Photoshop Express Drives Online

    March 27, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Adobe released its latest rich Internet application, an online version of its signature image manipulation program, Photoshop.

Dubbed Photoshop Express, the service may have sounded a death knell for competing online image products. Adobe has years of branding and thousands of designers weaned on their desktop Photoshop software; the term “photoshop” has come to mean image manipulation.

Those factors will be in play as Adobe seeks users for the new service. To bring them in, Adobe offers 2GB of image storage, tie-ins to social networking sites Facebook and MySpace, and a price tag of free,

Adobe Photoshop senior product manager John Nack said there will be a paid service, with added functionality. Also, Adobe plans an AIR version of Photoshop Express, which will allow offline image editing.

Adobe’s Terry White summarized the feature set the new Photoshop Express available to its users:

Once you set up your account, you