Petra Anderson Survives Colorado Shooting Thanks to Rare Brain Defect

    July 24, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Petra Anderson was like everyone else at the midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado: She just wanted to see the latest Batman movie. What nobody anticipated was that masked gunman James Holmes would burst into the theater shortly into the feature and begin shooting people at random. One of his many victims was 22-year-old Petra Anderson, a recent graduate of University of the Pacific’s Stockton Campus who planned to pursue her master’s degree at the University of Maryland this fall. Sadly, her dreams were put on hold after being shot four times by the lunatic, one of which hit her in the head.

However, as tragic as her story may be, there is a bit of a silver lining. According to doctors, Anderson suffers from a rare brain defect which ultimately saved her life. Petra’s pastor, Brad Strait, explained that the girl’s condition created a small river of fluid which runs from the front of her brain to the back. When the shotgun pellet found its way into her skull, it connected with this liquid, allowing it completely bypass her brain matter.

“The shotgun buck shot, maybe even the size used for deer hunting, enters her brain from the exact point of this defect,” Pastor Strait explained in a recent blog post. “Like a marble through a small tube, the defect channels the bullet from Petra’s nose through her brain. It turns slightly several times, and comes to rest at the rear of her brain. And in the process, the bullet misses all the vital areas of the brain.”

Although the bullet remains lodged inside Anderson’s cranium, doctors anticipate that she will make a complete recovery. Sadly, the medical bills for Petra’s treatment and surgery, as well as the expenses associated with her mother’s breast cancer, have taken a financial toll on the family. An Indiegogo account has been set up to help the family weather this very stressful and unfortunate storm. Check out the video for #readytobelieve4petra below.

Everyone at WebProNews wishes Petra Anderson and her mother a speedy recovery.

  • nick

    Heres what I think the producers of the movie should do. They are going to make millions upon millions of dollars. Pay for the injured’s hospital bills!

    • hoot

      why in the hell do some people seem to think that the movie company should be responsible or obligated for the acts of a lunatic,, they are no more to blame than mickey mouse!!

      • Dumb Liberal

        It’s Bush’s fault!

        • http://www.PicklingTheBeast.blogspot.com pj

          What makes you think they’re liberal? You Teabaggers think you know everything. But you don’t.

    • Gena

      They don’t have to pay anything but the news is WB is going to donate a substantial amount, though they don’t say how much, to the families of the tragedy. Shows they have class, make me want to support their movies even more for stepping up to the plate.

    • Dana

      They are!

  • Sarah

    Thank you for spreading the word about Petra’s miraculous survival and how we can all help the Andersons! I thought I would note that the pellet that was lodged in the back of her skull was actually removed during the 6 hour surgery on Friday. Again, thank you for your prayers for the family!

    -Family friend of the Andersons

  • Donna

    Why do the victims have to pay their own medical bills caused buy that crazy person?

  • Donna

    Why do the victims need to pay their own medical bills caused from this freak?

    • http://www.PicklingTheBeast.blogspot.com pj

      Who else is gonna pay? You? The government?

    • Counterpoint

      What do angry internet lectures cost? Are those also free, or they help anyone?

  • fffffffffffffffffffffff

    Here’s the real test for you godbots. It’s easy to offer empty gestures on the web. Will you donate anything more than that to these victims? Perhaps actually help someone in the real world? Instead of imagining you are helping by talking to yourself? Yeah.. we know you won’t. Typing is free, empty gestures are free, it cost’s nothing to pretend the big sky fairy will take care of everything. Pathetic weasles.

  • Baldur Dash

    If you work full time you should have insurance paid for, at least mostly, by your employer. If they don’t, you work for greedy bastards.

    • sandy reed

      To who posted about working fulltime and insurance. I went through Breast cancer and had 14 surgerys in 4 years. It alone will leave you broke when you have to 20% (insurance only covers 80%. average surger was 100 thou dollars levain me with 20 thousant in bills, multipy that by 14 and add the cost of your underage daughter getting shot as a nother surgery bill. You coment was self centers. Someday you will see, noone is exempt from illness, don’t tempt fate

  • Liberals are dumb

    my cousins actually knew her i’m glad she survived they are good family friends