Paula Deen Gets Help From African-American Friends

    July 1, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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Paula Deen has lost a lot of friends lately. One partner company after another has jumped ship as she fights an ongoing battle against charges of racism. Endorsement deals with diabetic medications went south. Huge retailers abandoned her. Book publishers scratched her upcoming projects, including a book that was the hottest pre-seller on Amazon. And the biggest blow of all came when Food Network sacked her. It’s been a bad week to be Paula Deen.

But Paula has not gone quietly. Much of her effort to convince people that she is not a racist has backfired. Two different videos she released did little to convince people that the accusations were untrue. And a Today show appearance drew more jeers than sympathy.

The whole thing stems from a civil suit brought against Deen and her brother, co-owners in a restaurant, by a former manager at that restaurant, one Lisa Jackson. Jackson charged Deen and her brother with making racist remarks, among other things. She says she has standing to charge such things because she is “African-American adjacent”, saying that her nieces are mixed race, with a black father.

Her charges seem to be mostly about Deen’s brother, but also include accusations that Deen planned a “plantation-themed” wedding for her brother that included waiters dressed as house slaves.

Deen has retorted that Jackson is a disgruntled former employee who was fired from their restaurant, and that her niece is Hispanic, not black. She has admitted to using racial epithets, but not in a discriminatory situation, only rarely and privately with her family. NAACP officials have said that Deen should be forgiven that transgression and people should move on.

But now Deen is getting some reinforcements from African-Americans who know and work with her. Inside Edition reports that a singer at the aforementioned wedding has spoken out. Kim Michael Polote says she has know Paula Deen for 16 years.

“It wasn’t a plantation wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and it was right in the backyard of Paula’s home,” Polote said. “This woman is not a racist. I’ve been around her enough to know that she cares about people. She cares about people and she loves them.”

O’Neal Bailey has worked as Deen’s personal photographer for 8 years. He says, “She’s a joker but as far as being a racist, I’ve never seen that. I have never, ever heard her use the N-word to describe anybody in my presence.”

Deen has been seen on video footage, talking about and embracing African-American employees, including her bodyguard, Hollis Johnson, and two cooks who have worked with her since her early days in Savannah.

“I couldn’t do without these two women. They are like some of my chosen family. I just love them to death,” said Deen.

Given the backdrop that the Deen scandal is against – the Trayvon Martin case – volleys from both sides will probably go on for a while.

  • David Taylor

    The race baiters are out in full force spending time and emotional energy or the lynching of Paula Deen. Who made them judge and jury?

    • Nancy

      Paula Deen did this to herself, You know thi wasnt 30yrs ago she said it herself

  • candi baker

    This is crazy!!! Who hasnt said something at one time or another that they would have done differently if they had been thinking?? to hold something as trivial as this against one & RETALIATE SO BIG AS THEY HAVE, is childish..I am rethinking my shopping habits & am going to not shop at those places that have ripped this woman apart!!!

    • Carlen Ween

      Yeah, right. You know damn well you will continue to shop at Walmart. Everybody shops there, white, black, pink, and purple. It’s funny how now the word that whites you to say can actually cause them their ass. She is a racist. Stop taking up for her because the food she cooks is loaded with calories and causes diabetes. Let’s move on and now the door is open for another person who can respect other cultures and not say derogatory comments. Glad they gave her the boot!

  • Nat

    only like minded racists are taking up for this racist devil. i’m not surprised though – all white people are racist devils. that’s why you devils dont’t think this piece of trash has done anything wrong.

    • jan

      Careful one of YOUR matches is about to burn your butt.

    • Kerri

      You are a dumbass to state all white people are racists.Its people such as yourself that wine and cry about life instead of doing something productive. She has done nothing wrong that is deserving of the treatment she is getting.

    • phebs

      Nat, trash comes in all colors…sounds like your another bad seed creating hate by saying all whites are racists devils. Its people like you that create the trash you describe. Look at your self.

    • http://yahoo brad

      I guess you think if you stolden a watermelon or a bucket of fried chicken then its ok if your not a whitry.

    • http://yahoo brad

      your just a complete dumb saco of shit.your a complete fool

    • Adell

      I strongly disagree with you because all WHITE people are NOT RACIST!!!! In fact sometimes we are the nicest people you will meet….maybe you need to come down to the south an meet the great southern hospitality we have….We don’t hate around my house!!! As a matter if fact I’m white an my aunt is married to a black guy :)

    • Aquanetta

      Nat, what the hell you be trippin’ on, fool? Ain’t nobody a racist who said something 30 years ago. You gone judge? You best read what happened before you throw that woman under the bus. And get out the past, you here?

    • Kate

      Your comment is about as racist as they come. All white people are racist devils? Really, Really? So sad that you are so full of hate.

    • karen

      Sounds like to me you have a cold heart. maybe you are racist. I was brought up that the “n” word was a nasty dirty person, white or black. We hear the “n” word from black people more than white. At least she was women enough to at least admitted to what was said 20-30 years ago. Its people like YOU that act stupid about shit like this stiring up shit. Maybe you need to have a talk with god. I am sure he has forgiven Paula, but not you. Cold hearted people. FORGIVENESS. Im sure you are guilty of saying something wrong

      • Lorraine

        You are of so right. Blacks have been referring to themselves as “N——” for many years, and that is OK. Blacks have been referring to whites as c——- and h—— for many years and comedians use these terms back and forth all the time, but nothing is said about that and none of the are thrown under the bus. You might think this woman murdered someone. Look at the good she has done for the Blacks she has known; given them jobs, given them money to start their own businesses, started a foundation so that they would not go hungry, helping single mothers, etc. And you are throwing this woman under the bus? You all are so wrong and need to take a good look at your own souls.

      • http://mywebsearchhomepage carol



      She is not a racist devil…..so many double standard. I have heard sooo many derogatory remarks about every race. She said something 30 years ago. She admitted it, she did not lie. I don’t think there is ANTONE who could HONESTLY say that they have not EVER said a racist remark…..be it intentional or in the form of a “joke”. None of us are perfect. Are you? Rap music is full of the “N” word as well as many other derogatory words. It is still sold in stores. Why should stores/businesses sever ties with her. She admitted she did wrong. This is nothing but a modern day witch hunt. Lets talk about all these crooked politicians whose actions affect all of us. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://mywebsearchhomepage carol

        you know people are killing their children but it ok they call it a choice rapeing killing that ok to they were insane at the time selling items that promote drugs and killing that’s ok to standing by watching people starve that’s not news but wait somebody…but someone use the wrong word now that’s news

    • jg

      You’re an idiot.

    • chester

      Wow. A racist.

    • reelee

      Are you serious? I am neither white or racist and I support Paula Deen. I was troubled when I heard about this lawsuit more than a year ago…and even more so when the news of her testimony hit the news. However, I do NOT feel that people who make mistakes should be kept from earning an honest living. THAT is what caused me to look at things differently. It is amazing to me how you can declare alllll white people, or ANY person a devil……or trash. sigh….No one can judge the intents of another person heart…you on the other hand, “opened your mouth”(as it were) and confirmed that you are both ignorant and racist. Have a seat stat. #thatisallbuhbye

    • liz

      That’s right. All of us are. That is why we should just keep our mouths shut, go to work, and keep supporting the people that think all white people are racist devils. Those are the ones that need us the most :-) They EARNED our paycheck!

