PETA Slams Beyonce For Super Bowl Outfit Choice

    February 6, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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PETA says they think Beyonce missed the mark when it came time to choose what she would wear to her Super Bowl halftime performance over the weekend.

The animal-rights group was disappointed that Queen Bey went with leather and snakeskin and say maybe she should take a look at some of their videos next time she heads for the wildlife section of her closet.

“We would take a bet that if Beyoncé watched our video exposés…she’d probably not want to be seen again in anything made of snakes, lizards, rabbits, or other animals who died painfully,” a PETA spokesperson said. “Today’s fashions are trending toward humane vegan options, and Beyoncé’s Super Bowl outfit missed the mark on that score.”

Beyonce has had no comment yet, but she and PETA have had beef before over a mink coat she wore to the inauguration last month. Of course, this time is a little different, because her Super Bowl outfit was designed by none other than…herself. The sexy look is part of her fall 2013 collection, “Valkyrie’s Dominion”.


  • Candace

    Someone needs to say something about the slutty outfit and moves she was doing on that stage!!

    • chris

      ok. ill say something about the outfit. GOOD GOD BEONCE…. MARRY ME. She rocked the hell out of that show and she looked hell-a-sexy doing it to. J-z is one lucky fool.

    • nick

      Okay. I will. They were totally hot!


      I am not a Beyonce fan BUT I hate ignorant posted comments like this one….why SHOULD someone say ANYTHING about her slutty outfit and her dance moves? Matter of fact! Who is going to say something….BEYONCE has been wearing all sorts of outfits and dancing slutty since she became a celebrity years ago. So what are you saying!? Who is going to stop her now? What a ignorant comment to post. Beyonce is making BILLIONS and DOESN’T GIVE A CARE!

    • jason

      Candice, go back to the monastery. Honestly the only reason why the NFL has acts like beyonce, madonna,justin timberlake and janet jackson is to reach the mass audience of non football fans (AKA women, with some very cool exceptions). If the NFL actually cared about what the average fan wanted to watch, they would have Metallica and the like play ever single year. No self respecting football fan is also a madonna fan. The least they can do is have an act that their actual fans may enjoy like that wonderfully slutty performance by beyonce.

  • Horsefeathers

    PETA is only upset because theonly thing Beonce (?) covered was her beaver.

    • jason

      AWESOME @horsefeathers, LET HER BEAVER GO!!

  • Jon

    Screw PETA!!!!!!!!! Just in it for the $$$$$$$$$$$

  • lea

    OMG I was thinking the exact same thing during her performance…leather??? foreal??? It’s so sad how ignorant people can be.

  • http://yahoo Lynn Warmack

    Those bastard peta nazis would pissed off cause I’m wearing leather work boots!

    • megan

      ake your shoes with your ahssss skin dude.That way nobody say anything

  • Karen McKenzie

    @ Candace, jealousy is a mean thing… @ PETA find somewhere else to place your negative egenry. It’s evident you have no control over what Beyonce purchase.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    Who cares. I bet PETA employee’s have cloths in there closet from animals they trying to save. LOL

    Let’s raid there closet and put the PETA on notice.

    • megan

      People like you need to put away!!!

      • JC

        Megan, PeTA does more damage to animal welfare than you can imagine

      • Steve

        Megan….I have a snake you can charm. I’d like to see your beaver.

  • Rudy

    She should have worn a PETA members skin outfit…


    Who the Fudge cares about what Beyonce wears?! She’s been getting away with wearing leotards for as long as I can remember at all of her performances and no one has been crying about it so why cry about it now?
    I don’t see any snakeskin with her attire. I can see all leather in her outfit that she wore for her Super Bowl performance. Why don’t people and the media talk about something else that’s relevant! Beyonce is making billions and she doesn’t give a FUDGE!

  • Jim

    PETA sucks

  • Peatro Giorgio

    PETA Get real we are the higher animal an we two are predators .we have an will continue to consume an us other animals for both food work an animals after all that is an was the way of man kind.an frankley. You folks are not as enlightened as you would have ever one believe

    • megan

      I hope someone take your children skin off to make belts anyways is mankind!!

      • JC

        Grow the hell up or shut the hell up

      • Bonnie

        Megan, why in the world would you say something like that? You’ll fight for innocent animals, but hope that innocent children have their skin removed to make belts? Even though I know you’re just trying to make a point, you’re not a good person… no matter how superior to other people you’ve convinced yourself you are. PETA is an extremist group that would rather see a pile of human bodies than a hamburger. This is why you have no credibility.

