Pet Food Scare Sends Searchers Chasing Answers

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When news of a major pet food recall got out, pet owners hit the search engines over the weekend worried about their furry best friends.

One dog, nine cats. That’s the death toll so far in a mysterious outbreak of kidney failure linked to Menu Foods, Inc.’s various pet foods distributed by well-known grocers like Kroger, Safeway, Wal-Mart, and PetSmart.

Canadian Menu Foods recalled 40 different brands of wet cat food and 50 different brands of wet dog food, all of the "cuts and gravy" types processed between December and March. The culprit, according to company statements, may be a change in the supplier of wheat gluten, a protein used in the pet food recipe.

Chances are that Internet searches for recall information will only continue to rise as the news continues to travel. Yahoo reports increases in the thousands of percents for various pet food-related searches.

"Product recalls always cause a stir in Buzz," writes Yahoo’s Erik Gunther. "When information is critical, worried folks turn to the Web for answers."

Gunther reveals these queries among the top 18:

1.IAMS (+1,528%)     2.Eukanuba (+1,197%)     3. menufoods.com/recall (+1,006%)     4. Dog Food Recall (+806%)  

5. Dog Food (+680%)     6. Cat Food Recall (+678%)     7. Science Diet (+665%)     8.  Pet Foods (+604%)

9. Pet Food Recall (+534%)     10. Cat Food (+522%)     11. Purina (+432%)     12. menufoods.com (+392%)

13. Pedigree (+262%)     14. Pet Food Maker (+256%)     15. Menu Foods Recall (+234%)     16. Menufoods (+191%)    

17. Walmart Dog Food Recall (+142%)     18.  Pet Food Recall List (+83%)

While pet owners are worried about their sick pets, Menu Foods Income Fund is worried about its stock price. The recall is expected to cost the company $25-35 million. As reported by Bloomberg, share prices of Menu Foods dropped sharply, falling by as much as 26 percent upon the news.

Of course, the recall has been educational for consumers as well. Your cat may only eat Sophisticat-brand cat food, because she’s finicky and highbrow, and hates the Winn Dixie-brand because that’s for poor strays. It may have been that Madame Whiskers couldn’t form the words "it’s all the same crap" to let you know you’re getting reamed at the checkout counter.

The cat foods recalled:

Americas Choice, Preferred Pets; Authority; Best Choice; Companion; Compliments; Demoulas Market Basket; Eukanuba; Fine Feline Cat; Food Lion; Foodtown; Giant Companion; Hannaford; Hill Country Fare; Hy-Vee; Iams; Laura Lynn; Li’l Red; Loving Meals; Meijer’s Main Choice; Nutriplan; Nutro Max Gourmet Classics; Nutro Natural Choice; Paws; Pet Pride; Presidents Choice; Price Chopper; Priority; Save-A-Lot; Schnucks; Science Diet Feline Savory Cuts Cans; Sophistacat; Special Kitty Canada; Special Kitty US; Springfield Prize; Sprout; Weis Total Pet; Wegmans; Western Family; White Rose; Winn Dixie

The dog foods recalled:

Americas Choice, Preferred Pets; Authority; Award; Best Choice; Big Bet; Big Red; Bloom; Wegmans Bruiser; Cadillac; Companion; Demoulas Market Basket; Eukanuba; Food Lion; Giant Companion; Great Choice; Hannaford; Hill Country Fare; Hy-Vee; Iams; Laura Lynn; Loving Meals; Meijers Main Choice; Mighty Dog Pouch; Mixables; Nutriplan; Nutro Max; Nutro Natural Choice; Nutro Ultra; Nutro; Ol’Roy Canada; Ol’Roy US; Paws; Pet Essentials; Pet Pride – Good n Meaty; Presidents Choice; Price Chopper; Priority; Publix; Roche Bros; Save-A-Lot; Schnucks; Shep Dog; Springsfield Prize; Sprout; Stater Bros; Weis Total Pet; Western Family; White Rose; Winn Dixie;Your Pet

Pet Food Scare Sends Searchers Chasing Answers
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  • Susan Thixton

    These recalls have a great deal to do with quality control. Or I guess I should say lack of quality control. AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) is the organization that governs pet food manufacturing. Unfortunately, quality control measures are only “recommended” – pretty much left up to each individual manufacturer.

