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    March 21, 2005

Trumba: It’s not easy being me. You wouldn’t know that from looking at my outlook calendar. Trumba is not just a personal calendar or group calendar we help people build calendar networks across communities.


Have you ever found out about an event after the fact, one you would have gone to if you had known? Movies, concerts, interviews on NPR, business meetings that were right down the steet. Ever try to use the web to keep up? With all these mapping apps, wonder what is going on in all the building. In 2005 the web has still not delivered on the promise and potential of the long tail of events.


The future of search is find. Enterprise software. Search today is anachronistic, assumes the user is an application, not a human. Future of search mirrors human behavior. Not sure what this company specifically does from the pitch.


Why is it after all that has been achieved with information access on the web are will frustrated with search engines and portals. They do not let us manage information in the way we think. We think of documents as tangible objects with surrounding relationships. We know what information matters to us, but systems make it difficult. Enterprises have built KM systems that cannot keep pace with how we think, or have given up and gone with search that does not reflect they way we think.


Makes chips for RFID. Tiny indeed. Small, low cost, simple manufacturing, consume less power than the brain of a honeybee. 10’s of billions will be deployed annually, replacing bar codes, new apps, more processing power than an Intel 8086. The largest Platform for Communications on earth. Patents, performance, scalable manufacturing, system solutions company, first to market.


A peer to peer network introduced by two people (Esther says its appropriately so). May remember them from Spinner, the first internet only radio station service. Grouper is a private media network. Came back from Burning Man and wanted to share media. Sharing with friends, integrates file sharing, social networking and desktop search. Create private groups. No restriction or size or quantity of files. Private encyrpted. Numanuma.


Millions of medical errors happen each year. Suite of software on handhelds for use by physicians at the point of care. 1 in 4 physicians in the US use Epocrates. Layering on services from the top 10 drug companies to deliver drug info, drug recall, insurance information. Have the largest medical research community for polling doctors. Grew 70% last year.


John Malone in 93: “out new network, the infostructure network, will do blah blah blah” 10 years later this is all true, but on a dumb network. Barry Diller: “Rupert Murdoch is the only person in the world able to deliver content on three content.” Brightcove fosters and enables this transformation, an era of information television.

Rearden Commerce

Five years ago, founded at the peak of the boom. Massive infrastructure is available, but we have diminishing returns for productivity or user satisfaction. Shift from technology to user centric. They are building Internet 2.0, perhaps they do something with web services.

Opera Software

They make browsers “we are coming from scandinavia and its difficult to talk up things.” Fastest, most secure, best browser. WAP browsers only let you get to a certain amount of sites. They port the same desktop browser and put it on the mobile device. Use web technologies to make standardized solutions. Much of this is not visible in the US. If you are making Active X big screen sites, you will have to make whole new sites.


Joe talks about his background. Ward Cunningham and the Wiki Wiki bus. No comment on the rest of it.

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