Photobucket Reverses Its Position On Censoring Diapered Babies

    March 14, 2008

Photo sharing site Photobucket recently had a diaper photo contest that was sponsored by Good Mama Diapers that allowed users to submit photos of their babies wearing diapers.

The contest had been running for about 10 weeks when Jessica Thornton of Good Mama Diapers noticed that the hundreds of pictures that had been submitted to Photobucket had mysteriously disappeared.

Photobucket Reverses Its Position On Censoring Diapered Babies

She contacted Photobucket customer service to find out what had happened to all the pictures. She was informed that the site had recently changed its content moderations policies concerning images of children and that the photos violated its policy because they contained nudity.

"While we understand that in a family album type of setting, these images are innocent, we must remove the content because of the nudity and believe that this restriction is in the best interest of children’s safety," the Photobucket e-mail says, according to Cnet. "This policy applies to all accounts, public or private. We ask that you keep these images on your personal computers and not host them on"

While the policy is clearly ridiculous, to Photobucket’s credit they reversed their position on allowing photos of babies wearing diapers. In an email to Good Mama Diapers the company wrote," My team has reviewed the images that were tossed in your account and it was determined that the images that were removed from your account should not have been removed."

"We have the images available to restore and are currently in the process of restoring them. Please accept our sincere apologies for the error. It is true that we reviewed our content moderation guidelines to make sure it was in line with Photobucket’s terms of service and it made us more strict on child nudity, however, we were over-censoring in this case and are working to rectify that."