    I’ve don lots of research on this industry – written the book Truth About Pet Food – www.truthaboutpetfood.com. This incident is just one of the many that is legally allowed in this industry. Pet Owners just don’t know – and deserve to know.

    • Diana Walbert

      I just wanted to thank you for this info. I have feed my dogs one of the recalled foods . not every day I’m so sick just worring if they are going to get sick. I keep looking on line to see how long I will have to worry’ and I’m so afraid to feed them any dog food . I made them a home made mix I got on line But im gona try this food .I can’t order off the inter net where else can i buy Life abundance health foods . thanks again

      • crystal

        does any body know where i can find a current list of dry dog food on the recall list

  • Heidi

    I am concerned that even though my cat is not eating the wet Nutro Natural, I am feeding her the dry Nutro and I see that that is still on the shelves. I am still uncomfortable that the dry food could still contain some ingredients that the wet version has in it.

    • Bee

      We’re devastated and suffering about the sudden illness and death of our 11-yr mini-schnauzer- her energy was a 2 year-old and she was definitely Daddy’s little girl. She died w/in 30-36 hrs of her first symptoms/vomit. W/in 4 hrs prior to rushing her to the vet she was fed crushed ice by us and then on IVs thereafter at the vet – the vomiting subsided, so this is probably why she remained hydrated & didn’t die from kidney failure (per her autopsy report & before knowledge of the recall), but her system was probably terribly compromised otherwise..Her main diet was Hill’s Prescription W/D everyday and Heartgard Plus monthly…. the number on the W/D dog food can under the expiration date of January 2009 was 7017 , along with another #T1920346. We hope this is helpful information.

      • Kelly Sizemore

        I am so very sorry to hear about you baby!!
        I will say a prayer for her or him tonight.
        and also for you both.

        GOD BLESS YOU Both and your Baby, Always and forever.
        Kelly S. Sizemore.

      • Terry

        We also had to put our maltese poodle down on thursday. We are too, devastated over this as she was also a very active dog. She also had W/D everyday. our cans also have the 7017 number. the other number is T1720727. She also went downhill in a matter of hours.

        • Chris

          I give my dog Hills W/D dry food. is this what you god was eating?

      • Taeki’s Friend

        Sorry to hear about your loss. We lost our beloved cat Taeki on 3/16.

        We fed him a mix of Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D and Hill’s Prescription Diet M/D, and Pounce Cat Treats from Walmart. Both the Hill’s Prescription Diets we were feeding him are “dry.”

        I am not familiar with the Hill’s dog foods. Is the W/D you mention a wet food or a dry food?

        Regardless, I think Hill’s Precription Diet foods need to be examined a lot closer, though Taeki’s poisoning could also have been through the Pounce treats. Neither (Hill’s dry food) nor Pounce is currently on the recall list. How can we keep our pets safe?!

        I understand that on 3/30 PETA is going to argue for an expansion of the recall- I think we need to support them in this. There are too many treasured family members passing away from foods NOT on the recall list to ignore the possibilty.

        • Jean Aresto

          My cat was diagnosed with acute renal failure and had to be put down on 2/20/07. She was 9 years old. She has been fed Hills Prescription Diet W/D feline dry cat food exclusively her entire life. Even though it has not been put on the list and even though the food contains corn meal gluten and not wheat meal gluten, I would not trust ANY food with a corn, wheat, oat, barley etc. product!! Any of these may have absorbed rat poison from the treatments they give grains while in storage or from who-knows-where else.

          • Lesley

            My two cats have been on Hill’s t/d feline for years. They started vomiting recently. I thought it was hairballs, but now I am scared. So much for paying $60 for a bag of cat food…!!

          • Scott Pignatella

            is anyone else having a problem with W/D cat food from Hills??? Our two cats eat it exclusively and they are just fine, but these messages are starting to make me worry.

