PEI Bounty Hunting For Blogger

    April 24, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Someone does not like the politics of Prince Edward Island in Canada, and took to blogging about prominent people and entities in a way that infuriated one target to offer a reward for the blogger’s identity.

CBC Network reported on the disruption of bucolic life on PEI by a blogger with an axe to grind. Among the (currently offline) blogger’s targets include Kevin O’Brien, owner of the Island Services Network ISP.

O’Brien wants the blogger to be identified, and has offered $1,000 (about $878 USD) for that information. Even the offending blogger can collect the reward by identifying himself or herself, O’Brien wrote.

CBC noted that the blogger’s attacks include the provincial Liberal party and the Charlottetown Guardian newspaper. Although the blogger’s profile is still online, the offending blog appears to have been removed.

The blogger also posted to, another offline blog that formerly mocked the Guardian newspaper. Like the other blog, this one listed the sort of political posting that, to an American viewer, would be considered mild at best. The Guardian considered them libelous.

Munir Umrani at The Blogging Journalist posted one comment made by the blogger about possible interference with the PEI Islander blog:

By the way, the blogger, whose posts are signed “Concerned Islander”, says “It appears the dirty hacks and someone with computer expertise has rigged the comment button [on PEI Liberal] to some sort of bug that will close down you[r] internet explorer. We do not know who it is but it could [be] someone at ISN given Kevin O’Brien’s relationship with the Liberal Party.”


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