Phil Robertson Won’t Stop Putting His Foot In It

    May 22, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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A&E put Phil Robertson back on the air after his last homophobic rant. And after ratings slid, it seems that perhaps the Robertson clan is hoping another round of stupid will get people talking again.

At least that must be the logic behind these latest shenanigans.

Rather than apologize for likening gay individuals to people who have sex with animals (or telling us all how much happier black Americans were when they were picking cotton), Robertson continues to amaze with his inability to stop putting his foot in it.

By “it”, I mean his mouth.

In a video filmed at Whites Ferry Road Church, a church in his hometown of West Monroe, La., Robertson condemned the media for the attack on his opinion.

He insists that many were angry because instead of “acknowledging their sin” like he insisted the congregation do, the offended “railed against” him “for giving them the truth about their sins.” He warned, “Don’t deceive yourselves.”

And then, he quoted the following Biblical passage:

Neither the sexually immoral, nor the idolators, nor adulterers, nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves, nor greedy, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Well, let’s look a couple of those.

Slander can be defined as, “a malicious, false, and defamatory statement.”

Saying that a person who never had sex with animals is pretty much guilty of bestiality could be construed as malicious and defamatory in some instances. Telling the world that black people were better off in cotton fields, during a time when they had fewer rights and job options in addition to dealing with overt bigotry, is certainly false.

How about greedy?

This video was released mere weeks ahead of the sixth season preview. Sounds like dollars are the motive more so than the word of God. But then, I’m the cynical type.

You know what’s funny?

For people who claim to believe in a Christian God, it seems that the individuals talking the loudest about other people’s “sins” often forget that there are many ways they can land in Hell themselves.

Especially if they’re wealthy.

Christ himself said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”

Perhaps the Robertson clan can step away from the homophobia just long enough to get to work squeezing through. Otherwise they might end up beating “the sinful gays” to the pits of Hell.

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  • Lori

    A&E and the gay community need to get over it. The man has a right to his own opinion. They complain about him using the media as his platform, so what? The gay community does the same thing, if not more. It is constantly thrown in the faces of those of us who find it offensive behavior.

    • laura

      2 adult men or 2 adult ladies who want to have sex is not offensive… what is offensive is the 70 men who were recently busted for child pornography involving girls as young as 3 years old is! Where is all the “clucking” about this? Maybe Phil the “clucker” is ok with this, after all it is a heterosexual relationship.

      • Aaron

        Way to attempt to deflect the situation. What happened with the child porn was truly awful and the people who did that have a special place in hell. The truth is Phil said that he never personally experienced any hatred for being white and he didn’t hate black people. I’m black and it makes me sick when I work hard for what I’ve got and I see other people black, white, or ect that have generational habits of leaching off of the government. As for his opinion on gays he is perfectly within his rights.

        And chickens go “cluck” duck go “quack” and Phil Robertson is a man of the one true God

      • The Alpha Decider

        You are right about those pervs …but it’s not on subject. 2 adult men using the waste hole is disgusting. Very disgusting.

      • Drew

        Well Laura, why don’t you ask Phil what he thinks about the situation you describe? I believe, without a doubt, that Phil would load up his shotgun and take justice into his own hands. He has grandchildren and I’m 100% confident he would kill to protect them.
        As far as Phil’s comments…he can say what he believes. Just as you have suggested “maybe Phil is ok with this”.
        And I’m entitled to my opinion…which is that your insinuation re: Phil is disgusting. Grow up

      • wasnotme

        Really now,have you personally in person watched two men have sex.It very offensive and wrong,not to mention the odor.

      • pdsnider

        What an ignorant statement.

      • Gus Baker

        You say it isn’t offensive, I find it very offensive, who are you to judge what offends another person? Oh, I forgot, you’re one of those self-appointed “gay rights” types who has the authority to tell everyone what they are supposed to think and feel.

  • mridenhour

    If there is any validity at all to body language, he’s one angry, mean-spirited old man.

  • wasnotme

    What has the man done ,that any pastor does every Sunday.He did nothing more than read a verse from the bible.And by the way it is an exact reading as was told in the bible.

  • The Alpha Decider

    So the arthur is saying that those passages read from the Bible are BS and can’t be taken seriously ? I never heard the man say he was sure he himself was going to heaven. There are many things as far as humans are concerned that disgust me….and i’m sure anyone else who comments today ! Judge this man for his worries ? It’s not ok he believes that homosexual behavior is wrong ? So if 99 % of the population died tomorrow and all that was left was some alternative lifestylers…………………………………….whatever right ?

  • wasnotme

    As i have read the bible Adam was the first man,Eve was made for a companion for Adam.Nowhere does it say Adam was given another male for a companion.Now for your human body lesson a vagina is made for child birth,which by the way is meant for a male to do the act.An anus is for ejecting waste from the human body,not for breeding.To do other wise goes against the laws of nature….God doesn’t make mistakes ,if you were born a male or female that is what God has chosen for you.I think all people need to do some studying on how the body works and how to live in a godly way.

    • Lisa Beth Darling-Gorman

      Actually Lilith was Adam’s first companion but she found him…well…she preferred banishment over Adam. Gee…humm…..

  • emmysmom33028

    Someone is surprised about his opinions? He is entitled to them and he is also entitled to free speech. If you don’t like what he has to say, DON’T LISTEN TO IT! For God’s sake, get over it. Enough already!