        • Jolievoila

          Agreed, Bonnie. It’s also because of animal rights organizations that my husband and I are stuck paying out $5,000 to put down a bunch of stray cats that are invading our home. If we’re caught relocating them – catching them and letting them go in the Ozarks, we can go to jail. If we leave them on our property, we can get fined thousands. Basically, they’re saying we have to take care of them, either that or take them to the pound or a vet and put them down. However, if we catch them, we must do it within 48 hours because it’s illegal to handle an animal in a cage for longer. I don’t understand why we can’t just shoot them in the back of the head. It’s quick and painless, and several animal shelter and pest specialists say they’re going to have to be put down anyway. I had several people say to me, why not just take care of them?

          Right, you want to take care of two dozen cats – several are pregnant again, you be my guest. I’ve already seen an increase in bugs, roaches, fleas, etc. Not to mention all the diseases one can get from this situation. Unfortunately, we live in the city so we can’t just take care of it ourselves.

          Thanks animal rights activists, and of course, irresponsible neighbors who don’t spay/neuter. You’d rather we get killed by cat viruses, or that we not eat rather than put down a threat quickly and efficiently.

      • Kevin

        that is just plain stupid. We would not be here if it was not for the tasty animals our forefathers ate. You probably should not have children making ignorant comments like this

      • dan

        I hope you learn to properly use the english language!

      • Jolievoila

        Sorry but I will eat a hamburger and then wear the skin. Waste not, want not. We are meat eaters, and it’s protein that’s advanced humanity to the level of intelligence we are today. Get yourself two fishbowls (goldfish) and feed one purely on crappy flakes and the other on worms. You’ll see evolution how it works. The crappy flake feds will barely be zombies, and the worms will be developed and smart and active, playing, fighting, etc..

  • keith oliver

    PETA would chastise anyone wearing one folical of hair or skin. they tend to forget that early man wore animal skins because it was the only way to stay protected from the elements.

  • Koko

    Dear PETA,

    What is the point of your beef? Is it that you can’t wear it like she wears it or that you have nothing else to do or talk about? I have leather boots and a leather coat on…get over it already!

    • megan

      Yes I hope to hear the same when someone takes your skin off to make shoes from it.

      • JC

        grow the hell up

  • coral

    shut upppp PETA, jesus.

  • Lisa

    Really who cares? Beyonce is a thunder thighed PIG.

    • jason

      Jealous much?

    • Kevin

      just a pig in snakeskin clothing


    I discount EVERYTHING PETA says. They believe we keep our pets in Slavery, and that all animals, ( including our beloved pets) should run free, and only be admired from afar. BOO HISS PETA

  • Peatro Giorgio

    Hey PETA Frauds haven’t heard you jump on your main squeeze obullcrap Obama for eating dog. He in fact has created greater harm to all life forms then any Fault.fur Beyonce wears

  • jason

    PETA can SUCK a D. I just wish that celebrities like Beyonce would stand up to them and call PETA out on what out of touch freaks they are. They forget that this world is cruel and HUMANS are on top of the food chain, for the most part. If a bear or shark attacked a PETA member they would be just as dead, and I’m pretty sure being eaten alive is worse than any of these methods that PETA is so angry about. The fact is we live in a brutal world of winners and losers and denying that only quickens your demise. To be clear, I’m not advocating the slaughter of animals, just that to use them for food, clothing, shelter, etc. is completely within our rights as animals ourselves



  • Angela

    PETA evidently forgets that, if not for hunters and the like, the animals would starve to death due to the fact of over population. What a waste of space PETA is.

  • Hank

    Beyonce sucks so much I’m actually agreeing with PETA. That’s just crazy.

  • jim

    peta and the humane society are responsible for more animal deaths than any other agancies on earth.one of ther officers was quoted as saying that given the choice of saving a drownig dog or retarded human child;he would save the dog.these people think that if you have an animal that it should come before everything else.i love animals too.(mostly with a nice mushroom gravy)

  • Mere

    Rubin Singer designed that halftime costume, not Beyonce.

  • angie

    I hate snakes anyway and would rather see them as clothes. lol

  • liwbethwmd

    I can criticize her for a lot of things but for wearing snake skin or leather? Have they ever met a cow or snake? They were meant to be worn and eaten.

  • lisa

    PETA needs to focus on something else!!! They just can’t stand the fact that everyone loved her performance AND outfit. Hmmm – I wonder, do any of the PETA members eat MEAT! Cows, chickens, pigs and other animals do have to DIE to get consumed!!!!!!!

