Personalization in Email Marketing

    November 30, 2006

Marketing by email has grown into a science! No longer can we just throw a hastily written email to our prospects and expect results.

In the ever growing sea of spam, our email really must stand out if it is to be seen and opened. To accomplish that you have to GET PERSONAL!

That’s why, if you are in any way marketing by email, you need to pay special attention to three fields in your email interface. They are:

1. The “From” field

2. The “From Email” field

3. The “Subject” field

In the “From” field be sure you enter either your company name or your personal name. Don’t leave the generic name or default name that may be inserted in their by your email software or autoresponder.

If your prospect is used to dealing with you by name, use that. If they don’t know you personally, use your company name.

In the “From Email” field, again it is crucial this is not left blank or down to the default setting. Make sure the email address you put in here is one you check regularly and also one that is not swamped with spam. It is so easy to overlook an important email and delete it accidentally when trawling through the spam.

You may choose to create a special email address just for that mailing so you can give the responses priority. Be sure that is what you put in the “From Email” field.

Thirdly, give attention to the subject line. Be sure to use the merge code or personalization features in your email software or autoresponder. Using the individual’s first name or full name is always good.

When the subject line starts with something like: “Attention: John Smith”, you can be sure the message has a high chance of getting opened.

Then write just a few important words in the subject line as a hook to get the prospect to read the message.

Be careful not to make it too long (for example, over 30-35 characters) as many email programs will not show long lines and the message will run off the screen.

Create a subject line with few words which include the prospects first or full name.

Marketing by email can be lucrative and at the same time challenging. Remember to GET PERSONAL and pay attention to your From fields and the Subject line and greatly increase your chances of success.


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