Performancing Updates Blogging Tool

    January 24, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Firefox extension Performancing for Firefox received an update to 1.1, adding several new features and squashing several bugs in version 1.0.1.

The outstanding blog helper Performancing for Firefox (PFF) just received an extra boost of goodness from its developers. A 162kb update brings the popular Firefox extension up to version 1.1 and boasts some tweaks users should find helpful.

Technorati fans picked up more support for that blog search engine, while bookmarkers now see integration the service in the extension. Performancing’s Jed Brown also posted a link to documentation assembled by Chris Garrett to assist new users of PFF.

The Page Tools tab in PFF brings up Technorati info about the current page. For example, Page Tools said there are 7,984 links and 2,751 blogs linking to the WebProNews home page. support in PFF gives those users access to their bookmarks and tags from the Bookmarks tab in the extension. Once logged in, users can see their existing tags and bookmark a new blog post from PFF. ( was down at press time, ~8 am ET, throwing a ‘zero sized reply’ error.)

Other new features include trackbacks, pings, and “post as draft” support. Performancing also added support for WordPress 2.0 blogs along with several other fixes. They also displayed some of the new button designs for PFF; Australian web developer Wayde Christie was the top winner of Performancing’s button design contest.

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