P&G’s Blogging Secret

    May 8, 2005

PR Machine noted recently that P&G is now marketing via blogs. According to AdRants, it’s via a …

full-fledged character blog for Sparkle Body Spray “Where the Secret Girls get real.”

Link: P&G Marketing with Blogs & iPods

Hmm, blog characters get real? Nah, I’m not going there. Since skewering McDonald’s Lincoln Fry blog, I have helped over analyze this discussion, including my latest thoughts on the topic. I’m moving on.

What did catch my eye in all of this is that a P&G employee is blogging. He is surely not the first, but it is great to see the company testing these waters. I can only assume the company that invented brand management is at least considering blogging for other tactics. Hopefully they will expand beyond promotion into more substantive blogs designed to engage their customers much in the way GM does.

All P&G needs to do is look at the strategy driving GM’s Fastlane blog to see some of the potential.

If P&G does create another character blog, I think it should be for Mr. Clean. He has plenty of products to talk about; they even have a look alike traveling the country to stir up brand buzz. It could be part character blog and part product blog. You could check in on Mr. Clean’s travels while learning the latest cleaning tips (submitted by P&G and other readers).

*Thanks to Corporate Blogging Blog for the link to Michael Wiley’s presentation on GM’s Fastlane blog.

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