Pentagon Channel Launches Online

    November 8, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

When one thinks of the Pentagon and technology, big expensive things that make really loud noises come to mind; however, the home of the US military has branched out a bit.

Pentagon Channel Launches Online
Pentagon Channel Coming To A Webcast Near You

The Department of Defense probably isn’t going to put CNN out of business with its cable, satellite, and now webcast of the Pentagon Channel. What it does offer is a 24/7 look at the news and interviews the military generates.

A 24-hour day breaks up into 30-minute programming blocks. Armed Forces Network news from different regions has been sprinkled throughout a typical day, along with looks at news about each branch of the military. Podcasts of the Pentagon Channel can be found online too.

One program, Freedom Journal Iraq, specifically focuses on the military mission in Iraq. There is also a bi-weekly news report created in Mosul, Iraq called The Stallion Report and created by the Army’s 355th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment.

A sample of interviews listed on the site’s home page include several Pentagon briefings conducted for reporters. One briefing features Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield and his UK counterpart, John Reid, speaking with the press; another briefing from southeastern Iraq discusses ongoing security operations there.

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