    • JJ

      Nat, You are an ignorant, asinine bigot. That remark you made about white people is definitely racist. Shame one you. It is because of hateful people like you that people in this world cannot coexist peaceful. You have diarrhea of the mouth and need to clean your mouth out with a bar of Lava soap.

    • eau

      Did you say the same about Jesse Jackson (remarks about Jews) and Al ‘get my face in news’ Sharpton (Brawley case, Duke University case, Martin case?)?


    If she made anti-Jewish comments there would be hell to pay but African American…well its okay to ask them to suck it up and act like “slaves” you people are amazing. What double standards. These groups and individuals are supporting her because of money and financial support for their charities and groups. They don’t want to lose that financial support no matter if their principles and self-respect is tarnished. What she did was insulting and she admitted to it in her deposition. She deserves what she is getting.


    If she made anti-Jewish comments there would be hell to pay but African American…well its okay to ask them to suck it up and act like “slaves” you people are amazing. What double standards. These groups and individuals are supporting her because of money and financial support for their charities and groups. They don’t want to lose that financial support no matter if their principles and self-respect is tarnished. What she did was insulting and she admitted to it in her deposition. She deserves what she is getting.

    • george

      Oh we should forgive Jesse and Sharpton. At least Jesse half ass apologised but Sharpton just hopes the crap he spews just goes away when he is caught in his B.S. And all these saintly blacks piling on Paula are without sin. Bunch of hypocrites. Go ahead, call me honky. You will when no one is listening or your in your racist bunch. Kiss my grits.

    • jane

      The fact that you choose Jews to bring up suggests to me that you’re an anti-semite. Am I mistaken? Then perhaps what Paula Deen said was also misinterpreted, taken out of context, and completely overblown. This issue has nothing to do with Jews, so perhaps you are an anti-semite, in which case you have no right to judge her or anyone else.

    • liz

      Double Standards? Really? SO… do you think us white people have to suck up double standards? Kanye got on national television and said George Bush did not care about black people. He attacked Taylor Swift. Every black comedian can say nasty crap about white people. Every Latino comedian can say nasty crap about white people. We cannot complain, nor do they get labelled racist…. and QVC, MTV, Walmart and so on still sells THEIR shit. Give me a break.

    • Bob Robinson

      Black people are the most racist people that there are. Just look at the last election results.

      • Montessahall

        Of course, all the white folks that voted for the previous 43 white presidents were just being “normal”

    • Diana

      It’s a WHITE WOMAN who is bringing these charges against Paula you idiot. No black person or black employee of hers has accused her using the “N” word. A WHITE WOMAN with black nieces is accusing her and Bubba and is asking for $1.2M in damages.

    • Bob

      The white woman who filed suit was called ” my little Jew girl” by Deen’s brother in the claim court docs…..

  • Ashley D

    YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Read the court documents before giving an opinion. The lawsuit is much bigger than just some silly name calling. Here’s the link, http://www.wtnzfox43.com/link/545400/lawsuit-filed-against-paula-deen-brother-earl-hiers. After reading then write what you think!

  • dm


  • http://yahoo.com dm


  • Nancy

    19 Fire fighters dies in Arizona. WHo cares about Paula Deen

  • Shells

    There will always be house****** in the big house.

  • http://yahoo brad

    if you wanta get nasty them they should black ball vicks from nfl for murdering dogs and animals .

    • http://goingblack 2050 atl

      brad what does the white house has to do with this story…nothing at all…grow up kid ??

  • sieben

    Some negro s are fool by her smile and even her support of them. What they don’t know is her conversations with other Racist behind closed doors. I would be naive to be believe that the last time she used the N word was 27 years ago.

    • lyn

      Do you see how many ‘thumbs down’ you have. Don’t be so quick to condemn anyone…. do you know what happens behind anyone’s closed door? How dare you even assume what someone says. That’s the job of the media, they “assume” most articles.

  • Ellsworth

    this comment board is racist,
    it will let me say the
    but not the

  • http://WebProNews Ann

    Why don’t we take a look at the history of some of the people of the companies who have sacked Paula Deen to see what they have done in their past. Would they pass the test? Or would they be thrown under the bus like Paula, as least she told the truth about something that happened 30 years ago. I am ashamed of the companies that turned their back on her so quickly. Let the one who has never made a mistake or sinned throw the first stone. Seems like the companies think they have never sinned or made a mistake. Shame on you.

    • Joseph Williams

      Yes, I think Walmart is a SLAVE HOUSE and the rest of them.

      • Lelee

        Wal-Mart only sells stuff made on a different continent. The few American brands that I did find, were still junk from China, mostly. I could find nothing even made in this hemisphere. Paula Dean is in her sixties, she was raised in the deep south. When every one you know speaks similarly, I am sure old habits are harder to break. I am a bit older than she, but I was raised in Kansas. We were taught early on that the N-WORD is a misspelling of a word that means liar and thief, and is slander when used by anyone of any color. She does not seem to be a bigot. Why are so many people believing the words of someone that had been fired.

        • cookie

          They are probably taking the time to read the deposition. Its not what she is accused of it is what she admitted to that allegedly took place between 2005-2010, not 27 years ago.

      • MDtorre

        Well, let me give you my 5 cents. It’s a witch hunt. I agree with the individuals saying the slur was 30 years ago.
        It happened WHEN? Thirty years ago!
        WalMart, I consider ‘Chinatown’. Most of these companies don’t have a backbone – punishing Deen for something that happened – HOW MANY YEARS AGO??? Most of these people need their brains redone. . . . .
        Trying to make a statement with one individual – wait, we will all see KARMA in motion – be patient. . . . . .

        • cookie

          It is not about what happened 30 years ago The lawsuit is about 8 years ago . Just because her supporters are only using the incident as reasons to support Paula , which if that was the only point at issue, it would be harsh for her partners to drop her that was 30 years and she apologized. But when you read the lawsuit and her sworn deposition and she goes on talk shows saying she only used the word once, and says “I is who I is and I cant change.” Does that mean the claims she admited to “is who she is “?

    • chester

      what about the lawsuit against Walgreens back in 2007 charging them with racism for assigning black managers to low volume stores.

  • CrankyQuaker

    I read the lawsuit against Paula Deen and her deposition. It’s an interesting read, you should try it.
    Anyway, Jackson(the manager), was not fired. She was hired on as a hostess. In 6 months Paula had made her General Manager. Deen admitted to Jackson that she was going to do something strange and put a woman in a man’s job. Anyway, Jackson was good at her job, saved them a lot of $$ and was well-liked by Paula and Bubba.
    Bubba REALLY liked her. Liked her enough to watch porn in their shared office. Bubba liked her enough to grab her face, kiss her and tell her he loved her. In fact, Bubba would call her his little Jew girl, because she saved him so much $$. There were many examples of him “showing his love” for Jackson. None of them were wanted or appreciated.
    Jackson is white. I haven’t even gotten to the racial stuff, yet.

