"Photo Memories" Tab Spotted Attached to Facebook Places

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It's become clear that check-ins are becoming about more than just locations. While location is obviously a big part of it, we've seen several examples of non-place "check-ins". For example, Booyah recently released product check-ins. Third parties have already begun using Facebook Places for physical items.

It looks like Facebook is trying to make memories out of check-ins.

A Mashable reader found a new tab while checking into Facebook Places, and while the existence of the tab has not been confirmed, Jolie O'Dell recalls, "At its launch, Facebook's Vice President of Product, Chris Cox, described Places as a digital repository for all your location-based memories. He described a couple's children being able to use Facebook Places data to pinpoint the spot of their parents’ first kiss, for example. But a large part of how we store our memories on Facebook and on the larger web is via images and photographs. Imagine not only being able to get textual clues about that first kiss but to also see images of your parents’ first date."

This kind of use-case could make Facebook Places more appealing to some that aren't incredibly enthused about simply letting people know where they're at all the time. Another obvious application of Facebook Places is that of business use, but memories could be the kind of thing that gets people using the feature to begin with.

It sounds like something of a digital scrapbook, and Facebook is probably the most obvious place on the web for such a product, given how much time people spend on it, communicate with one another, share pictures, videos, etc. Why not memories?

Again, the feature is unconfirmed, but it seems to align pretty well with Facebook's previously announced strategy.

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