          • Sue

            I would advise you not to trust W/D. We had to put down our beloved Egyptian Mau “Cairo” on Mar. 21, 2007. He had been on W/D wet and dry food for 7 years as he was diabetic. I had just purchased a new case of W/D canned (chicken flavor) and a bag of W/D dry food the first of March 2007. After 3 days on the food, I had noticed a change in his stools–they were very hard. As he was 15 years old and diabetic, he was on Metamusil (mixed with his canned food). His stools were always very soft. We left him and our dog on March 9 with a pet sitter as we went on a ski holiday. I called 2 days into the trip and everything was fine. One week later when I called, Cairo had vomited 4 times that day. The first 3 vomits were small and included the dry food. Then he apparently had a major throw-up of dry food and foam. He would not touch the dry food after that. Cairo was a huge eater all of the time. Two days later, he had stopped eating all together. He was very weak and had lost his bladder control. He only wanted to drink water. As Cairo had been through so much in his life with diabetes, we could not bear to put him through tests, IV, etc. We made the decision to end his life! I must add that our dog always stole the cat’s food whenever he got the chance. The dog had diarrhea for 2 days after we got home. He is fine now!

          • Scott Pignatella

            I am sad to hear all the bad news about the food. I called my vet yesterday and they stated that W/D is not on the recall list…….I think everyone is aware of that. Hearing these stories really worries me as I have to make a decision as to whether or not I should open a new bag and here are the numbers on the bag, best before 08/2008 K1971450 BW 019
            I am truly sorry for any pain anyone of you is feeling, if anyone has any new info please pass it on. All the news stories talk about wheat gluten, W/D doesn’t have this in it??? Our cats are fine but what if the new bag is tainted???

          • Deanna St.Louis

            I also am feeding my cat, and have fed my cat the Hills Perscription W/D dry cat food for many years. I am worried “sick” about it, but I have continually called Hills about it’s safety to be assured that it is fine. It does not have wheat or wheat gluten, but it does have corn gluten meal. Hills has assured me that it does not have any wheat gluten that is banned. She is remaining to be healthy. She did, prior to the recall eat an occassional can of “priority” and “iams” wet food, and “Pounch treats”, and in about Jan. 2007, became a bit ill and vomitted a few times (can also be normal for a cat that pigs out). When I found out about the recall, I had her kidneys tested in March and she is fine, but I intend to get her tested again off and on, just for our knowledge. She is doing fine, only eating the W/D dry cat food, but I am just like you as far as opening any new bags. I too am so sorry for everyone who has had such a painful loss of their pet. Please write letters to congress to have them stop this madness and investigate what has been going on.

          • Nicole Hobbs

            I am requesting that anyone who has lost their cats to Prescription W/D dry or wet cat food to post the Date and/or Process (found on the bag). Your response could help those of us who are also using this product. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY INFORMATION.

          • Ian

            My daughter is a vet and she feeds all her cats with this stuff. One of them has a problem with the uniary passage getting blocked (swollen). She is in Asia right now so not sure what to do with her cats that we are stuck with? The number on the bottom of the large bag is 5925 and on the top is best before 07 2008 K2161005 DM355. Hill’s web site have no mention of the w/d or z/d that we were left with. I was born on a farm so not too bothered about cats but some like my daughter take it really serious.

          • jether547@msn.com

            The date on the w/d cat food was best before 04/2008 K2831429 TS 271

            The w/d wet food was best before 10/2008
            T0630741 4430

          • Jenn

            Hi, I’m starting to get really scared about all these posts. I’ve fed my two fuzzy babies w/d feline dry for many years now. They seem fine, except for the occasional hairball.
            But I think I need to look on the bag to see dates, etc. Does anyone have any other info on w/d dry feline with regard to dates or numbers to look for?

          • Scott Pignatella

            My cats eat W/D and they are fine, and my Vet assured me the food is ok, just monitor your cats for sluggishness, vomiting and a lack of interest in eating

          • Nicole Hobbs

            Dear Jean,

            I am so very sorry for your loss. My 13 year old cat is currently on the Hills Prescription Diet W/D dry cat food. Do you have any information on the production #s and/or expiration dates of your cats food? If so, please post for those of us using the product.
            Thank you and sincerest sympathy for your loss.

          • Diane

            Just noticing the comments here about Hill’s W/D diet. I just bought a new bag of W/D about 3 weeks ago. My cat has been on this diet for about 7 years now. Since the new bag, she has started drinking enormous amounts of water, peeing on my beds, and has decreased her food intake considerably, living on tiny amounts each day. Here’s the interesting part…she asks me for ‘people food’ in the kitchen…something she never does. After seeing everyone’s comments about W/D last evening, I made her my own food. She has since scarfed down two full bowls of homemade food and is extremely happy with me. I will be taking her to the vet when it opens. I hope I’m not too late.