    Allegedly, Bubba was violent with an employee on at least one occasion. There were witnesses.
    Sexual harassment. witnesses
    Bubba coming in drunk. witnesses

    From the deposition and the lawsuit, Jackson tried everything to get Paula and Bubba to act right. She even wrote an employee handbook for them. There was no HR for anyone to go to.
    Jackson’s doctor told her she needed to quit her job, for her mental health. (panic attacks, etc.)
    So, she quit.
    Then, no one would hire her. Blackballed.
    So Jackson sued them.
    There wasn’t much else she could have done. They refused to fix their illegal behavior.
    That extortion claim from one of her sons, it’s rightly called settling out of court.

    But, paula wanted court. Now things will play out however they play out, in court.

    (Just some specifics from the case.)

    • http://MrsMom MrsMom

      When I read the entire deposition what I thought is that Jackson quit right after she found out for sure that Paula wasn’t going to get rid of her own brother and let Jackson and another higher-up employee run the restaurant and change it into something besides seafood. It’s in there, big as you please.
      That’s when she tried to extort the million $$ and when that didn’t work, she sued.

  • Ragnar Frisch

    yep- what better way to dispel the myths about some white person being a racist than for that person to surround him/herself with black people and say, “see? look at me- I have black friends, so I can’t possibly be a racist!”

    The foolish and gullible American public has a very short memory though and tends to forgive people like Deen, so this will unfortunately give her brownie points among people who should have long since lost all respect for her.

    • BrerRobert

      “Brownie Points”….. seriously? Don’t you mean “persons-of-color points”? You see how ridiculous this can get? She’s probably a perfectly fine person. And why she is singled out for all this abuse is hard to know. Surely not for using the N-word once upon a time. And since when do we believe everything we hear from a former employee who was fired?

      • cookie

        So since you believe the words out of Paula’s mouth read he sworn deposition.

    • Bob Robinson

      Frisch, there is no doubt in my mind that sometime in your life you called somebody something that you are not too proud about. So shut your mouth and crawl back into your hole.


    Taking EVERYTHING into consideration–I think Paula is a “CREEPY-ASS CRACKER”………..LOL…..and I’M WHITE!…………………

    • chester

      Racist. and/or idiot

  • http://yahoo Yvette

    Food Network has opened a big can of worms and have gone way to far ruining Ms.Paula Deen’s career.Someone is out destroy her using the Racist thing against and I think this is wrong.Food Network needs to be investigated too,especially the rest of the coworkers that turned against.Looks to me the other chefs have been threatened BC nobody hasn’t stood up for her.Funny to know all the people you work with turn out to be your enemy.Ms.Deen brought light and cozy warm holiday recipes in our homes for a decade and this is how Food Network thanks her,what a bunch a BS.QVC shopping network,I Love shopping there and Thank you for giving Paula a second chance.I have shop there for yrs.and I believe Ms.Paula Deen will have her Victory.People are just as guilty cyber bullying her as someone saying the ‘N word.Pray for the Deen family that all of this mess the real monsters will be shown.Such crap to blame someone and call racist,everyone knows it’s out of jealousy and propaganda for Money”.May the Force be with Paula’s Empire’.

    • cookie

      I think it goes deeper than her use of the N word 27 years ago. That is not the heart of the lawsuit. The companies may have dropped her because of the full lawsuit. She even admitted to some of the accusations in the lawsuit as did her brother and the allegations happened between 2005-2010 which isn’t that long ago. Everyone that is supporting her only make reference to her admitting to using the N word and she apologized for that. But what about her deposition in the lawsuit is that not taken into consideration at all?

  • tj

    IT IS WHAT IT IS… Walmart and Target should be required to take out any thing racist and/or demeaning to women! They need to clear all the disgusting music off the shelves!!!

    • J

      LOL if they did that, they wouldn’t have anything to sell. But I agree.

  • J-Yazd

    She made a mistake, I forgive her. I feel bad for her. I will continue to use her recipes and hopefully she will be forgiven by the american public. I will pray for ms deen.

  • J

    I just find this whole issue over-rated and exhausting. First of all, NOBODY should use the “N-word”, and that includes ALL races. It SHOULD Not be acceptable for anyone to say!!!! Yes, it’s an offensive term. So Deen said it 30 years ago, she’s apologized… move on. Why is it that the N-word is the only racially offensive word out there? Would we be this upset if the roles were reversed? I’m not Caucasian, but if people are going to get so upset about someone saying the N–word, than we need to feel the same respect for ALL offensive racial slurs that are used against all other nationalities. How many times did George Jefferson use racial slurs on the 1970’s hit show, The Jefferson’s, or how about comedians whom use racially slurs in there sketches as comedy? Can someone say “Double standard”? Gimme a break, more important news out there, like the 19 fallen heros whom passed away saving lives.

    • eau

      Blacks use the N-word all the time.

  • J

    and in other news….

  • Summer Bell

    This issue is being blown out of proportion. White people are more outrage then black people. At least she admitted to saying it after being rob. I’m black and somebody robbed me not matter if they were black, white, asian, blue or purple they would have been all types of n- words and I would have got creative get over it. Get over it not worth tearing her career down over.

    • http://facebook Ripp West


    • Bob

      The issue is not be blown out of proportion. They are focusing on the wrong thing (N-word) instead of the more severe parts of the law suit. This is about a business woman that fostered a hostile work environment. When this goes to trial the general public will see why these companies dumped her. I cannot believe people are being suckered into believing this is all about the N-word said 27 years ago. If that was the case no one even black folks would have a job.

  • rodney


    • Raymondprimrose@rocketmail.com

      Well it didn’t take too much money for you to go from straight to Gay. ”And what do you know about our people being on top when you are always on the bottom ?” You say you are black. ”Then you are a fool for dissing your race ! ”This comes to you from a real ”soul brother !”

    • Danny from Dallas

      Everybody has a right to feel the way they feel. As a 57 year old that remembers time before the Civil Rights Amendment, I am conflicted. With that being said, it just seems ridiculous to me that someone would lose a TV show, innumerable(it seems) endorsements, and a bokk behind these words. And a public apology of the sort that Paula made seems a bit much. For the black (and other people interested in justice)I think the bigger news is the SCOTUS reversal on the Voting Rights Act. I live in Texas, and believe me the worst is yet to come.

  • http://yahoo michael

    It is,nt that you as a people are never gonna be on top, there is a right and a wrong way to do this. For starters do,nt be prejudist yourselves. White people as a whole are not prejudist,we,re trying to make up for what our fore fathers did. WE are not the vilans here but we,re being put in this category unjustly. So that being said, try to get along with us and you,ll get the respect you deserve, My opinion.

