PeoplePC Offers Low Cost Internet Service

    February 9, 2009

PeoplePC, a provider of low cost Internet service and a subsidiary of EarthLink, has introduced "Connect for Less," an economy Internet access service aimed at helping users save money.

PeoplePC says its Connect for Less service is available for $7.95 a month or about 25 cents per day and it offers unlimited dial-up Internet access at 20 percent less than it competitors.

PeoplePC Offers Low Cost Internet Service
Kevin Brand

"Staying connected to the Internet is very important, especially during these uncertain and challenging economic times. For a limited time, EarthLink will offer consumers a new, low-cost Internet access option," said Kevin Brand, EarthLink’s senior vice president of product management.

"Whether your job has been impacted and you need to search for employment or you surf the Web for bargains on household necessities, Internet dial access, with our Smart Dialer technology, continues to be an effective and inexpensive tool."

Connect for Less customers will have access to more than 12,000 dial-up numbers nationwide, email with spam controls and virus protection powered by Symantec, two email addresses and free Internet call waiting.

To promote the service, the 795th person to sign up for Connect for Less will receive the $7.95 per month service free for one year. The offer will be repeated for each additional 795th person who signs up.