          • Sue

            Hi Diane

            Get your cat checked out! I am the one who lost my Egyptian Mau “Cairo”. As I said before, Cairo had stopped eating after his massive vomiting of dry W/D and foam. If we had not left him with a pet sitter, we would probably have noticed something was wrong sooner since we new him so well. I think he had lost his bladder control earlier in the week as I found the sheets on our bed stained when we got home. The sitter had washed the comforter but he had probably soaked the sheets earlier. Also, Cairo loved to lick our ice cream bowl or yogurt bowl in the evenings. Now that you mention your cat’s desire for human food, I do remember Cairo wanting to lick my cereal bowl in the mornings just after I had bought him a new supply of W/D dry and canned food. Once we got home, it was too late to tempt his appetite. We tried everything! He used to love licking out an empty can of tuna. He didn’t want anything anymore. Good luck with your cat!!!!!

          • mary

            I heard on the news over the weekend that Science Diet Prescription dry food (made by Hill’s), along with a particular flavor of pounce cat treats and some dog treats have now been added to the recall list. Although when I went to Hill’s website this morning (the link via the menu foods recall list) they had not updated their info.

          • mary

            Found the info on the Hill’s website – it is Hill’s Prescription dry food (not science diet prescription as I said in my previous post.) Wanted to get the correct info out. Here’s the link – http://www.hillspet.com/menu_foods/Menu_Foods_03302007_en_US.htm

      • jether547@msn.com

        Our cat died about a month ago after eating
        Hills w/d dry and wet cat food. She was an older cat and our doctor couldn’t believe her kidneys were shutting down, he said it just didn’t make sense – I have not seen a recall of this food – just the
        m/d. We spent over 2,000 dollars trying to save our cat – on IV’s for 3 days.
        Is there something we can do about this?

  • Leo G – in Florida

    There are all kinds of uses for wheat gluten. Food additives, wall paper paste, biodegradable plastic films, etc. just to mention a few. Hopefully, someone did NOT add wheat gluten that is NOT intended for animal consumption, into the feed.
    Feel free to do a search on “Wheat Gluten Additives” and educate yourself on the uses of wheat gluten. There is alot of work going on right now to develop biodegradable plastic films- wheat gluten is the biodegradable ingredient used for this new plastic. BUT IS NOT TO BE USED FOR HUMAN, OR ANIMAL CONSUMPTION!

  • Shirley Lindberg

    How strange all this is. We came home from vacation in Dec. and found our 7 yr. old cat dead on the floor. He had bled from his mouth, as if he had been poisoned. We have not been able to understand why or how this could have happened. I think we may now know! A few months before that, we had to put another young cat to sleep from kidney failure. Another mystery possibly solved.

    This is scarey. If it can happen to our pets, what’s to keep it from happening to humans?

  • Robin

    Are the Iams dog bones safe?

  • Steve Nowell

    My three cats eat exclusively Prescription m/d, and have for years. I just saw the recall and now am wondering if I should take my cats for some screening? My vet said that they would do it for $79 for each cat. Am I being overly concerned? If the vet was able to find some damage, would it be treatable?

    Thought I was safe…guess not.

    Sorry to hear about everyone else losses….

    Steve Nowell

    • Scott Pignatella


  • Ian

    I guess it’s better to have this in the pet food counter and not the baby food counter. It strikes me that North America and Canada in particular importing wheat from China, well do you truly believe that? I suspect that the problem is more local and China comes from a PR spin guy. Ian.

  • mimi

    it, makes me so angry. i’m going to make my dog, homemade food. all those poor families losing there pet’s. our pet’s are like our best friend’s and we have to worry about such feeding our pet’s their favorite food’s and now even treat’s are coming on the recall list. im pissed….

