Phil Robertson’s Son, Willie, Sticks Up For His Dad

    March 28, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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It’s been nearly three months since the A&E network reinstated Phil Robertson, the dad of the Duck Dynasty clan, who was suspended for making comments that some people believed were anti-gay.

And since then he and the rest of the Robertson family have tried their best to remove themselves from the controversy and get back to focusing on their hit television show, but in an interview with CNN, one of his sons, Willie Robertson, stuck up for his dad and said he was just stating his beliefs.

“Phil just said what he thought, what was on his heart. He did some paraphrasing there,” said Willie. “I believe what the Bible says….you have to read the Bible and make up your own mind.”

Willie’s wife said that people love her father in-law, and anyone who comes in contact with him–regardless of their sexuality or race–is treated equally by him, and Phil tries his best to live a life of unity.

“Anyone who knows [Phil], any gay, straight, black, white, anybody who knows Phil knows that he is about love and his message is about God’s love, God’s grace and his forgiveness, ultimately,” said Korie Robertson, who’s also her husband’s business partner.

But did Phil’s comments hurt the show? Because according to reports, Duck Dynasty is suffering from the lowest ratings since the show began. However, that could easily be due to the show just running its course, because most reality shows start getting a little repetitive and predictable after the first few seasons.

However, Willie said if Duck Dynasty did end tomorrow, he would have no regrets, since he and his family got to share their beliefs with everyone, which was always their main goal. “We were able to use that platform to get out God’s message, and if it ended right there, it ended right there,” he said. “I felt like that was pretty much what God prepared us to do.”

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  • jannette

    I cannot help but love this family,I laugh and cry and live for wednesday nites,Im in love with Uncle Si and envey Miss Kay for having the perfect husband.

  • Susan S

    Phil is a wonderful example of a father and grandfather. He loves his family. For many people these days this comes second to last and for that, the kids suffer never knowing how to survive in this big ugly world. Kids are truly robbed of how to make it on their own. Keep up the great work Phil, the reward for your love and honesty will come later when those grandbabies become worthy adults.

  • cameron

    really he defends the man who named him after a d**k

    • Sandi

      Cameron, grow up. You sound like you are 12 years old. Are you Gay and offended by Phil’s right to his opinion regardless of whether you think he is right or wrong?

  • terrie

    the last time I checked we lived in America I may not believe everything some one says but you have the right to think it I have a gay sister I love her do I believe she right only god can say when she leaves to meet him so I do believe you have a voice use it or it will be removed I love this family I wish I could go to there home and church

    • SefforaX79

      The law gives you freedom to express your views but it does not protect you from being fired. A&E should have stuck to their guns and canned him. Does freedom of speech protect a retail worker from being fired if they are saying anti-gay comments? Nope.


    It is a terrible day when people celebrate shows like The House Wives, The Bad Girls
    Club, Rock of love, Rich Girls, the Simple Life, Cheaters, Girls Behaving
    Badly, Celebrity Rehab…. but condemn a show which has centered on Christ
    and the cast’s interpretation of the bible???
    Morals are clearly gone in most of society today – The
    proof of that is watching people slam a show where morals are
    the pinnacle of the shows purpose. If everyone is entitled to their
    opinion then Gays, Straights, African American, Asian, Spanish, Caucasian should
    all be able to say what they want against other races or preferences… as long
    as they are not physical, it is our own right to opinion – we don’t have to like or agree with what others believe, feel, say or do.. Period. Don’t watch the damn show if you don’t like it.

  • Sandi

    The people that don’t like Phil and mainly for his opinions are trying to say that the shows decline is because of his beliefs and the comments he made. The decline in ratings has absolutely NOTHING to do with that. I love this show and appreciate and relate to their family values but every show peaks and then declines some what. I just believe that it’s meteoric rise was unsustainable. That is normal.

  • shinyorbs

    The bible also says to sacrifice babies but I don’t see them doing that hmmm why not? The bible says so

    • Wes

      That’s all you got? Ever heard of ‘context’? All these old retorts have run their course. The Bible is the Bible and is God’s ordained word. Like it, leave it, disown in, don’t believe it, but it is what it is. Christians and non-Christians who’ve read it and understand the ‘context’ of each passage know how to interpret the time and conditions that surround the passages. Those who don’t, and pick a line or two to ‘justify’ their beliefs, don’t understand God or His word. He’s pretty clear about condemning homosexuality, and also pretty clear that He doesn’t want us killing babies.

      • shinyorbs

        Blah blah blah : said Willie. “I believe what the Bible says….you have to read the Bible and make up your own mind.”

        I made up my own mind

    • firefly

      Let me get this right! So the BIBLE says to sacrifice BABIES, and just exactly where is that written in the Bible shinyorbs, I missed that one. Is it one of the Ten Commandments? Or did an EVIL king tell some of his peons to do it? God told Adam and Eve, and Noah and his family to be fruitful and multiply, and I would THINK that sacrificing their babies at either point, would mean that Adam and Eve would be the only people on the planet and no one else, or Noah and his family would be it. And none of us would be here. So that wouldn’t work. Chapter and verse please.

  • Andi

    This is odd because just yesterday, I read of Duck Dynasty was the highest rated show. The liberal news seems to make up things hoping that someone will believe their lies….sort of like throwing stuff at a wall and sees if it sticks. I love the show AND the family. I hope that it will return. Go Willie on defending your father!

  • toni loving

    I back Phil and his beliefs. Ratings may have been lower than before, but I read that they are still garnering top viewership for the show. The left needs to stop waiting for this show to fail. Such a death-watch is very unbecoming.

    • matt

      Since last August, the show peaked at 11.8 million viewers and dropped to 5.2 million viewers at the end of this season. that’s quite a drop-off no matter how you cut it. If it puts it in perspective for you, Wednesday night American Idol with it’s lowest viewer season ever, ended up with 9.65 million viewers and a crappy repeat ov criminal minds on the same night ended with 7.29 million viewers so no, Duck Dynasty isn’t doing so hot.

  • cowwoman

    Obviously you are illiterate, Shiny Orb,because nowhere does the Bible condone sacrifice of babies. Please take a reading class before spouting off your uninformed opinion!!!!

  • Ron

    I have said some bad things about this family but if you were to read the Bible it does say to get married is a man and a woman. But then my wife tells me that you will be answering to God when the time comes. And as for Phil he is only speaking the truth we all need to learn from people like him. Amen

  • Lisa

    They can’t move past it because you pathetic ass news stations can’t leave it alone and stop talking about it.