Paulina Rubio Accused Of Beating Male Assistant

By: Amanda Crum - November 2, 2012

Mexican songstress Paulina Rubio is now embroiled in a legal battle with her former assistant, who says she kicked and punched him following an airline mix-up which left her sitting in the coach section.

Felipe Restrapo Betancur says his former employer arrived too late to catch her flight from Miami to Mexico, where she was scheduled to perform the next day. In order to keep her on schedule, Betancur says he booked her a new flight, but because it was almost full, he could only secure her a seat in coach, and that’s when she went off.

The lawsuit–which states that “Ms. Rubio committed assault and battery upon Plaintiff causing him pain, anguish, physical and emotional harm”–alleges that the abuse continued during the entire stay in Miami, and that Betancur ended his employment with Rubio as soon as they arrived home.

Amanda Crum

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  • tony

    Some people ae demanding or Diva’s in her case. All he has to do is do to her what she did to him and she’ll never do it again

  • Leila

    What a horrible bitch! I hope he takes her to the bank and she spend some time in jail.

  • maria

    put her in jail i dont care she a star she has to pay like everbody in jail

  • maria

    she needs to go to jail and pay for it like everbody go to jail when they do that

  • Jose

    My cousin danced for her and he said she is nothing but a BIACH. She always want to get her way or it is the highway. Maybe she got mad becaiuse her assistant did not wanna give her a little something something if you all know what I mean.


    Hmm…wonder if she is related to Marco? I hate to say this, but I have never heard of her, but I would like to give her one across the chops.

    • Michele

      Nothing kills me more than a badly written sentence. Seriously, if you’re going to make a point, write it well or don’t say anything; It becomes pointless.

  • chas

    she understandably lost her temper how much can she hurt him anyway would you sue her I didn’t think so

  • craig long

    Never heard of her. This wouldn’t even be in the news if the media weren’t trying to associate it with Marco Rubio and smear his name.

    • Chidi

      This is news because she is a famous Mexican singer. This has nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with Marco Rubio. It’s laughable that you believe this story is posted simply because they have the same last name…like that never EVER happens. But I can imagine your frustration. The news should only report things familiar to you in your small world.

  • Lisa

    Doesn’t matter whether she can hurt him, she has no business assaulting him. In attempted or failed robberies the perpetrator still gets arrested if caught, so whether she can throw a punch or not she should go to court.

  • http://yahoo isabella

    Paulina is nothing but a spoild brat. I do not her her music or her singing. In fact she can not sing. Has no voice for it. She lives of making head lines for her bad behavior and that is all.

  • Lisa

    I have never heard of this woman. This story would never be trending number one in yahoo if she didn’t have the same last name as Marco Rubio.
    Another smear tactic by the skanky liberal media.

    • Jack Puzi

      Paulina Rubio has sold over 20 million records. She is considered one of the most influential celebrities in Latin America. You have a narrow view of the world. Not everything is a conspiracy. I imagine you also believe Groucho Marx and John Lennon started communisim in Russia.

      • http://yahoo alicia ramirez

        shut up Lisa….even tho I think Paulina is a big loser she is a very famous person…of course you have never heard of her cause you are not mexican…

  • sal

    OMG to those who think that Paulina Rubio is a nobody, just google her or youtube her and you will see how stupid you sound thinking that it i a poltical ploy…this goes to show how stupid, arrogant, and uninformed republican’ts are….regarding the article, I totally believe she would do something like that in the past but thought she had matured after the birth of her baby, but i guess not. I hope we get to see her doing community service ala Naomi Campbell.

  • Shelley

    I don’t know who these “famous” singers are but they were all conceived the same way as every one else; we ALL work for a living, they just get overpaid to do something they love. Don’t imagine that you are someone special. You use restroom facilities the same way as anyone else (or do you pee eau de cologne and f@rt talcum powder?) Get over yourself Paulina.

  • VTR