  • donna didonato

    i am giving my two cats pounce treats which is the pouce crunchy chicken and turkey flavor. i do not know if this product is on the list of the recall products.

    i would appreciated if i can be informed on the matter.

    thank you very much,


    my e-mail address is owleyes@nyc.rr.com

  • donna didonato

    i am giving my two cats pounce treats which is the pouce crunchy chicken and turkey flavor. i do not know if this product is on the list of the recall products.

    i would appreciated if i can be informed on the matter.

    thank you very much,


    my e-mail address is owleyes@nyc.rr.com

    • Lisa

      Just saw that Pounce Meaty Morsels Moist Chicken flavor is on the recall list. My cat has been eating these, the code and expiration date are not the same, but my cat has been vomiting. Taking him to the vet this AM for the blood work. I want to know if these companies are going to reimburse us our vet expenses. I just had my new German Shepherd puppy in this weekend for diarrhea, now wondering if he ate some of the treats and that is what made him sick, my bills for him this weekend and the cat are now at $200.

      • Sue

        My cat ate Pounce chicken flavor snacks and we took him to the vet on 4/1 because he wasn’t moving. He died two days later from kidney failure. We ended up paying about $800.00 in vet bills to try and save him. I would stay away from any pounce flavors …….

  • Beth

    I have been giving both of my cats Pounce Moist Chicken Flavor treats and I came home to vomit all around my apartment today. This was not on the recall list. Has anyone else run across a problem with these?

  • Sarah

    uh…. okay. nice talking to you. loserrr

  • Peggy Bair

    What’s bugging me about this whole fiasco is that the advice is to NOT make your own pet food because you might do something wrong that is bad for your pet. They don’t want you to NOT buy pet food yet they refuse to give consumers recipes for making their own pet food. So, what are we supposed to do? We obviously can’t trust the pet food manufacturers but we’re considered too dumb to figure out how to make our own pet food — and they sure as heck aren’t going to tell us how to make our own pet food. What the ????

    I can’t help but note that the so-called experts in pet food are also affiliated with pet food manufacturers — or they are vets with an interest in selling pet food as some percentage of their income in their vet practices.

    Fortunately, there ARE sources for information about how to make your own pet food and there ARE holistic vets who have better methods of treating and maintaining the the health of pets.

    To HECK with the pet food manufacturers. What this fiasco has done is expose their shoddy practices and the crap they put together and dare to tell vets is the best and most wholesome food. Dig deep and read some articles about what is really in the crap we are feeding our dependent companions — then tell the pet food manufacturer to take a flying leap when they dare to try and frighten pet owners out of taking matters into their own hands.

    Most people will be like sheep and believe the hype and reassurances and fancy labeling that is no doubt being freshly printed as we speak “No Wheat Gluten!” will be in big, bold prominent letters on future pet food bags, along with the words “Safe” “Wholesome” “Real MEAT” “No By-Products” “No Melamine” or whatever other placating b.s. they think will keep consumers buying these useless pellets that are riddling our pets with disease…diseases that *gasp* the vets will no doubt be available to treat.

    I lost a dog in this mess out of trusting the vet’s advice all these years. Now that I know what’s really in commercial pet food — I’m totally outta here. Never feeding my dogs that crap again ever. I’m feeding them fresh food cooked from scratch using approved recipes — and yes, my dear and well-educated consumers. We aren’t as dumb as they think we are. We akshully wint to skool and learnt to reed and right.

  • Vicki

    My husband and I lost our 10 year old Schnauzer about 3 weeks ago. He was not on any of the foods listed as problems. Then last week, our 2nd dog, also a Schnauzer and only 2 years old was extremely sick….4 days and $1000 in vet bills later he is home. We have decided to make his food from now on. The only problem I have is that he was born with kidneys 75% non-functioning and I am lost as to where to find information on what he should be eating. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  • Ron

    I am relatively new to this scare, but have two young Yorkies who are on Natural Balance in the tube, and Cesar in the little tubs. Haven’t had any symptoms yet but am really scared about this. If anyone has any info about these two foods, please pass it on. It seems to me that there should be some kind of simple test that we could perform at home on the food to see if it is toxic. Even home made pet food which may not be balanced nutritionally is better than poison!!!!! When I was a kid(50 years ago) we fed our dogs on “table scraps” exclusively and they lived long healthy lives. So much for the inadequate home made food nonsense. Dog food companies and most vets don’t give a damn about anything but their profits.

  • Mary Leitch

    When I heard of the dog food scare, I called Sam’s to find out if the food I had purchased for my dog was on the recall list, they said it was not. I had purchased 24 cans of “Dog Food” which is cuts of beef in gravy which was already in a case lot. It was cheap food, so right away I had thought it might be on the recall list. My dog has been eating it and has had no signs of illness. In fact he seems very healthy. Since Sam’s is part of Wal-Mart, I just thought this food had to be bad, but apparently it is not. It has a number on the can of 07004. It also showed wheat gluten in the ingredients. Is this okay?