    • http://yahoohomepage Sandy

      Amen to this comment!! This is so true!! We are all people & equal. We are not the ones that started all this. Our forfathers were the ones. People need to stop being so sensitive about race!!! We are all one race or another. Any race can be discriminated against, Not just african americans,but you don’t see any lawsuits in the news for these other races!!

    • cookie

      Who said white people as a whole are prejudice ? Lisa Jackson is white. She is the person who filed the lawsuit.

  • Bob

    Paula Deen’s cryfest is not going to stop companies from leaving her. (1) These companies have a responsibility to their share holders to separate from anything that may harm the company (2) They did give her the benefit of the doubt because the sexual and racial harassment case was filed and made public in March 2013. It was by Paula’s own admission that she had used racial slurs in the past, not to mention, more self incriminating parts of the deposition that the press has eluded to that caused these companies to bail (3) The sexual harassment charges against her brother are very graphic with claims of making poor black women have sex with him or be fired. Ms. Jackson who is white also claimed, he forced a kiss from her, spit on her face showed her and the other women staffers porn by playing it on a computer all day in the Restaurant’s kitchen. (4) Ms. Jackson (worked for deen 2005-2010) claims he and Paula Deen made the black employees go through the back entrance while the whites used the front, blacks were told to stay in the rear of the restaurant at all times to avoid theft of white patrons purses.(5) Ms. Jackson claims black employees were routinely called the nword, couoon, monkey etc and at times subject to physical threats by her brother Bubba. (5) Bubba under oath has admitted to routinely using racist language at Paula and his restaurant. Lastly, Paula is a business woman and she is responsible for what takes place at her place of business. So these companies cannot handle this issue with blind emotion and just say we accept your apology Paula. You can but they cannot. Note: Paula is a life long Democrat and has gave plenty money to the Democrat party. This is the reason for Jesse Jackson and other blacks supporting her, even when Jackson’s own Rainbow Coalition lawyers interviewed blacks that work for Deen and found major discrimination. To read the complaint against Deen type ( Savannah Morning News paula deen’s brother responds to suit, alleges theft) scroll down the page and download the pdf file from Lisa T Jackson’s claim court docs.

    • CAROL

      Besides that….what if MS. JACKSON is telling the truth?

      • CAROL

        correct that last comment from me.


        • Bob

          What if she is telling the truth? Paula and her brother admitted to some of the claims in Ms. Jackson’s lawsuit claim. This is why companies are bailing. Read the case docs and then read the full deposition. Again they have already admitted to portions of the racial and sexual harassment claim. But only the n-word is center stage in the media.

          • Penny

            She should have talked to a lawyer before she said anything. Her plead for forgiveness sound like she was asking for more forgiveness than what she has already admitted to! There is more to this than we know!

    • sarah

      Thank you!!!

      Like I said, it is more than just a word.

    • lyn

      Blah, Blah, Blah Let’s check all the details in your life….what you’ve said, wanted to say, thought about saying. I bet not one of you have ever said the words..”I forgive…” to anyone.

  • Helen

    I don’t understand the hypocrisy of WalMart, Target. If they want to drop her using an inappropriate word, how do they justify carrying CDs of music artists in their stores that use the same word in their lyrics? Why aren’t those artists considered to be racist and losing their partnerships?

    • cookie

      If a white person calls another white person a redneck does it have the same feeling as if a black person would call a white person a redneck ? Black people consider the word offensive becuase of the origination of the word and the meaning that it was menat to have. Some where along the way the -er was dropped and an -a added and has become the way it is used in the black community and by rappers.

  • Peter J. Chilos

    Paula Deens career is finished but yet the Gay Community has circled their wagons around Alex Baldwin. He has been given a 2nd/3rd/4th chance Paula Deens use of the N word is like she has committed a crime. Question is because Paula Deens Southern accent a factor in her downfall? The use of the N word by rap singers goes by the wayside. Political Correctness managed by the Liberal/Left goes one way!!!

    • cookie

      Her downfall may be at her own hands. If she cant keep her story straight on if she has used the word more than once regardless of your accent or skin color it’s still the same.

  • Diana

    I don’t know why white folk and some black people are mad at us black folk. Hell, we are NOT the ones who is accusing Paula or her brother of using the “N” word.

    It is a WHITE WOMAN who has brought these charges that has resulted in Paula losing her EMPIRE. A WHITE WOMAN is bringing down Paula because she claims that she has nieces who are black. Paula should have given this woman the $1.2 Millions she’s asking for to save her empire.

    • Cindazoo

      No Paula should not have “given” Lisa Jackson 1.25 million to settle out of court, that is legalized extortion. She was well within her right to get on TV and videos and try to apologize, but it did her way more harm than good, all it served to do is make her look as guilty as she obviously feels. If she loses everyone of her sponsors, she will still be making more money than she can count for the rest of her days.

  • Bob

    This article and those blacks who are supporting Deen remind me of the character Samuel L Jackson played on Djanago Unchained. Put a black in the house or pay him some money and they will turn on their own quick. People we blame slavery on whites but it was our own people selling other tribes out to slave traders that got most of us here. Please my brothers and sisters stop black on black crime. Supporting Deen is not like murdering your own kind but is is awfully close.

  • http://TimeWarner Geronimo

    Well, now that SMITHFIELD has dropped Paula Deen, then I will NOT be buying ANY of their SPIRAL HAMS anymore. I will go to another brand and be even more happy, because I will KNOW that just maybe, I MADE a difference in this **WITCH HUNT**.

  • Bob

    From Paula Deen’s deposition:
    In a startling admission, the 66-year-old star of “Paula’s Home Cooking” and other Food Network shows added that she wasn’t offended when members of her family, including her tugboat captain hubby Michael Groover, told jokes that contained the N-word, “because it’s my husband.” Now it is statements like this that companies are focusing on not to mention the claims of the suit.. This woman has basically destroyed herself. she should have not went on any talk shows or made any youtube videos until the trial was over. She should have said” I will make no comments on the sexual and racial harassment suit until after the trial

    • cookie

      I thought I was the only one thinking this. The Today show interview did her in. She admitted to using it and apologized. But then conflicting statements on how and when she used the word that raised my brow.

  • Bob

    Paula Deen use the race card to defend her use of the n-WORD. She know full well that she could fly undercover of the black criminal to get fellow whites to understand her dilemma. Even they are not using simple reasoning because a hostile black male is in the picture. First and foremost. Why would a word that was said only to her husband after the robbery 27 years ago become known by a general manager at her restaurant? Second, there is probably no one in the south that has not said the n-word in 27 years. Third, Susan Smith used the Black criminal to cover her crime in South Carolina but the truth came out. Lastly, only the local savannah morning news has made available the case docs when the major news outlets continue to allow a smokescreen for this woman. What happened to the sexual harassment story, the segregation claims, the assault claims and the drug abuse claims? I predict before this week is out she want be able to get two crackheads to sponsor her empire.

    • sarah

      It’s not about a “word” people, please let that go. It’s about practices!!!

