibby

      Could you possibly any more wrong?

      • freshmeat62

        You need to read a history book. After you’ve read it, tell me exactly why were the Brits at Concord, Ma. on that fateful day in April, 1775.

  • Dowtin

    Good bye….hope you enjoy life back in Britian

    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      …Guns of Brixton! LOL

  • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, you ignorant redcoat scumbag! …First, you should know that the NRA is a gun control organization, and that their level of cowardice and ignorance approaches yours. For years, they’ve been nothing more than incumbent “Republican protectors,” NOT gun rights protectors. So, even in your specialty domain of politics, and even though you had Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America) and John Lott on your show, you still seem to know NOTHING about the issue of gun rights in the USA.

    If you learn nothing else, learn that when guns are banned, it simply bans them for poor people: the wealthy find ways around the bans, and whites aren’t profiled on the roads to the extent Mexicans and blacks are, because we can’t be easily differentiated behind a windshield at 200 feet, especially at night. So, any time you’re talking about banning some sort of private property, you’re really talking about giving police another excuse for an unconstitutional, no-warrant search. This simply raises violent crime rates among minorities, because the sociopaths in their communities then realize that all the law-abiding citizens are “easy prey.” Only the worst kind of simpletons and cowards advocate such a thing, and you definitely qualify.

    So, that’s what Piers Morgan is really about: building up the U.S. prison industrial complex (and corresponding American police state) that his masters at CNN are so invested in.

    Of course, we no longer need Morgan or CNN, because the internet has people like Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones, and most of John Stossel is quality enough to make it online as well. While it might have been entertaining to watch people like Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America) mop the floor with Morgan’s idiotic and incorrect assertions, his whimpering advocacy of servility and submission to unjust authority eventually got old.

    Although we may be a nation of government-educated serfs, we at very least know that the government man who wants to disarm us (while allowing the police and military to be armed) doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

    This is common sense. The capacity for individual self-defense is the foundation of American independence.

    If you cannot take over and hold one single U.S. citizen-rifleman, then you cannot take over American territory. This is a problem for Al-Qaeda and other advocates of sharia law, and it’s also a problem for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the IRS, the DEA, the EPA, and all the other alphabet-soup of unconstitutional, tyrannical federal agencies.

    All anyone needs to do to see the real reason for “gun control” (actually “slave control,” or “gun chaos”), is to pull up the video “Illegal Everything” by John Stossel on youtube. It’s easy to find, and contains more truth than every single episode of Piers Morgan’s show put together. It shows how government agencies are actually full of people who love exercising power over other people, how sociopaths seek positions of power, so they can dominate the innocent.

    This tendency among humans is the reason why no individual should ever relinquish their firearms. It’s why everyone should carry a pistol at all times, and it’s why everyone should have a rifle at home: in case they are pulled over and illegally commanded to get on a government truck. You can laugh, but this recently happened in the USA: during the Vietnam war. The result was 58,000 dead Americans over a Gulf of Tonkin incident that NEVER HAPPENED.

    No matter where you live on this big blue marble, one thing is true, “Your government is full of people who want to murder you, and steal your stuff.”

    People who understand that, understand the reason why it’s always better to be armed.

    • Wallbanger

      Nailed it!

  • freshmeat62

    Good riddance. It’s appropriate that this creep take a swipe at Americans owning guns. The Brits never were too keen on Americans owning weapons, starting over 200 years ago at Concord, Ma.

  • 2gun pete

    I have often wondered how it would do if an American immigrated into England and
    then got a tv program, immediately started to lecture the Brits to stop drinking tea.
    If every thing is just fine and wonderful in England why did he leave there? Typical of the average liberal he insults anyone daring to disagree with him, the dictionary
    defines Liberal as tolerant of others opinions and actions – well just try disagreeing
    with liberals!

