Pheedo Gets VC Funding

    May 31, 2005

For those too busy to read the entire post on Become below or who read it too fast to realize all the implications, I’ll make one of them simple for you by breaking it out. Pheedo has received a round of VC funding from the well known TransCosmos group. Not only did they receive funding but they’re also expanding into Japan with the assistance of TransCosmos.

I learned of that last week but hesitated to bring it to light. When I asked Pheedo’s Chief Marketing Officer [Bill Flitter] to confirm the rumor he did. I told him I thought it would make a great blog post on the Pheedo corporate blog and he said I was right but right now they need to focus more on their service than the blog.

Yes, Bill threw me some bait and I bit, I’m not stupid. But, I was glad to hear about the funding through a 3rd party rather than from Bill and I was glad to hear Bill had no intentions of posting about it. That’s a good sign. When a company is focused more on the product than the hype you know they’re headed in the right direction. So we’ll see what happens from here but I’m sure things will just get better for the Pheedo gang.

BTW, if you’re a follower of the search industry but don’t know anything about the Japanese or Chinese search market, you’d better start learning quick. Those markets are growing fast and while they may be trailing the U.S. in the blog market, they’re not far behind. Look for more expansion in the Japanese markets and more investments from VC firms like TransCosmos in that market as well.

Hmmm, wonder if I should touch base with Shin and do a little Q & A action, I think so.

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