Paulina Gretzky Featured on Maxim Cover

    November 7, 2013
    Brian Powell
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With the advent of Instagram came the ever-increasing popularity of the “selfie” – a niche art-form in which one is able to contort their body in the most awkward way possible in order to capture the perfect “glamour” shot, without the aid of an external photographer (This process became a WHOLE lot easier whenever smart phones started integrating forward-facing cameras – perhaps they are to blame?). And now, thanks to a sexually-repressed culture and internet addiction, one person has been able to use her talents as the “Selfie Queen” to establish a career posing for the camera – Paulina Gretzky.

Yes, she is the daughter of the G(HP)OAT (Greatest Hockey Player of All Time – we all know Muhammad Ali is the true GOAT) Wayne Gretzky. And yes, Mr. Gretzky is not a fan of his daughters risque selfies. Despite her father’s disappointment, Paulina has no intentions of ceasing her selfie addiction: “Some people gave me such a hard time for posting all these swimsuit pics on Twitter. I’m sorry, I’m not posting pictures when I’m reading a book. I feel like social media is supposed to be for fun, to share what you’re doing when you’re enjoying life.”

According to the December edition of Maxim magazine, Paulina has been enjoying life by wearing an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny white bikini while driving/washing/admiring a yellow Lamborghin:


If you think that her Maxim magazine spread is as hot as it gets, think again. According to TMZ, Paulina recently set her top on fire during a visit to a local bar. While relaxing next to an outside fire-pit at the restaurant, Paulina apparently turned to throw away a cigarette (Any less attractive now?) and in the process, dipped her sweater into the fire and was set ablaze. Fortunately for Paulina, the bar was full of male patrons who rushed to her aid, pulling the sweater off and saving Paulina (while also achieving instant gratification).

This was apparently Paulina’s second run-in with this particular fire-pit, as the bar had once before escorted her from the premises for dancing atop said pit.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy what you would rather be doing than reading my words – looking at pictures from Paulina Gretzky’s Instagram account:






[Images via Maxim and Instagram]

  • Yep

    Just remember all you girls out there — this is what you should aspire to. The selfie.

  • Hue Jass

    Her great two gave me a great one.