    • Cindazoo

      As far as needing sponsors, she will have more money coming in than the last power ball winner and will have no worries the rest of her life. The apologies had nothing to do with money worries, she really felt bad that people would think she’s a racist.

    • Rocky

      Where did you get the idea that the general manager knew about the bank robbery? There is nothing in Lisa’s lawsuit or in her deposition indicating that. Actually Lisa’s sworn testimony in her deposition was that she had NOT heard Paula use a derogatory racial word.

      The man who robbed the bank and pointed the gun to Paula’s head in 1987 has come forward and substantiated her story. His name is Eugene Thomas King, Jr. He said he had worked with Paula at the main branch trying to secure a loan. When he robbed the other branch, he panicked when Paula was working there that day, afraid she would recognize him even with a mask. She did recognize him with the gun “dancing around her temple”.

  • Pinky

    This shows Paul Deen true character! Outraged! An on top of that she is trying to fool everyone by using two Afro American Males in a photo. Paula, that won’t work either. Now all of a sudden you love us! Yea right…Stick to how you feel, at least you will be truthful to yourself.

    • http://google Brenda

      I don’t think she is trying to use anyone. she doesn’t need to use anyone, these people have made lots of money from her generousity. How can that be racist? Its funny to me how people use the name African American….are they really from Africa, because I know and have friends from Africa, and they are truly embarrassed by the black people of the USA.
      Everyone is racists in some way. think about it and how you reply to someone who held a gun to your head?

      • cookie

        I dont think it is entirely about her using the N word when a gun was held to her head. For me its because on the Today show she said that was the only time she used that word.. but in her sworn deposition she says she has used the word more than once. After her Today shoe interview is when she lost alot of her endorsements. She also referred to black as people of color, what color would that be ? tan , almond , mocha , ebony, olive ?

        • Cindazoo

          Even news commentators refer to blacks as people of color, it is a more genteel term used predominately in the south. So far as I know, and I could be wrong, but I do not think the term offensive. She said in her deposition, that she thought that was the only time she’d ever used the word, but she may have uttered it and not remembered, like everyone else in the room, if you haven’t said it, you have thought it. It is a term to describe someone of that race that is acting like garbage, offensive as it is, all races have similar words to describe the same type of behavior in their own corresponding race. Black people use it way more than anyone else, but per Whoopi it means something different when they do it. Ms. Deen certainly did not have to apologize, she would not have to worry about money the rest of her life, even if every one of her sponsors dropped her.

        • Rocky

          Would you please post the page and line numbers from Paula’s deposition where she said she used the word more that once? (hint – you won’t find it, it isn’t there and I doubt you even read it)

          When did it become offensive to use the phrase “people of color”?

  • http://att naim

    If she said it or not that i don’t know , but humans commit mistakes and she is a human being, i am arab born in the caribbean and if i would get offended every time i hear strotypes of arabs said by people, or jokes said on tv i would feel miserable, everybody makes jokes , so from now i will be a guy who will not shop at places that dropped Paula Dean……….hey Paula my wife and me love you !

    • sarah

      Yes, everyone makes mistakes. When your employment become at risk because you are not friendly enough, or your color is an issue (until they need someone color, I believe you will become more understanding of the reasoning for her being dropped.

      Yes, everyone deserves a second chance and if you are a person of faith, you HAVE to forgive – but you don’t forget.

  • pinky

    What did we learn from this? That Paula would have been better off lying because she was crucified for telling the truth. How sad.

    • cookie

      What we should learn from this is you should be prepared to stick to your original deposition.

  • kris

    I am tired of seeing the video of her crying on t.v. Having said that, forgive and move on. We ALL have said and done very offensive and stupid things! If she is genuinely sorry, accept it and let’s be done with it.

    • Cocoa

      Dean’s full of **it! She’s crying over all the money she’s loosing. She does not care about offending black people.

  • U R Israel

    It’s unfortunate and scary that today trials are held in 24 hours in the court of the media, juries are those with a remote most likely those advertisers eye as in their cash demographic age range. Racism is a serious issue that as Americans we are still struggling to overcome, now we also are becoming victims of vigilante media hangings. Sad.

  • Grrrtruth

    Paula Deen shouldn’t be fired from anything for saying the N-word 20 years ago. She should be fired for allowing her brother to abuse employees at her restaurant. Look, most of us know what it’s like to go into work where some idiot has gotten to a management position and lacks the skill or decorum to treat us with basic respect. Paula Deen’s brother was completely abusive. He was a horrible boss–drunk at work; watching porn; physically assaulting employees; referring to them as racial epithets; making black employees use a separate bathroom and back entrance; sexually harassing women. He was a nightmare. Paula knew it and did nothing about it but “massage” employees she knew had cause to complain. She failed as a businesswoman and when you fail at your business, you fail at your business. It’s that simple.

    • sarah

      You are so right… and needless to say, we all have gone through things that should not have happened (there is no reason these things should happen). Unfortunately, people too often get away with it and getting away with it makes them worse. I believe it makes them feel they are invincible. By it I mean sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

      Everyone just says forget it and move on… until it happens again and again and again.

    • Cindazoo

      Are you Lisa Jackson, did you work there? I still find it incredible, that if all this was going on, not one other employee, past or present has come forward to complain or file suit so far. Family businesses cause a lot of stress in a company, because yes the family are going to be in management jobs, and no amount of hard work or “wishing” is going to get anyone else into that job. There can be sour grapes,especially if an employee feels like they are more deserving of it.

      • Rocky

        There were other suits/ EEOC complaints. Three of them for age discrimination – against LISA JACKSON as the general manager! For cutting the hours of 3 older female bartenders and hiring younger women to replace their hours. Then Lisa fired another employee for sympathizing and helping them with the complaints.

    • derick

      Grrtruth, WELL SAID. You’re one of the few who have read the deposition. The “n” word is the very least of her worries.

  • Karen Cashman

    The “n” word is offensive and hurtful. That being said, Whoopi Goldberg of The View made no bones defending black people’s “right” to use that word “because it means something different” when a black person says it. That’s when I lost all respect for Whoopi. No one should use it. And how long do we “hold” a grudge? Twenty seven years?? NO ONE has a clean record for 27 years…

    • http://yahoo lulu

      you’re quoting Whoopi Goldberg?!!!

    • Penny

      You have to be Black to understand the different meanings of the N word! Oh and you have to grow up in a Black community and family! We embraced a word that white people started calling us to put us down. But since we embraced the word we can now turn it around and say white people can no longer get away with calling us something that was meant to keep us down and degrade us. Anytime they call us the N word it takes us back to slavery time. We are free! and so, when they use the word it’s like the are calling us slaves, we are worthless and that we don’t have any rights! That’s why it’s wrong and racist for them to use the N word!

  • Cathy

    Actions speak louder than words. Look at what Paula has done to HELP people and then judge her. Who hasn’t done something they aren’t proud of — esp. if you look back 27 years!

  • http://yahoo lulu

    where’s oprah when you REALLY need her?

    • Montessahall

      Oprah is not obligated to support Deen. Where are Deen’s white celebrity friends? I don’t see any of them coming to her support!