    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      Don’t let uneducated “liberals” control the dialogue. Friedrich Hayek was a liberal (he’d be called a libertarian today). Thomas Paine was a liberal (he’d be called a libertarian today), as was Adam Smith (he’d be called a libertarian today). These scumbags are socialists.

  • Rosa

    Your position regarding guns and violence is shared by a lot of people. You were a victim yourself of these lobbyists. Guns are a creed in the USA. They are and always have bee more powerful than reason and truth. As an anti-violence and pro-gun control citizen, I thank you. Wherever you might end up being in your next chapter, please, remember us. Good luck!

    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      You may oppose the creed of freedom, but it’s the only thing keeping you alive. Please, investigate what has happened in every nation that has banned weapons of self-defense. First of all, they’re never banned to the majority, they’re banned only to minorities. What then happens to the defenseless? Wake up.

  • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

    Just remember this, Piers, there cannot be gun confiscation without “gun control,” and there cannot be mass murder by government without gun confiscation. People like Piers Morgan are the people who made the holocaust possible (20,000,000 innocent people murdered —not including battle deaths). So, what about besides the holocaust, do I have any more evidence? Yes, I do. Stalin banned guns, and murdered 50,000,000 innocent people during peacetime (not including battle deaths). Mao banned guns, and murdered 60,000,000 innocent people.

    Imagine everyone you know, mercilessly murdered by a totalitarian dictator.

    Only one thing prevents that from happening in the USA, the world’s number one per-capita jailor: firearms in private individuals’ hands.

    Guns save far more lives than they end.

  • FRS

    FRS Goodbye and good riddance to you! Keep your politics and your asinine opinions in merry Old England. Freedom and the 2nd Amendment are truly American. If it wasn’t fro the USA ,you all might be speaking another language. Our country saved your collective asses more than once! We whupped you British twice as I recall!

  • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

    We all need to thank Alex Jones for exposing this independence-hating scumbag, and helping to drive his ratings through the floor. Anyone commenting here can contribute to Infowars online, and dollar contributions and subscriptions do more to thank Alex than anything else. :) If you want to raise your children in a strongly pro-gun and pro-individual-freedom household, then please, get the latest information, controversies, and REAL NEWS at Infowars, online!

    Help put thrashing dinosaurs like CNN to rest, so they can provide future civilizations with much-needed oil!

  • Alan Rubin

    I would love to see the executives of the NRA watch their kids get blown away by gun violence. It’s easy to be all for guns, when you are not personally affected. If some of their children were killed from gun violence, I wonder how those same executive at the NRA would react. Maybe it is time for a test?

    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      The rube Alan Rubin just shows that the people advocating disarmament don’t desire less violence. They want violence against those who disagree with them. Also, they want the police to be armed, and they want the military to be armed. So, it just shows that they’re too stupid to understand that the more decentralized guns are in the hands of law-abiding citizens, the more “protectors” society has.

      None of these anti-gun morons believes that the police should be disarmed, because if they did, then the black market gun trade could arm violent criminals to do whatever they wanted with no fear of ANY consequences, EVER.

      As things stand, the only thing that makes the schools where the NRA executives send their kids safer, is more guns in the hands of protectors, and fewer guns in the hands of criminals.

      Also, I talked to a witness of the Fort Hood shooting, Howard Ray. He was disarmed by the law that governs the common areas of the base, but the shooter ignored the law. He is a trained military marksman, and said he had the killer “in his sights” at no more than 50 feet away.

      …But the anti-gun morons had their way, and he was disarmed. The shooter, strangely enough, ignored the gun ban during his shooting spree.

      Of course, don’t ask the logically-challenged defenders of “gun control” (“gun chaos,” really), to explain that.

  • Delta Co

    keep your opinions and your gun bans in england where they belong, more guns does means less crime

  • JNS

    It has been my experience that when people resort to name calling and personal attacks during a disagreement their arguments always lack substance. Calling people “scum bags” or “uneducated” because they disagree with you does not enhance your argument, but only diminishes you as a person. Also, if more guns means less crime, then why are cities like Detroit, Baltimore, and New Orleans not the safest places in America?

    • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

      If a lack of education + stupidity causes a problem, and it’s people of low character and a lack of education who are the primary advocates of the conditions that cause that problem, then I’d be doing disqus readers a disservice not to speak the truth. Buck up, son.

      Economically-destroying a city with years and years of looting socialist policies and then, when crime goes through the roof saying “you can carry a gun now” isn’t going to get rid of the years of failure that cause criminality. …But it will make the law-abiding citizens who have been victimized by bad government incentives more secure than they otherwise would have been.

      The criminality is already there. You can make it worse by making the criminality bolder (by rendering law-abiding citizens defenseless) or you can make it better (by allowing those in crime-plagued areas to defend themselves).

      Utopia is not an option, unless you want to get as close to it as you can, which is called “libertarianism” or “consistent application of the principles of individual freedom.”

      If you want to dramatically reduce crime in the USA, then you have to legalize all drugs, and legalize all guns. This seems counter-intuitive to stupid, servile, uneducated people who don’t know anything about philosophy, economics, law, or history, but it is, in fact, the truth. When one wants systemic solutions, one has to look at the system itself, and understand that incentives govern human action.

  • GreyWolf

    If guns are the root of all evil, why then are the statistics regarding violent crime going down? Why then did we have news of 20 some odd folks (overseas) being brutally murdered in a shopping mall with knives? For those of you who don’t know what that means, they were rather nastily stabbed to death!

    I want no one to be hurt or killed, however, there will always be (until the 2nd coming) people who wish to inflict pain, suffering and even death. People have been murdered with golf clubs, metal cans of oil(before the cardboard cans), baseball bats, knives, etc. Oh, and let us not forget the ever loving automobile. More people are killed by cars every year than any other form of violence except the world wars.
    Shall we then ban each and every one of those ‘weapons’?

    The Brits banned guns decades ago, not even the bobbies were allowed the carry guns! That is a situation that is changing. The police now carry guns because the criminal element has guns (imagine that, the gall of some people)!

    I believe the people who advocate the banning of guns are well-intentioned! They, HOWEVER, have not thought through all the ramifications involved with doing so. They seem to have simply latched onto the first (and easiest) idea they come across.

    Lastly, PM gave me the impression that he believes he is the answer to all our problems — rather self righteous.

  • lovemaggie17

    Have I ever been properly in love….Yes with Piers Morgan and all of his opinions. he is a good and decent man and a very proper gentleman…will miss you Piers xo MrsA P.S. Let all who truly care about you and a great show now gone let us know what you will be doing in the future.

  • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

    The drug war is primarily responsible for the violence in America. Police are trained to ruin the lives of drug dealers by arresting them and putting them in cages. Alternately, competing drug dealers may simply try to murder a drug dealer, knowing that he cannot or will not go to the law for protection, since that would simply get his property searched, getting him arrested. So, the incentive for most of the violence in the cities is the very stupid and totally irrational prohibition of (some) drugs. The answer to dramatically reduce violence in this sphere of life is: legalize all drugs, and don’t tax them any more than any other good, so there is no pressure pushing them back into the black market.

    Beyond that, most criminal violence is thievery or assault, for which the common citizen’s best defense is to carry a handgun, and know how to use it. Law-abiding citizens carrying firearms dramatically reduces rape (the worst kind of theft) and assault.

    Near total absence of criminality is not an option that is possible. The discussion is simple around: what possible options are best?

    The minimal amount of prohibition produces the least violence, because it doesn’t deny human nature, and also takes into account how markets (both black and white) operate.

    You might not like the truth, but that doesn’t change the truth.

  • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

    “I’m so pro-American I want more of you to stay alive,” he said. –But he forgot to add that he wants us alive sitting locked up in the American gulag, having finally adopted the British system of total taxation and total bureaucratic government control. Or, that he only wants us alive as long as we’re willingly subservient tax slaves.

