Nancy Pelosi says Democrats will ‘Stand Tall’ in Support of Obamacare

    November 17, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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As suspected, the talk around Washington DC is the loss of the presidents approval ratings. As Fox News put it, “President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to 39 percent amid the problems plaguing the ObamaCare rollout, according to a new poll by Quinnipiac University released Tuesday.”

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says different, in an interview Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Pelosi said, “I don’t think you can tell what will happen next year” when voters cast ballots in the mid-term elections, but “I will tell you this: Democrats stand tall in support of the Affordable Care Act.”

She, like many other democrats believe that the issues with the HealthCare.gov website is not weighing heavy on their heads. Yes, it’s inconvenient, but as Pelosi puts it, “is an issue that has to be dealt with, but it doesn’t mean, ‘oh, this is a political issue so we’re going to run away from it'” and that jobs would be the main issue in 2014.

It’s those nasty letters that are haunting Mr. President, and all the other people who thought they had insurance. Those letters that dropped tens of thousands of Americans. However, that issue was immediately dealt with, when “39 of Pelosi’s House Democrats joined with 222 Republicans to vote for a bill sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., that would allow health insurance firms to continue to sell insurance plans next year that don’t comply with Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements.”

But in regard to the credibility issue, Obama repeatedly pledged “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan,” but that didn’t happen, many Americans that had coverage were dropped. Their current plans not complying with the requirements of the ACA. That could be a good thing, though, if people didn’t panic. If insurance companies are now being regulated by ACA, who would want to stick with an insurance company that doesn’t comply? Wouldn’t that mean higher rates, and address the same problems that existed which ACA was developed to fix?

The Affordable Care Act is working great in many states, and will be up and running in others soon.

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  • Bob

    I dont give a crap what she says unless she and all her family get stuck paying for this crap instead of sing our taxpayer dollars to pay for her ins !

  • Pizzaman7

    5.5 million people lost their healthcare this year. next year 100 million will. I told a lot of people this would happen. Instead, especially if you have a job, you will pay for a plan that the government has determined you need to buy which will increase your costs heavily. most of use make too much money for subsidies. what a mess ! 646 million dollars for a web site that has 10 year old technology and very little security. a hacker’s dream. they even stipulate not to expect any privacy. why did a company from Canada get the contract for this ? because it is Valerie Jarrett’s husband ! Then he gets the contract to fix it ! I have worked with developers that told them they have to fix their bugs for free otherwise I kick them off the project. not our government though. 30% of the site is not even done after 3 years ! how are you going to pay when they don’t accept credit cards !

    I hope people wake up. government has no business running healthcare. they have no business running anything. we in the private sector do it much better.