  • M

    What I have learned from this overblown fiasco is corporation prefer scandal and despise honesty. They will make deals with celebrities who have done worse than Paula just because of the controversy. The message is our society values drama and controversy over honesty and hard work.

  • Casually

    I recall not long ago that, after many invitations and pleas issued by Deen to them to come visit her home for a weekend in Savannah, Oprah and Gail finally did so, and the weekend was documented and featured by Oprah. Deen had obviously gone to great length in decorating and personally preparing dishes for the two ladies, and showed incredible hospitality, radiating warmth and welcome and pure delight to have them. Over breakfast served to them by herself, Deen shared details about her life not previously revealed to the public, and built friendships with Oprah and Gail. At least once, both ladies were depicted eating and enjoying the company of Deen and her family at a regular Deen dinner. treated by and relating to the Deen family as if Oprah and Gail were much beloved members of their own family.

    I am astounded that neither of these women has come forward — at least that I have seen — to “have her back.” I would be utterly ashamed to know that I had capitalized upon Paula Deen’s then-popularity and her consummate hospitality in her own home, but abandoned her to the wolves when the going got tough.

    Shame on both of you.

    • http://yahoo.com Delores

      hypocrites both of them!

      • Montessahall

        Why are they “hypocrites”? Where are Deen’s white celebrity friends? Deen worked with Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Emeril and many other influential white folks I don’t see any of them speaking up for their friend Paula!

        • derick

          Montessahall good point. One of them even complained that Paula’s fans were mad at her because her shows replaced Paula’s. Very self involved in my view.

    • http://yahoo Dia

      you make a great point where are these women?

    • molly

      It’s because her last name isn’t Obama. What about him? He’s half white and was raised by white people, and yet I don’t see him or his children embracing that part of their race. this is horrible that oprah and gayle sat back. BUT Oprah will probably do some elaborate town hall meeting about race so she can get some ratings for her network that no one watches. If she was a genuine person, she’d put her network as part of a basic cable package, and not have people who can’t even make ends meet have to pay extra. I flew that coop long ago, and would never pay to see her, and now that she has left paula hanging, I’m done with her. How about everyone calling white people honkeys, and crackers and guineas, wops, micks, poles, etc. We all endured racial remarks because we are all immigrants. Yes, the ‘n” word has a negative connotation, but then the intelligent educated black people should go after this young generation that thinks calling each other “N-word” as a symbol of fraternity, either on the street or in their music, is cool. They should teach their kids not to use the word if they are so offended by it.

    • Montessahall

      Neither Oprah or Gail have an obligation to come forward in support of Deen. Do you think either of them had prior knowledge that Deen held these attitudes and opinions towards race? I think not. By your logic; Where are Deen’s white celebrity friends? I don’t see any of them supporting her! Why don’t you mention that? The NAACP issued a statement in support of Deen, that people just need to move on and leave Deen alone. I agree with that too. Until some celebrity white folks speak out in support of Deen, stop pointing fingers at Oprah and Gail!

    • http://webpronews chellise williams

      There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. And let’s be real here…who wouldn’t lay out the red carpet for Oprah and Gail? Oprah can make or break almost anyone if she chooses. You don’t insult Oprah no matter who you are. Paula is definitely being lynched so to speak. When you are in a position of power, you learn to hold your mouth on certain things and she didn’t.

    • kelinic12001@yahoo.com

      What do you mean shame on Oprah and Gail…last we checked theyre NOT the ones on trial here, Paula Deen is. Shame on Paula! Stop deflecting the responsibilty of Paula Deens behavior. This is not about anyone else but her. As an African Americian I personally feel that the companies have taken this situation too far. Understanding that form them a controversey is a controveresey and they have to protect their brand. I do not believe Paula Deen is racist…did she make irresponsible comments in the past, yes, I do believe that, but she’s human, she made a mistake, a costly one…but we ALL need to move on. She got thr message loud and clear.

    • Cocoa

      You idiot! Those two women are journalists who could make or break a career, so of course Dean was going to put on her best act for the sake of publicity! Dean probably had the toilets ripped out after they left.

      • TiredOfIdiots

        Cocoa…please shut up. The more you talk the stupider you sound. Grow up, stop hating and say something nice or go sit down somewhere on timeout like a child, because you sound like one!

    • Just saying

      Sadly you try to throw crap in another direction. Of course she put on her best for them…..PUBLICITY!!!! You can’t really think she would do otherwise. Facts are Facts and this has happened to Paula because her skeletons no longer wanted to be hidden from the world. We all make mistakes, we all have issues but we must also own up to them and take the fallout as it comes. Maybe Oprah and Gail KNOW THE GAME and just have the sense to sit back……whether its an interview later or a comment to say what they feel, you just need to take care of your own business and they’ll handle theirs. Supporting Deen is a choice YOU made.

  • Heather

    I love Paula Deen. But, I stand with the companies. You cannot afford to have your company associated with controversy! And, the lawsuit isn’t just about the “N” word. She is part owner of Bubba’s restaurant, and the allegations against him are inexcusable. I am saddened for Paula and her family and know we are all with sin, but business is business, and they are with good reason to separate themselves from this situation.

    • A responder

      If you feel the companies are right, then will they stop selling all products made in China due to China’s history of human rights abuses? And will they stop selling all music CDs and video products that contain the “n-word” or offensive language in them?

      • Cocoa


    • Betsy Cicilese

      I agree, Business is Business. I will never do business with Walmart, Target, Sears, Walgreens, Ballentine Books, etc. This whole things says a lot; not about her, but us as Americans. The US was a different place when Paula and I grew up in the South. The whole region was racist. Blacks to the back of the bus…..We had to UNLEARN that crap. This Lisa Jackson was General Manager! Truly racists would NEVER put a black woman in that position. Lisa Jackson is a tax evader looking for a quick buck. Shame on her, too!!!

      • Montessahall

        Betsy – You need to get your facts straight; LISA JACKSON IS A WHITE WOMAN. If you can read, check out the deposition online.

        • lyn

          What do you call yourself, Montessahall? … according to your reply comment to Betsy “if you can read…” I can imagine the things you’ve said. Why not give your critical self a break and go for a walk.

      • http://webpronews chellise williams

        Lisa Jackson is a WHITE WOMAN…..get your facts straight.

      • Angela

        Lisa Jackson is white.

      • al

        Now you and Paul “to the back of the bus” and if you had any business sense you would know that the big companies do not need you small potatoes.

    • http://yahoo Dia

      I think this whole issue about Paula Dean is like a linching party. Very unfair we don’t treat our murders like that smane on us.

    • lyn

      And who would want you as a friend….you should stand for what you believe in. But then maybe you do; Onward big business is your philosophy…how sad. I sincerely hope you never get caught in things you’ve said in the past.

    • derick

      Heather I agree with you. She had a responsibility, as a majority shareholder in the Bubba restaurant, over the YEARS to put a stop to her brother and his slime behavior toward employees and she did nothing. I think they are going to loose that lawsuit too. The companies who dumped her have read the deposition unlike most of her “fans” who are yelling about her use of the “n” word, which is the very least of their problems.