    That’s the problem with the totalitarian mindset: they hate free and independent people, they want us alive only so they can steal our wealth.

    No thanks, Piers! I’d rather be free and independent, and keep my freedom and my guns. …And gee, it looks like the American public agrees with me, since your viewership plummeted when you began idiotically and irrationally attacking our Bill of Rights. Who would have thought that most Americans still have at least a little common sense left in them?

    We all owe Alex Jones a big “thank you” for exposing you as the petty totalitarian and rape-enabler you are. The final result of your idiotic show being canceled, and you being run out of town on a rail is poetic justice.

    We don’t need Piers Morgan, and we don’t need CNN. They are both old-fashioned advocates of tyranny, and the people have a better option from the pamphleteers in the streets, or the “True News” shows on youtube. For those who want to know more about the philosophy of individual freedom, try Free Domain Radio, Alex Jones, John Stossel, and the Fully Informed Jury Association, online!

    No more tyrant-owned pro-government “mainstream” media!

  • http://www.fija.org Jake Witmer

    “I’m so pro-American I want more of you to stay alive,” he said. –But he forgot to add that he doesn’t want Randy Weaver’s wife to be alive. He’s glad the ATF shot her in the neck while she was carrying her infant child. He’s in favor of that kind of violence, because that kind of violence is perpetrated on free Americans, by their jack-booted government masters.

    “I’m so pro-American I want more of you to stay alive,” he said. –But he forgot to add that he doesn’t want the Branch Davidians alive. He’s glad the ATF pumped their church full of flammable gas, and then set it on fire, with innocent women and kids still inside. He’s glad that when the ATF raided that church of innocent people (whose only crime listed on the warrant was failing to pay a $200 transfer tax on two rifles they legally owned!), they failed to practice basic gun safety, and shot into the occupied building, killing several innocent people. He’s glad that all but eight of them were murdered, and then that an unconstitutionally-instructed jury found the few survivors guilty (and then apologized, while crying, for doing so!).

    “I’m so pro-American I want more of you to stay alive,” he said. –Knowing that the USA has the highest per-capita incarceration rate in the world, with only 5% of the population, but 25% of the world’s prison population (a disproportionate number of which are black or Mexican).

    I believe that Piers Morgan does want most of us to live. After all, we can’t pay taxes if we’re dead. If we’re dead, we can’t be looted to keep his stagnant socialist “utopia” alive. If we’re all dead, our tax-eating masters won’t have anyone but themselves to steal from. Piers does want us to live!

    …He just hates individual freedom, that’s all.

  • Truth928

    Morgan you are a cowardly Schill for the NWO. Do you think for one second ANY conscious American who understands the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment gives a crap what you “think”? Not ONE time did YOU ever complain or mention the hundreds of thousands that have been killed by American and British troops in undeclared, Illegal, morally corrupt. ILLEGAL WARS (with Guns) so corporations could once again benefit from the resources they are really fighting for in the name of “freedom?” Could you please disappear and never come back.
    The only thing stopping our criminal government from doing what they and the NWO freaks along with the UN really want to do is the fact that Americans ARE armed to the teeth and that any mass movement to try and imprison or quarantine Citizens would become a bloody mess. SO schils like you along with False Flag operations Boston, Sandy Hook etc are what are Criminal gov and MSM use to try and sway the Citizens into giving up our guns.. Considering this ,Americans should now DOUBLE or TRIPLE their personal arsenal…Thanks Piers !

  • thoms9p

    Help me understand this issue. It appears the real reason the NRA is so adamant about guns for everyone, is for everyone to have the ability to shoot policemen who try to enforce unpopular laws. Many policemen seem to support this concept. Enlighten me because guns for sporting pursuits sure doesn’t seem to be the NRA’s purpose.