Perl Bootcamp Planned For July

    April 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The five-day intensive Perl class will be available at Big Nerd Ranch this July and taught by the Learning Perl 4th edition and Intermediate Perl co-author, brian d foy.

Before you write in to complain, foy’s name is supposed to be lowercase, so take it up with him when you head to Big Nerd Ranch near Atlanta for this summer’s Perl Bootcamp.

Let’s face it, Perl rocks if you’re a system administrator. There are few things more satisfying than having some stammering useless network manager come in to the office in a panic, where you respond by bashing out ‘perl -e’ and the code of your choice, pipe to an output file and serve it up on a warm, freshly burned CD.

For programmers in the C++ and Java world, Perl looks like something vomited up from the kernel during a core dump. Perl Bootcamp can clear up that misconception, and do so without the use of cattle prods or similar devices.

The class focuses on running attendees through what looks like at least a semester’s worth of Perl in a five-day span. Some of the topics for the course include:

•  Scalars, Lists and Arrays
•  Subroutines and Hashes
•  Basic input and output
•  Regular and advanced regular expressions for character classes, anchoring patterns, and metacharacters
•  Manipulating Files and Directories
•  Database access with DBI

Perl experience is not required, but someone should have prior experience with a programming language, Big Nerd Ranch said in a statement.

The course syllabus noted some of the areas where and for whom knowledge of the power of Perl can be of significant benefit:

•  finding creative ways to handle complex coding issues
•  PHP programmers wanting to embrace a more capable and mature language to handle more sophisticated web development
•  experienced programmers looking for better and more efficient ways to complete their projects

Big Nerd Ranch prices the US version of the Perl Bootcamp, taking place July 10-14, at $3500. That includes the class, lodging, three meals per day, a student guide, transportation to and from the airport, and a T-shirt for attendees. When the class is offered in Europe, the price is 2800 plus VAT.

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