Pebble Power!

    March 22, 2006

Yesterday, three important things arrived. The first was my first free issue of Wired, with Will Wright as guest editor.

The second was a much-needed 300 gigabyte hard drive. You’d think nothing could top that

So, who’s got a great memory? Anybody remember that I made an order from Google Base a few weeks ago, partly in order to see how the process goes, and partly to see if it netted me a free t-shirt? Do you remember what I ordered?

Well, lets takes a look at this new screenshot/picture gallery I’ve uploaded to Flickr. For the screenshots, click on the image to see a larger version.

Here’s Google Purchases order history page:

Here’s the order summary page:

Once your item has been shipped, you can leave feedback for the seller. Look at how happy I am!

Afterwards, you can review any feedback you previously left.

Now, onto the photos:

Here’s the item, resting on its UPS envelope and order slip:

Notice that they didn’t even bother to send a proper receipt in the package! Just a strip of paper that reads:

Purchased from Google Base – pet pebble. Order #**********

How am I supposed to declare my wonderful $1.15 pet pebble on my taxes (as the business expense it clearly is) without a proper printed receipt? Where’s my certificate of authenticity? How do I know this pebble came from the Googleplex itself, and not some regular rock garden?

Here’s the li’l rock by itself:

And here you can see that it is slightly larger than the Google Base logo:

But hopefully you get an idea of its size by seeing it in my relatively normal palm (as opposed to my other palm, which is anything but normal, or my Palm, which could get scratched):

And finally, my Google Base pebble, in all its glory:

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