PES 2014 Hopes To Win Over The FIFA Faithful With Its New Engine And Gameplay

    July 1, 2013
    Zach Walton
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EA rules the world of soccer with its FIFA franchise. It’s the best selling sports game around the world every year thanks in part to its exclusive license with FIFA and all the benefits that brings. Konami has tried to compete over the last few years with its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, but it was just never as good of a game as EA’s. Konami is hoping to change all that this year with a new game running on a new engine.

As announced at E3 2013, Konami will be using Kojima Productions’ Fox Engine to power PES 2014. It still doesn’t have access to the FIFA brand and teams, but Konami is hoping to build a better game than EA this time to better compete. The hope is that the quality of its soccer game will make players forget that it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of FIFA 14. Here’s a trailer that shows all the new innovations that Konami’s PES team is implementing in the newest title:

If anything, Konami will have on pretty soccer game on its hands this year. Whether that will translate into more sales remains to be seen.

As for FIFA, EA announced today that Javier Hernandez will be this year’s cover athlete for FIFA 14. Konami hasn’t announced its cover athlete for PES 2014 yet.

  • http://www.citytimez.com Ankit Dhadwal

    By seeing the reviews only i had a smile on my face. Waiting for it to be installed in my pc and getting ready to play. Thanks for the information

    • Wiz Majo

      Can’t wait for it’s release

  • http://www.behance.net/diecinueve sermi19

    Hi guys, I just redesign the interface of PES 2014. Hope you like it: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Pro-Evolution-Soccer-2014/9552891

  • Marble

    PES 2014 looks promising.

    Why a company of EA’s size is still sticking with the same horrid cartoon candy graphics even on PS4/XBOX ONE platform is a mystery. I can only think it’s because Fifa is marketed to children hence they don’t want a realistic looking game. Fifa is frustrating in too many ways now. Too gimmicky and too much reluctance to fix bugs because they can just use it as an excuse for people to buy the next iteration. Im hoping PES take the crown back.

  • http://www.ukstream.eu/fifa-2014-live-tv-streaming-online/ fifa 2014

    wow! its great wait for it

  • Yom

    Cnt wait!

  • Yom

    Cnt wait

  • Yom

    This is d time 4 pes 2 knock ’em out.bt d fact stil remains dat pes 2014 copied some of fifa 13 features.e.g.in pes 14,d nearest player chase d ball n make a quick throw in,its already in fifa 13.