Unveils new Digital Photography-only Meta Search Engine

    September 7, 2004
  unveiled their new Digital Photography-only meta search engine designed to cut through all of the Internet clutter and return only relevant digital photography-related search results.

“Photopheed uses a special algorithm that submits background queries to the major search engines, sorts through the results, ranks them according to relevancy, and then displays them for the user,” according to Nathan Lynch, Director of Marketing for Warren Lynch and Associates, Inc. and Webmaster for

“Digital photography is an exploding market segment. Amateur and professional photographers alike are on a constant search for relevant information. Traditional search engines return too much unrelated material. It’s time for a smart digital photography-only search engine,” added Lynch.

The user simply clicks on the Search button located at and they are instantly presented with a page of digital photography categories and sub categories in a familiar “portal site” layout. Clicking on any link fires the meta engine which retrieves results for potentially hundreds of relevant web sites and summarizes the results in bite-sized pieces. The user can then click on any ‘Preview’ link and see the information as it is displayed on the actual content provider’s web site without ever leaving

“The results and speed are absolutely amazing,” said Lynch who encourages people to see for themselves by visiting

Providing a world-class innovative searching technology is just a part of the total experience that is The site also offers daily syndicated digital photography news and content feeds from across the Internet as well as blogs, forums and reviews that are all continuously updated and archived for use by amateur and professional digital photographers.

Lynch points to industry trends which show that traditional film sales dropped significantly in 2003 and that companies such as Nikon and Canon are reporting as much as 80% of their unit and sales volume are comprised of both compact and DSLR camera bodies.

“As traditional SLR camera usage wanes there will be an ever increasing demand for more and better digital camera content. is perfectly placed to reach that market,” Lynch said. expects to surpass 100,000 page views per day by the end of 2004.

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