  • susy wong

    My cat died in January. He ate W/D and M/D for over a year. He was 7 and when he died he had been sick with flu like symptoms off and on for that whole period. I think he was slowwly poisoned by this food.

    • Brooke Mckinney

      here is a link to a book with 100 cat food recipes. You just go to the link and then click on download for free with file factory basic


      you may have to cut and paste the link in your browser

      also, why is the news only reporting that around 15 pets have died, when it’s more like thousands? The fifteen that died were Menu Foods test cats. If you really love your animals, my suggestion is do not feed them anything with wheat gluten in it or anything that has any connection to menu foods. I researched and found Natural Balance, it is all natural and not affiliated in any way to Menu Foods. My cats are picky eaters and it is taking a little time for them to get used to it, but I think they will. You can get it at Petco store or online. I had been feeding them Friskies and Special Kitty dry, but I saw where a lot of people’s pets had died from eating that crap so I switched them.

      • Deanna St.Louis

        I tried to make some homemade cat food for my cat and followed some of the cat food recipes that I had found, but she turned her nose up at it all. She is a very finicky eater. So, I called my vet’s office about some other suggestions they might have for making her some homemade cat food. They suggested baby food. I got some cans of baby food and my cat loves it! This may help those who have really finicky cats who do not like their owners cooking.

  • David A. Utter

    Right when Menu Foods found out about what was happening with dogs and cats, one of their executives, the CFO, dumped half of his shares in the company. Three weeks later they announced the recall.

    More here.


    • Super-Pissed

      Isn’t that inside-trading? Isn’t that a federal offense? Lock the fucker up! NOW!

  • Chelle


    My W/D moist cat food starts turning red/blood red if my cat does not eat it all within 12 hours. Today I noticed that there seemed to be some sort of tiny grey bugs on the food as well. I am concerned that there is something in the food that could hurt my cats. Please let me know if you have heard of this before. Thank you.

    • Judy Sellers

      My dog was on w/d and the top of the lid
      and inside the can turned red after being
      in the refigerator overnight. Don’t know what could have caused the reaction, but sure would like to know.

  • Cassandra

    My cat at the age of 1 year and 4 months, had to be put down due to Urinary Tract Disease (also known as FLUTD in cats). His symptoms did apply but very rare for his age and the fact he wasnt neutered, but he also had the symptoms of renal failure,(large amounts of urine, lethargy, weight loss, urinating blood) so i thought the best thing to due is end his suffering… Vets are overwhelmed with paperwork and making reports to the FDA and are not being paid for the extra, strenuous work, so they are diagnosing animals with Urinary Tract Disease. A simple blood test will tell if your pets have renal failure. I know 15 others with cat & dogs diagnosed the same. This urinary disease in not common to occur. In fact, less than 2% of cats each year are diagnosed with it and most commmonly occurs in spayed or neutered pets over the age of 4 or 5. Its too unusual for all these pets to get this problem. Its not contageous. Its a coverup. And vets are trying to cover there butts. Im a Pharmacy Technician, and very knowledgable in these things. Im in the business to help people, some are in the business to make money off death. My heart and prayers go out to all of the animals suffering and dying.

  • Cindy

    I have been cooking homemade dog food and feeding it to my dogs for the last 2 years – I had a terrible time with allergies (light skin dog – short hair). I spent $200.00 a month on medication and steriods that only worked for a short time – I also struggled with ear infections. You can cook from home and maintain a heatly diet for audut dogs and puppies – just have to know what you are doing. I now have 5 vets that are feeding the food to their pets and recommending my food to their clients. By taking the time and feeding a well balanced meal with NO fillers or preservatives – you save money. The upside to this as well is based on the garlic content (it’s not bad when you know what you are doing, keeps fleas off as well – no more drops). So anyone who would like to have a sample, know more – e-mail me at CROQUE8686@MSN.COM.

  • http://www.pawstotail.com Jennifer

    Very Interesting article and i like the quires.
    Thank You

  • http://www.pawstotail.com Jennifer

    Wow that is horrible stuff, how can this be prevented? something has to be done so it does not happen again.

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