  • http://yahoo.com Delores

    A bunch of hipricrites! Oh then never made a mistake in there lives? Food Network, Walmart, Target, all the deals that were earned by Paula Deen. Food Network you started it all, I still haven’t watched one of your shows until you bring her back!

  • Dale Williams

    Paula, I’m a black male and I want you to know from my heart that you are WELCOME in my home anytime,you are a good person, stay strong.

    • Ronnie

      A BIG pat on the back for you Dale! It takes a good person to stand up for someone when that person may have to stand alone. You are a good person Dale Williams.

      • Cocoa

        No he’s not, he just loves white women.

    • Cocoa


      • http://yahoo ray E.

        enough!i am tried of hearing about the poor “BLACK” people.they are not owed nothing,just like the rest of us poor HUMANES.

        • Susan

          Check your grammar, Ray: “they are not allowed nothing”-sheesh!

          • Emery

            No Susan, you are also wrong, sheesh! “Owed” was the correct word. He was saying “they are not owed anything”. If you’re going to call out another person’s grammar you should probably make sure you do it correctly.

  • Montessahall

    Paula just needs to take her lumps and move on. The companies that dumped her are not going to hire her back regardless what her fans think, do or say. For them it is about MONEY! They don’t care about Paula personally. Her fans are delusional if they think a boycott by them is going to make a difference. Unlike Paula, these companies are going to protect their brand. There was a conduct clause in the contract Paula signed with these companies when she became associated with them. These companies are exercising their right to dump her. I don’t think she should have lost these endorsements either but, continuing to dwell on this matter is prolonging the time that people won’t forget and allow her a second chance.

    • Rocky

      I don’t imagine the companies that dumped Paula care if I boycott them. It probably won’t make a difference to them at all. But it will make a difference to ME! I have the same choices they have – who I support with my dollars and I choose not to spend it with them.

      I called and cancelled my charge account with Capital One – because they choose to use a raging, out of control, homophobe as a spokesperson. Felt good to run that card thru the shredder.

      • Cocoa

        You know that lowered your credit score, right?

        • Rocky

          I have a couple of credit cards. Pay my balance at least at the end of every month, if not payments mid-month as I use it. Credit card companies hate those of us that do that. My score is in the 800s and I have a year left on my 15 year mortgage. I can afford to take the hit.

          But thanks for worrying about me!

    • lyn

      Montessahall You evidently don’t know the power of ppl enmasse…the companies are only as powerful as the ppl fork over their money. There are a lot of ppl boycotting these companies.

    • Catpau

      Montessall..I am not a fan nor am I delusional in thinking that Walmart, et all, will have their bottom lines effected. YET, I will stand by my scruples and refuse to purchase from any company who falls in line with what the political media is trying to tell us we should feel and think and believe. Rubbish! She’s southern and therein lies the problem. There are others who have SAID and DONE much worse yet get a free pass from the media. I will not fall in line and although Walmart’s bottom line will not feel my ‘boycott’ there are other merchants in town who will feel its benefit!

  • Montessahall


    • Cocoa

      Good. Even better.

  • http://sbcglobal Tyrone Johnson

    I think it is terrible, that she is being accused and scape goated by people who use these very words and probably say worst. As a black man, I hate the excuse it is ok for us “blacks” to use this word because it is different. Really?, I find that more offensive then a true racist using the word Nigger in vain. I watched more then a few idiot televison blacks say this in past weeks. That tells me they are not self thinkers, but ignorant. And we all know what ignorant originally meant, Nigger!!! Black people lieing to some how get even for atrocities commited by others , need to stop being racist then others will see and follow suit.

    • Cocoa

      Tyrone, you’re an idiot with a slave’s mentality, defending this card carrying racist! Willie Lynch contended “Follow my teachings & I will make them a slave to you for 300 years.” Are you blind, stupid, crazy or all three?!! People like Dean & her racist disgusting brother have taken so much from others whom are unlike them. I’ve never liked her & any person of color defending her is an idiot. I believe she & her despicable brother said & did everything Lisa Jackson’s accused them of & more.

      • ray

        Check into your ‘willie lynch’ theory… it has been disproven MANY times… yet people cling to it to support why a segment of society is like it is…. 300 years later.

      • http://none Tim

        Cocoa how nice that Odumbo lets you purchase a computer on your food stamp card so you can sit and write about things of which you know nothing. Hey its better than finding a job, right? So anyway you better get off now so your 8 brothers and sisters can get on and apply for some more entitlements.

        • Fay Hudson

          You are an idiot……spreading ignorant rumors. Nowhere has it ever been proven that anyone has used food stamps to make such purchases. By the way his name is President Obama you idiot. If the stupid Repubs weren’t such racists maybe more people could find jobs.

        • Linda

          It is so sad to see in the year 2013, there are still uncouth, uneducated fools who make disparaging comments in the name of personal freedom. When you are a spokesperson for any agency which serves people of all ethnicities, you cannot afford to be POLITICALLY INsensitive. Paula’s comments do not necessarily mean she is racist, she is just plain IGNORANT.It is not acceptable to make stereotypical comments EVER.

  • Rocky

    The article is accurate as to the “charges in the complaint” by Lisa Jackson. When the author fails to point out is Lisa Jackson’s sworn testimony in her deposition fails to match some of these charges. And some of her charges and statements have already been proven false.

    For example, Lisa’s legal standing for claiming race discrimination as an “African- American adjacent” due to the two nieces. There is only one niece, that of Lisa’s partner. That niece’s father is Hispanic not African American and the partner testified that there is no close relationship between her and the niece. And Lisa sworn testimony is that she never heard Paula make a racial comment.

    I believe working for Bubba’s restaurant probably was a terrible environment. I couldn’t put up with it but that is why I don’t work in that industry. Ever watch Hell’s Kitchen?

  • Norva

    Paula has apologized, we need to forgive and forget and move on. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. I still support Paula Dean and wish her the best.

  • Paula Franco

    This “incident” just proves how bad our society is, specifically the media who likes “good” scandals and can create “news” out of no where. Tell me about the Today show, they had an Agenda. Hypocritically, Matt Lauer just went for it with the face of the “innocent” neutral man, and just like in the infamous inquisitions prepared and killed the victim right in front of ‘His” audience, to the delight of “His” sponsors—who never left him when he had his own scandal (now hidden in the memories of those with their own created interests). Tell me about the Tiger scandal. On the opposite side of the spectrum delight can not apply the same philosophy corporations who
    DOUBLE STANDARDS that’s it. Enjoy the scandal after all that’s what the media is always looking for—-IT SELLS—

  • lion

    So tell me how many of you can honestly say you NEVER used the n-word either as a child or as an adult because your a liar. I think what Paula Deen said and did was wrong on her part but as they say crap happens and she just happened to be someone scapegoat. Who are we to judge Paula? does the bible not say God forgives all. I have seen where people have done so much worse and nothing seems to happen to them so why was everyone so quick to judge this woman. Maybe you all need to sit in front of a mirror and take a really good look at yourself and see just how perfect you are or think you are. To the corporations that dropped Paula shame on you because you all treat your employees like slaves Wal-Mart being one of the worst. Shame on everyone one of you and remember one day you will be facing your Savior to see you you can stay in heaven or go to hell for the pain you caused people.

