Penny Marshall: Scammed Out of 5 Grand By Lamar Odom?

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Actress and director Penny Marshall has been an avid Lakers fan for years; it's not uncommon to see her on the sidelines at the games, cheering on her favorite team. So it's no surprise that she and Lamar Odom should rub elbows in the same circles; there's a photo of the two of them celebrating her birthday with some friends circulating around the interwebs.

Oddly enough, however, TMZ is reporting that Marshall met someone at a game last month who claimed to be Odom's assistant and gave her what he said was the basketball player's phone number. After a few texts back and forth, Marshall allegedly received a communication from "Lamar Odom" asking for a $5,000 loan for his assistant. (Note: five grand is a big number for most of us, but for the man who is married to a Kardashian and plays professional ball, it's probably not that big a deal. Why he would need to borrow money from Marshall for his assistant is beyond me. If this story is true, it's odd that Marshall didn't smell something fishy right then). Marshall, being the kind soul she is known to be, lent the cash without a second thought. Soon after, she stopped receiving communications from "Lamar Odom", and that's when she reportedly understood that she'd been had.

TMZ says Marshall has filed a police report with the LAPD, who have opened a grand theft investigation. No word yet from Marshall's people--or Odom's--on whether the story is true.

I need $5,000. Anyone have Penny Marshall's phone number?
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