PayPal Introduces App for Google Android Phones

    May 6, 2009
    Chris Crum

PayPal has introduced an app for Google’s Android today. The app gives PayPal users easy access to their accounts from Android Phones.

A post at the PayPal Blog lays out the features:

PayPal Android App– Direct integration with the contact list.  You won’t need to remember people’s numbers or emails anymore to send them money!  Just select their name from your list of contacts, and we’ll make sure they get paid.

– Recent history. You can use your phone to look at your transactions over the last couple of months.  So if you ever need to check whether or not a payment has come through, it’ll be simple to find out.

– Balance checks.  We show you all your balances in any of the currencies you hold.

The PayPal app for Android utilizes the same security technology that uses, so if you trust one, you should have no problem trusting the other. The app is supposed to be available for download via the Android Market, though I am having a hard time locating it currently.

In March, eBay did say that it had big mobile plans for PayPal. This should be a big part of that. The company also recently announced a deal with Research In Motion that makes PayPal an option for buying apps for BlackBerry devices.

In fact, eBay plans to put PayPal in the spotlight in general this year. That should be even easier to do with the unloading of other services like Skype and StumbleUpon.