  • http://Yahoo mae n lane

    I will be willing to bet, if you would put a live Iguana or python in the room with the same p e t a members they wold run right over them,and kill them in the process.Just abunch of jealous B@@@ches. she looked terrific wish I could do that and get away with it (of course Im seventy years old.) so I wont try.

  • Kevin

    P eople E ating T asty A nimals

    • Rob



      GET A LIFE PETA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • terrby tub

    FUC.PETA and the Snake they rode in on!

  • jason

    for her next concert, beyonce should wear a full skin tight body outfit made entirely of like 20 different types of animal leather with the words INPIRED BY PETA cut out of the outfit across her body

    • megan

      yes maybe some fur from your mother ashhhhhh too.

  • amy

    its okay to kill (abort) 50,000,000 humans and then use their parts (think stem cell research), but not harvest some snakes? PETA is a waste of resources-go feed some starving kids somewhere.

    • Joe

      Ok Amy please take a science class and get back to the real world when you figure out at least a tiny bit about stem cell research.
      They do not kill and dismember babies the stem cells are the result of genetic reproduction at its basic level there are no body parts involved and in fact the millions of cells that they do use would fit on the tiny point of a pin.

    • Michelle

      Yeah, I bet the bulk of PETA’s membership are spoiled little rich kids with nothing better to do. They step over homeless families in the streets of our country in their quest to save animals. When I see a PETA campaign seeking to help HUMAN BEINGS, then I’ll pay them attention. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that man commits many atrocities against wildlife and the planet in general, however, shameless attention-seeking groups like PETA who try to bully people into seeing it their way are no better than the NRA. Their priorities are a little skewed and they want to force their priorities on others via bullying.

  • jam


    • http://yahoo cheryl

      Hear, hear!!! PETA, you can do more important things.

  • Queen T

    PETA can suck balls!! crazy animal freaks! and she didnt design her outfit and the outfit was inspired by tina tuner which was also leather! if i was beyonce i wouldnt say a thing! she has too much talent too many fans that loved that outfit and thought she rocked it to say anything back! they stay coming for Bey on stupid things!

  • Whitney

    Hey PETA, don’t you think all the cats you kill die painfully!?!?!?!

  • Lisa

    Somebody has to find something to pick with her about. I loved the outfit and if I can find it, I will definitely be wearing it…of course, only in the bedroom.

  • George Walker

    ok…. now if any of you sorry people who comment on here about how slutty she looked or danced she is only doin what the world has come to and what music leases days is now sh!+ thats all most music is these days SH!+!!! most artisties dont evan write their own music anyways, they either someone else or they just take a song from someone else and redo it you no talent people, so lets all shut up and get a d@mn life. :)

    • George Walker

      oh and who gives a crap about the animals god put them here for us and just to put them here!! you morons!!

      • Dan

        learn to spell and use proper grammer. You are the moron. The problem with our planet is the attitude that the animals were put here for our use. Everything must be in balance and when it is not you have what we have today–a dying planet.

        • Jess

          Perhaps you should use spell check or a dictionary before criticizing others. The correct spelling of “grammer” is “grammAr!

    • George Walker

      change leases to has become these

  • http://yahoo Pam

    I think Beyonce was trying the Cher look that won her popularity back in the day! But Cher had a much better body!

  • Daniel

    The only thing Beyonce killed was the hopes and dreams of anyone else looking as good in that outfit!!!

    • Barb

      And yet if women have an honest opinion about her we are considered ‘jealous’. But men can call unattractive women “dogs” (and worse).

      Hypocrisy, anyone?

  • Gary Cernoch

    PETA is so on the fringe that I can’t believe anyone still donates money to this radical group! Where I come from we think PETA should stand for People Eating Tastey Animals.

    • Sara Miller

      Then where you come from is HELL.

      • Mindalina

        Sarah Miller, by all of your big mouthed comments, the only thing you have done is proven that you are an irrational nut job just like all of the other members of PETA. They are nothing but homeland terrorists. PETA treats animals rights worse than any other person out there. You along with this disgusting group are an atrocity. And don’t you dare use the name “God” in your sick and judgmental name calling comments. You have self proven that you are not even remotely close to a good christian! Do us all a favor and go drown yourself in a fishbowl.

        • Barb

          Are you closer to Him (Christ) because you suggested someone drown in their fish bowl?

      • Anon

        Sara, stfu.

    • Barb

      I give PETA $15 a month. Don’t have a problem with supporting them. They do great things (and veggie products are getting better and better). Gary…I disagree wholeheartedly with you.

  • kingdano

    Whoa, she designed that? It’s hidious. She looks like freak. So now we know she can’t design cloths or sing. She is creepy looking and untalented. She just has a good PR director to keep her in the news. What an ugly freak!