  • Lisa Beth Darling-Gorman

    The citizen has a right to its opinions, that’s true. I have the right to tell said citizen it is full of crap. I don’t watch this show and whenever my hubby stops on it I leave the room within a matter of seconds. Phil Robertson can spout dogma, bigotry, and hate while hiding like a coward behind a religions shield until Phil Robertsons’ heart is content and as full of shinola as the rest of Phil Robertson. It will never change the fact that Phil Robertson is nothing but a bumkin.

    • Gus Baker

      Do you even know what bigotry means? My guess is no. I’d also like for you to point out how anything he said was hateful. Guess what, Christians also believe gluttony is a sin, one of their commandments says “honor thy father and mother”, so tell me, are they “hateful” and “bigoted” against fat people and disobedient children. You need to grow up.

  • Domingo

    And? Title should read “Man in pulpit reads the bible” Oh what a shame! Whats going to be the next big controversy, “Butcher sliced meat today”??

    • wasnotme

      Amen Domingo Good Job

  • barack obama

    Phil Roberton is the major issue, after Donald Sterling. Veterans dying in VA hospitals is unimportant. Obama supports interspecies marriage. Monkeys, dogs and pigs have the right to marry humans. Michelle Obama married a half chimp.

  • Annunaki

    He only says what the majority of the country and world thinks. Even from a non-religious perspective; it’s not a natural, logical happening.

    • Javan Pohl

      Considering that humans are at the top of the food chain and our population is expanding at an exponential rate, yes, homosexuality IS logical. Since it’s also a characteristic exhibit by animals in nature, yes, it is also natural.

      • Annunaki

        I just have to totally disagree since I’ve never seen a baby pop out of a dick.

        • Javan Pohl

          Haha, that’s my point exactly. The perpetuation of a species and, likewise, its ecosystem is not aided by massive and unsustainable procreation. The most LOGICAL way for NATURE to curb a species’ unchecked overpopulation is by introducing homosexuality… or disease, but we keep outsmarting that one.

          • Annunaki

            I’ll give it to you. That’s a very good argument.

          • Gus Baker

            Mother nature could easily control population through more people being born sterile, have puberty start later, menopause start sooner, women go barren after having 2 children, sorry, but population control is hardly a rational reason for homosexuality.

            Not to mention, does it seem to you as tho our population is shrinking? Apparently mother nature needs a new plan.

          • Javan Pohl

            And why would those options be any better? So you can finally stop being forced to think about two guys having sex?

            And, no, it doesn’t “seem” like the population is shrinking. The world’s population has increased by roughly a billion people in the past 15 years.

          • Gus Baker

            “And why would those options be any better?”

            What does that even mean? Maybe because they would work.

            “So you can finally stop being forced to think about two guys having sex?”

            I’m actually into women, I don’t think about guys having sex.

            “And, no, it doesn’t “seem” like the population is shrinking. The
            world’s population has increased by roughly a billion people in the past
            15 years.”

            Uh, yeah, that was my point, meaning obviously your theory of homosexuality controlling the population is not working and therefore false.

          • Javan Pohl

            “Uh, yeah, that was my point, meaning obviously your theory of homosexuality controlling the population is not working and therefore false.” Haha, yeah, obviously it means it not working at all. Gay guys are making babies left and right.

          • Gus Baker

            What are you talking about? You said homosexuality is logical because it’s needed for population control…you then point out that our population is exploding, so how is homosexuality an effective means of population control, and therefore logical, if it is NOT controlling the population. Oh, and just FYI, many gay people do reproduce.

    • matt

      You know that from your extensive network to the global community?

  • me

    it is an opinion. just that nothing more get over it. everyone has an opinion it is like fannies.

  • Debbie

    Twist people’s words much??? He NEVER said homosexuals have sex with animals! He said it’s ALL sinful behavior. Whether you’re having homosexual sex or beastiality. By they way, he says the same about STRAIGHT sex if done outside the confines of marriage. He also did NOT say that blacks were “better off picking cotton.” He said that WHILE HE WAS WORKING RIGHT ALONG SIDE black people, as in, level with them, not above them, not employing them, but rather side by side working with them at honest labor, none of them were crying the blues about civil rights. Whites and blacks did their jobs side by side and went home. Sounds like YOU are the one trying to keep it alive, not Phil.

  • James D. Millstead

    I like how deviants twist the truth. If you warn someone that their lifestyle is a sin before the One God, then automatically you are a homophobe. As a Christian, I don’t have to defend my lifestyle. I don’t go around calling you the anti-Christ just because you don’t believe in Christ. I think that we Christians need a new word for those defending a devastating and arrogant lifestyle, Christophobes!

  • Robert

    Author. Make sure you know what a “needle” is in reference to The Bible. It is NOT a needle that we think of today. It is a door going into a city. Remember most cities back then had walls and gates and only way to get in and out was through a door…i.e. a needle.

  • smithsson

    I’ve re-read Phil’s statement. I still don’t understand why people are calling him Homophobic. I really don’t see any logic to all the anger directed at Phil. Applying the same logic, You might as well call M.A.D.D. an Alcoholic-phobic; or someone like Dave Ramsey a Debtor-phobic.

    • Gus Baker

      Because they don’t know what the word “homophobic” even means, just like they don’t know what “racist”, “sexist” or any of the other words they throw around mean.

  • pdsnider

    He didn’t put his foot in it and he didn’t go on a “homophobic rant”. Take the time to watch the whole video. He told what the Bible says about homosexuals. Repentance is optional. Preach on Phil!

  • JoeW6558

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even the dumb-@ss that wrote this story. JMHO