Pheedo Takes RSS Feeds to Ads

    February 14, 2007

Pheedo’s new FeedPowered advertising platform offers to take any RSS feed and turn it into a dynamically updated ad unit (see their site for live examples). Where can you run the ads?

You can run your FeedPowered ad on targeted sites across Pheedo’s network of publishers. Alternatively, you can distribute FeedPowered advertising into just about any ad network or via your preferred ad server.

It’s an interesting idea and one that might be appeal to any blog that has made the leap from personal journal to a monetized site. I like the idea of exposing my RSS feed to other sites, but not sure I’d be willing to pay a whole lot for someone to actually click on my feed. After all, where’s the real conversion? Unless they "stick" or subscribe to my full feed, I’m paying a lot for "drive-by" visitors.

Via ProBlogger.



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