    • George Walker

      why dont you put a pic up of you and lets see how ugly you are

    • C’mon now…

      You must be a gay male or an extremely unattractive woman….

      • nita

        i think so too

        • http://cagopierre.com judith thompson

          Agree Nita!

      • Barb

        Double standard, guys? A woman, any woman, who gives an honest opinion about another woman’s looks always gets slammed for being “jealous”. And yet men get away with calling women “dogs”, “pigs”, “ugly broads”…no one attacks them.
        How do you know what someone else really feels? I don’t think Beyonce is pretty either. Does that make me jealous? I can’t express an honest opinion? Because I am female?
        And what about other female stars that I do think are pretty? But one opinion about one woman makes me jealous?

    • http://cagopierre.com judith thompson

      Why do you just described yourself! Ass hole!

    • http://cagopierre.com judith thompson

      Why you’ve just described yourself asshole!

  • http://Google Karen

    Instead of celebrities standing up to PETA. The average person should stand up for self. Take care of your pets but really people attacking others in the name of a cause is just wrong.

    • Sara Miller

      REally? So we shouldn’t have attacked slavery or any other wrongs? Grow up.

      • Anon

        Stfu, man.

  • http://webpronews ahshaad

    @ one time ike & tina couldn’t say ”rolling” in their song,it was too
    provocative…people haven’t changed…time has changed…no more leave
    it beaver…people have been naked in everything…that is an expression
    of the naked truth…& beyonce’…britney…are all spin-offs of tina…
    the first naked of song & dance

  • Eva

    PETA? The same ones that have suggested Pit Bulls are dangerous to society and therefore be put to sleep? Heh… My bully breed dog right’s end when those of the snake start. Hipocrites!

    • Sara Miller

      That’s a lie–as you know.

      • Anon

        Please stfu.

  • Rick

    Kill all snakes, gators, crockadiles and sharks as painfully as you can and fawk Peta morons.

    • Jake

      That kind of comment is bad karma, Rick. It makes you come back as a croc and be made into a handbag.

  • Three

    I agree with PETA. Even though I’m a fan of Beyonce`, she sent a really bad message with her costume. Not so much as how it looked (borderline risqué but not too bad), but the materials used to make it. It sure didn’t help the way it was so boldly and eloquently described by the TV announcers. Just terrible all the way around.

  • Barbara

    PETA need to shut up because those poor deers are being hunted and their heads mounted on walls. All these freals are just hating on Beyonce and she looks good. Do they say anything to those freaks on those beastality sites.

  • http://yahoo tony

    peta need to stfu…u see more skin at the beach..personaly i think beyonce did a wonderful job..i think they just want to find an excuse to trash talk her..worry about your own shit peta and quit trying to find something to talk about.

    • Sara Miller

      Sorry–there’s no excuse for acting like a Godless whore. Sorry if that disappoints you.

      • nita

        who are you ara to judge. her mom shouldnt be in this and only GOD can judge. so as i put my gators on and walk in them i will imagine i’m walking on your name…

        • Jennette

          Nita, I will be judging her right alongside you, as I sit on my heated leather seats!

    • Nancy Medved

      Thought there was a reason why I hated her looks !! There is was, skinned animals on her ass. UGH

  • Sara Miller

    What Beyonce did was unforgivable. She showed that she has no class—no respect, no dignity. Only whores wear dead animal skins. She should be ashamed & regretful and her mother should be mortified. What a horrible, soulless and Godless girl she raised.
    There is simply NO excuse for cruelty towards animals—None.


    • nita

      noone really cares, this is your way to get someone to speak to you. do you know how many people have leather. do you know while your concerned with this bs, animals that need to be killed for population control, there is a family right now hungry and homeless. lets focus on that not animals.

      • http://cagopierre.com judith thompson

        Amen Nita!

      • julian

        @ nita-I hope that your refridgerator is empty of little baby birds (eggs), liquified nutrients stolen from the mothers of calves (milk), and any other product that comes from any animal. I hope that one day you people realize that we are stewards and procurers of animals and plants. Thats are purpose. You don’t look at the big picture before you think up nonsense to type up. Grow up we don’t live in the world of Disney. Beasts will kill and eat you the first opportunity that they get. They just wont wear you. lol

      • Tiny

        Animals have feeling too you ignorant twat. It’s because of people like you that i care more for animals than i do humans. Humans can defend themselves

    • http://cagopierre.com judith thompson

      You are just mad because you don’t look like that bitch!

    • Anne

      What do you expect out of this self-absorbed woman.

