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    May 10, 2006

Jaffe Juice points us to a P&G community relations blog: Notes from the Front Line.

It’s written by Procter & Gamble employee, Greg Allgood, PhD. He details his efforts in helping P&G create clean drinking water for children around the world through “Children’s Safe Drinking Water” (CSDW). The program, and the blog, has been around for awhile.

CSDW is tapping into word of mouth marketing to reach its ultimate customer. According to a news release:

P&G is providing PUR sachets at a not-for-profit cost to PSI who will then use a novel four-tier strategy to provide PUR in the Dominican Republic. Specifically, PSI will:

1. Conduct traditional social marketing with a multimedia brand awareness campaign and a network of community groups and educators, such as U.S. Peace Corps volunteers, to provide training on safe drinking water. PSI is already providing PUR in Haiti and Uganda using this social marketing approach and has provided 2 million sachets in the first year.

It’s good to see P&G continuing its experimentation with blogs. It will be interesting to see if they launch a brand-specific blog. Secret’s Sparkle Body spray had a character blog, but it has quietly morphed from a blog into a Web 2.0 friendly site.

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