Pet Food: Woman Eats It To Promote Ingredient Awareness


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What’s in your pet’s food? Many people don’t know how to answer that question because they have never even checked. Most of us assume that the food we feed our pets is healthy for them, but not everyone agrees.

One woman decided to see for herself just how healthy pet foods really are. She decided to eat pet food for 30 days to see how it made her feel and if it had any effect on her health.

"I'm eating healthy pet food for 30 days to promote ingredient awareness," said Dorothy Hunter. Hunter owns a pet supply store and has heard her fair share of comments about the ingredients in dog food. She decided to prove that pet food is healthy by eating nothing else for the entire month.

Hunter isn’t just eating the pet food to make a point, she actually enjoys it.

"I was really busy one day. We were getting ready for a car show in a hurry to get stuff done that day. I didn't want to take time to leave the store to get something to eat so I just grabbed a package off the shelf," said Hunter.

Although Hunter says that most pet foods are healthy and contain healthy ingredients, she also said that pet owners should check the labels to make sure.

She believes that by eating the pet food she has helped make pet owners more aware of what they are feeding their pets and promoting ingredient awareness.

"People are so shocked by the story that they are actually reading the ingredients on products and asking, 'What is this?' So, I'm really happy that came out, that was my main goal. People read the ingredients, be aware of what they're feeding to their pets, kids or themselves because there's a lot of stuff out there that's not very good," said Hunter.

What do you think of her bizarre diet?

Image via Wikimedia Commons