People Are Finding More Words To Search With

By: WebProNews Staff - February 14, 2008

Brian Ussery, an Atlanta SEOer and blogger, reported last week that Google searchers have broken the three-word search term barrier as of the fourth quarter of 2007. The average query is now four words.

That means a lot to SEOers targeting that long tail of search. It also means (maybe) that, collectively, searchers are becoming a bit more sophisticated in their searching, or at least more specific.

Ussery says he and colleagues learned the news from Google’s Avinash Kaushik at a social gathering at Google Atlanta. Kaushik "beta tested" a presentation he’d put together during the flight over.

The story’s so boring it has to be true.

Hey, mind if I beta test a reading of Deuteronomy? Oh, wait, that’s what Leviticus was, wasn’t it?

I keed, I keed. Just sayin’ I don’t think he’s name-dropping.

Ussery also learned that 14% of Google clicks were from paid search, and 25% of user queries were unique queries. 

Hat tip to Search Engine Roundtable

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  • beussery

    Boring? : )

  • beussery
  • Steve Hawkins

    I wish my clients would take notice of this when giving me stupid keyword lists for SEO

  • David Jenkins

    Wow! Thats incredible. It went from 3 to 4 words in a search. Jees, Whats next? 5? 6? Will it ever end?

  • Guest

    I wonder if the UK searching customer will ever learn to use their home town or county in the search terms to regionalise their search – it would help them (and me) so much.

  • Guest

    checking our google dashboard, each string seems to include in, at and…..   do they count?


    Maybe in a distant future average query will be like epic poem about what you want to find.

    I’m usually type one word and press Feeling Lucky button. Cause I’M LUCKY )))))

  • Perfect Wealth Formula

    I think breaking the 3 word search barrier is great news.  4 words makes it easier to target the right people more often.  This is exciting news, indeed.

  • Leicester

    This is definitely becoming the norm, and the longer the tails/phrases the more grammatical alternatives have to be considered, with common words such as "with" being replaced with "and" in the tail sentences.

  • Firebubble Design

    So boring it has to be true :) like it.

  • SEO Company

    Long tail is King. It is much more specific and is more accurate, and reflects more of what the user wants.

    Anyone who doesnt have some kind of analytical tracking program link Google Analytics needs to get that on their site now :)

  • SEO COmpany

    Its great to hear that now people are using 3 to 4 words query to search something on Google.