    • FAITH

      Do you personally know her or are you going by what you read in the tabloids. To throw such language and insults,hmm would it be that your Mother be so proud. I wear leather because I am a BIKER BITCH and I ride my own bike in which i can proudly say has raised quite a bit of money for animal shelters and i did it wearing leather. I have never seen a peta member attack a group of bickers for wearing leather. Hmmm ever wonder why. OH YEAH!!! IT WOULD BE ON. So do us all a favor SHUT THE F**K UP!!! I AM THE PROUD MAMA OF (4) DOGS A (3) LEGGED CAT AND ABOUT 50 CHICKENS…WANT TO BITCH AT ME…..BRING IT!!!

    • hardilqn

      If God is forgiving Sara, then so should you.

    • Anon


  • seriouslyPETAgetoverit

    ok its not like she wore a meat suit at the superbowl. You self righteous PETA people need to take a chill pill man. Beyonce and every other celeb has the absolute right to wear whatever they want without having to hear from you. Im really surprised more people havent sued you for ruining people’s very expensive garments with your antics. get a life. she looked beautiful and you need to focus on more important issues like the thousands of HUMANS that die everyday…hows tht for inhumane…

    • Tiny

      Animals are important too. They don’t have a voice. At least humans can stand up for themselves. It’s because of ignorant people like you that i care more for animals than i do humans.

      And i am no fan of PETA, they did some good work for animals but i don’t approve of some of the actions they take. i.e throwing flour on people etc

    • Barb

      Sounds like you need the little blue pill.

  • luis

    does anyone really care about what she wore

  • Dave

    Peta’s full of hypocrites wearing leather shoes, driving cars with leather on their gear shifts and dash boards. They never cry over the bugs they kill in their kitchen or on their windshields. Plants are living things too. God himself killed the first animals to make clothes for Adam and Eve.

    • Barb

      Sounds like you have hypocrisies as well, Dave. Of course PETA has made mistakes; hopefully unknowingly…when it comes to insects…get real. We all take walks and drive cars…it is inevitable that insects are killed. And how do you know what PETA members are doing in their kitchens? Are you sure they deliberately kill bugs?
      The one thing I object to that PETA does is use nude female models (sexism) to get their point across…but whatever it takes to get attention is probably best.
      If it were not for PETA, we would not be aware of the horrors of animal abuse.
      Be real, Dave. What are you afraid of?

  • Celebrities Are Over Paid

    Beyonce should NOT design any more outfits…unless, the designs are for prostitutes..She is definitely NOT READY for a Paris Runway!!! There is NO talent in her designs!!

  • Celebrities Are Over Paid

    Beyonce should NOT design any more outfits…unless, the designs are for prostitutes..She is definitely NOT READY for a Paris Runway!!! There is NO talent in her designs!!

  • Celebrities Are Over Paid

    Beyonce should NOT design any more outfits…unless, the designs are for prostitutes..She is definitely NOT READY for a Paris Runway!!! There is NO talent in her designs!!

  • Vee

    Well stated Michelle!!!

  • Shocked

    If thats the only thing they were offended by then they weren’t watching the performance.

  • http://yahoo cheryl

    hear hear!!! PETA you should focus on more important things!

    • Lana

      Peta should find better things to do ??? This is what they DO, they try to educate people to not abuse animals & inform us of the people who ARE abusing animals.

    • Barb

      Sorry you feel that way about PETA. They are not perfect, but they are trying. They are doing what is “best” for animals…do you have pets? Have you read a PETA magazine? It would make you cry.

      People who focus on every little thing that PETA does wrong remind me of the Republicans constantly scrutinizing Democrats (Obama in particular). Repubs and rightwingers look at every tiny discrepancy that Obama has displayed (oh, but it is okay what THEY do…)
      If only you had vision, Cheryl. What PETA does for animals is for us, the human race as well. Don’t patronize them.

  • Barb

    It is bad enough that these women are out flaunting…what over-inflated narcissistic egos. Ok, men like it…at first…but men I know, husband included, secretly laugh at these women and know they have many unresolved conflicts and insecurities.

    ALSO: PETA is right on. The comment made here (patronizing: now, now, Peta, you have better things to do). Oh, really? Like what, smart ass?

  • http://yahoo Deborah

    Seriously? Did PETA have a legit gripe with Beyonce or just what she wore during half time. Any half time show gives the audience a glimpse of what the performer does on stage, it’s like a sneak preview of what to expect from the show and that is just who she is. Lighten up and go after the real offenders.

  • teaparty

    Peta needs to STFU and eat a hamburger already