    • DeeL

      I never did, I really never did. But I’m NOT from the South.

  • n cole

    Alex Baldwin and Paula Deen, both politically incorrect. Alex gets a pass, Paula gets slammed. Why?

  • http://yahoo.com JANICE O’BRIEN

    Paula, I’m an African America I love your food and I don’t feel that they should of drop you. But since people really don’t know what the ‘N’ word mean, that’s shows that they are not educated to the fact.

  • MissM

    Wow! So are we to understand that they took the word of one woman, and ran with it! I am black and I love Paula Deen, and I believe her!
    Black people need to stop using that “N” word altogether! It is a extremely racist word and it is not funny! Many of are ancestors died by lynching as their captors chanted this word!! It is confusing many whites as they see many blacks using it as a term of endearment, so they think hey we are close to and they want to use the word as a term of endearment as well! Well, guess what the word has a double standard, we can use it but they can’t enough already! The “N” word needs to be buried as it represents nothing but ugliness and pain! God Bless You Paula Deen!

  • sassydi

    Go Paula Go! Stand up for yourself. As for the Big money makers..aka such as Wally Word, I have a ? for you…My sister in law worked for Wal-Mart for 13 yrs! She found a $10 bill on the floor rolled up. She put the bill in her apron pocket to hand in. She forgot about it. A week later they called her in, showed a VIDEO of it, and FRIED HER!!! Said she “STOLE IT” from Wal-Mart!!!??? She still had the thing in her pocket, handed it to them and left. So, Big Companies are stupid also!! But, did they have to apologies to her? NO! People do things and say things without thinking. Food Network….GET OVER IT!! Used to enjoy your magazine, but, no more!!!

  • DeeL

    These people were not her friends. If they were, they would have had the courtesy to speak with Paula and straighten things out without boycotting her. I, therefore, am boycotting the stores and publisher that has dissed Paula Deen. I do hope she wins or weathers through whatever court situation comes her way and they honor her apology. It’s not like she killed somebody. Putting Bubba in charge of the finances in her businesses may not have been the best decision, but hey, Bubba knows what he did and didn’t do. That is not Paula speaking. That’s Bubba. Maybe it’s time Bubba needs to attend a school of etiquette and then maybe he can teach others a better way of thinking and speaking.

    • QUEENB

      who the hell said businesses were suppose to be your friends!!! what planet do you live on Dee ??? friends?? i’m a laughing so hard i’m crying……..friends!!! BUSINESS IS BUSINESS!! and if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense!! HELLO! Paula’s comments will cost them money and since are a business and in business to make money PAULA HAD TO GO…friends????? in business??? HILARIOUS!!

  • Ronell

    I did not turn my back on Paula Deen because of anything said or printed by anyone else. She defended the use of the word N—- because her husband used it. Her words ~ per the deposition. When you defend such behavior you are part of the problem. More is caught than taught.
    Shame on Paula Deen for allowing violent words in her home/business.

    • Rocky

      Would you please post the page and line number from Paula’s deposition where she defended her use of the N word because her husband used it. IT ISN’T THERE!

      Page 23, Line 18 Paula answered: “Probably in telling my husband”. After being asked when she had used the N word to describe the bank robber who had put a gun to her head.

      Tell us where you think the deposition contains the information you claimed.


    i just have to say if Paula was 30 something or younger, i might believe that she was just using a word with no ill feeling in her heart, but come on ppl….when was the last time you heard a grown white woman with children call a black person a nigger and it wasn’t meant offensively?? if there was no malice in her heart towards black ppl, then she would’ve referred to them as black ppl, it’s that simple…when’s the last time any of you guys reading this who really have no hatred in their hearts referred to anyone of another race in a derogatory way??? Probably not since you were a kid…if ever, because by the time you’re an adult you know exactly the impact of words, and names and how much they hurt just as much as sticks and stones!! Paula in my opinion is crying more over the money she’s losing than anything else. UNFORTUNATELY for all of those ppl ready to boycott the stores that have dropped her, there are more ppl out there like me who are applauding these stores for standing up and saying YOUR RACIST WORDS HURT, ARE OFFENSIVE, no matter when you said them, AND WE WILL NO LONGER SUPPORT YOU….

  • Jeanne

    What is the difference between what Paula Deen said then what George Jefferson said on “The Jefferson’s” when he used the “H” word for a white man. He constantly used it in a very derogatory way to a white man and yet people laughed. I didn’t. I hated that word just as much as I hate the “N” word. So why aren’t we white people having a hissy fit like a lot of people are having with Paula Deen?. I just don’t get it. If you are wanting to know what the “H” word is listen to some of the old shows called “The Jefferson’s” and you’ll hear George say it almost every single show. You can tell I can’t even type it cause I hate that word too.

  • derick

    I’m wondering how many of the advance Amazon book sales and cruise sales were blocks booked by her public relations firm?

    The first yahoo cry-fest of Paula’s was removed because it showed a clear shot of her large “butter veins on her legs” not a good sight at all!

  • sherry rodriguez

    I am part Native American, part Irish, part what ever…..I’m sure I am other races I don’t know about. I lived in the south as a child. The rest of my life(I’m 61)on my family Indian reservation in California. As a mixed person, to this day, I have been meet a person that can say they are not mixed with some other race. We are all the same, the color of our skin is irrelevant.
    We have ALL said things in our lifes that were not right and were demeaning to others. Part as out culture and part out of ignorance.
    She made statements, she admits were not right and has apologized. Let the person with out sin, throw the first stone..
    Let her brother pay for his own sins.
    Does anyone remember what we as Native people have been called all thru history? And who called us those names?

  • Norma

    I have always heard that we had to give a ten percent back to God of our money. The ten percent is not ours ..it is God’s money that He ask for us to give back to Him. God gives and He takes away!!!
    I wonder if Paula Deen was giving back to God a ten percent !!!???

  • House4rent

    “African-American adjacent?” Now I’ve heard everything.

  • Paula

    After listening to all the comments about Paula Deen, I feel compelled to provide a few comments of my own. As a black female who grew up in the south and endured many “jim Crow” segregation remarks including having to go to court to integrate the school system, I think I have a clear understanding of racism and bigotry. However, I do feel this issue with Paula Deen has been blown out of proportion and misunderstood. I believe Paula’s statement is she has said the “N” word in the past. Quite frankly, I do not know anyone from the south who can honestly say they have not. Paula is a reflection of the times. My comments about Paula and the small town I am from is the same-when segregation was popular, they segregated well. Now that integration is popular, they integrate well. We need to learn how to live, let live and forgive. Paula Deen deserves another chance.