Performics: Another Part Of The DoubleClick Deal

    April 18, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google wants to buy DoubleClick, which owns Performics. Pending government approval of the deal, Google’s ownership of a large SEO firm with prominent brand-name clients has created some buzz.

Q. What will Google do with Performics?

A. Performics is part of DoubleClick, and we are acquiring it as part of the transaction. We have no plans to dispose of it at this time. -- from the Google/DoubleClick FAQ

Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal stirred up some search professionals with his look at Performics, the SEO/SEM company DoubleClick owns, and Google’s potential ownership of that search company.

Some noteworthy search pundits weighed in with comments in response to Baker’s question: "What do you think Google will do with Performics?"

Danny Sullivan sees a real conflict of interest with Google owning a firm that helps people rank well on Google:

It opens them up to accusations that Performics will get insider knowledge or be favored over other “third party” firms. I expect it to be sold in short order and remain amazed the FAQ doesn’t actually say something like “we’re aware of the inherent conflicts in owning this unit and are exploring options.”

Carsten Cumbrowski responded by noting how Performics may just fade into Google’s other ad aspirations:

What Google can use though is Performics expertise in Analytics because they did Cross Channel advertising using different compensation models (CPC, CPA, CPS and CPM ) for Advertisers, something Google didn’t do yet, but will do.

Search industry observers will likely watch how Performics clients rate for searches, to see if those clients’ post-DoubleClick-purchase search rankings rise dramatically. We don’t see Google willingly giving up the brand name clients Performics has by divesting itself of the unit unless federal regulators make them do so.