Phaedra Parks Already Divorcing Apollo Nida?

    September 3, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Phaedra Parks’ name has been floating around quite a bit since her estranged husband Apollo Nida was convicted for his involvement in a massive fraud case.

Back in July, Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison. Last week, reports began circulating when news surfaced about Nida being ordered to turn himself in at the FMC Lexington by noon on September 10.

Now, in light of the reality TV star beginning his eight-year prison sentence, the divorce rumors are on the rise. However, Nida’s imprisonment isn’t the only reason Parks may be throwing in the towel.

Her husband was also hit with a hefty restitution penalty – $2 million to be exact!

According to Christian Today, Parks’ motivation for divorce is the avoidance of that penalty. The publication also reports that details about Parks’ intentions are expected to be revealed during season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  

If she opts to stay in the marriage, she could be held accountable for the payment of her husband’s restitution expenses, which would amount to approximately $100,000 annually over the next 20 years. The high-powered attorney reportedly sees divorce as a “a good financial decision.”

However, speculation of divorce is actually nothing new for the reality TV couple. They’ve reportedly been living in separate homes since some time last year. Parks was also nowhere to be found when her husband was sentenced in July.

During an interview, Nida expressed exactly how he felt about the lack of support he received from his wife throughout his times of trouble. Needless to say, he definitely wasn’t pleased with her actions.

“I mean, my wife didn’t even f–king show up for my sentencing,” he said. “I’m still salty about that.” He even admitted he wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to end their marriage during his incarceration. When asked if he thought their marriage would last, he simply said, “I doubt it.”

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have two children together – Ayden, 3, and Dylan, 15 months.

  • rhonda

    A divorce? What a surprise.

  • Joshua Jackson

    Im not surprise hell the way he treats her then his crazy ass go do some stupid stuff like fraud to go back to prison all he had to do was be a husband and give her what she wanted yes Phaedra divorce his sorry ass. Why should she stay and pay money for something he done you do the crime you do the time he cant even rob people right smh well Apollo don’t drop the soap home boy.

  • http://yahoo.com/ Mia Gibson

    phaedra parks made good decision choice to leave divorce apollo for all his choices. he does not deserve phaedra parks or his two kids children ayden dylan as well. the way he treats his wife kid is wrong selflish as well he need to stay in jail. even his own kids are all scared of him too like his wife phaedra really is.

  • dunit

    There is no way she didnt know what he was doing. She is not stupid

    • rb18

      All the mob wives husbands were criminals, in prison, going. or just getting out, they knew their live styles and criminal activity, talked about regularly. Yet no one comment on whether they participated or should be held responsible for their husbands behavior.

  • http://yahoo.com/ Mia Gibson

    ayden dylan are all cute adorable kids children they all deserve better as well. phaedra parks has every rights to take ayden dylan away from apollo nida as well. if phaedra parks just focused too on her two kids her job on rhoa it will be fine. phaedra parks is an better parent to ayden dylan than apollo nida is. apollo nida is lazy never wants to help out his wife with his two kids children. letting his wife spouse do all the work with their two kids children ayden dylan.

  • http://yahoo.com/ Mia Gibson

    and all apollo nida does is yell all day long raise his voice yelling at his two kids. curse swear alot at his own wife spouse yell at his own wife alot.

  • Danceroflife

    I believe that Phaedra is just as guilty, if not more so, than her husband.

  • Shirley

    Phaedra should have filed for divorce when this thing first happened and it hit the news. Sorry folks, I don’t think she was involved nor did she know until the lady that
    wrote the book about the whole thing broke the story. I do think that there are some
    cast members that are very much a part of it. In Particular Kenya… I think they had
    something going and she got some of the $$$’s. Remember when he commented to
    Kenya in from of Phaedra(at last years reunion) that if he went to prison she had
    better put money on the books for him… Good Luck Phaedra and God Bless……..

  • Bingo

    Who gives a fuck what any of you people think. You folks are so fucking stupid commenting on the lives of others when you have your own problems. Wise up folks these people really aren’t that interesting. And besides you don’t know what is really going on in their household, this is pure speculation. # Vote Democrat in November.

  • mosesknowses

    Phaedra Parks is known, as the folks in Atlanta say, to operate on both sides of the law fence.


    I think she should have left her husband trifling ass a long time ago. After that Kenya shit in Mexico with that water situation.Good for her she can do much better than that. You go girl!