Paula Deen Dropped by Publisher, Cookbook Cancelled

    June 30, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Since admitting under oath to using the “N word,” celebrity chef Paula Deen has been losing sponsorships and business partnerships seemingly every day for the past week.

Smithfield Foods dropped Deen as the face of Smithfield Hams shortly after the Food Network severed its ties to the southern chef. Walmart soon followed suit, and on Friday retailers including Sears, Walgreens, Sears, and J.C. Penny announced they will be dropping Deens products as well. Now, even Deen’s newest cookbook will become a casualty of the fallout.

Deen’s publisher, Random House, has dropped the chef, according to a New York Times report. The publisher has reportedly cancelled a five-book contract it had with Deen and will not publish her newest cookbook, Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up. The book was scheduled to be published on October 15, and had risen to the top of the Amazon bestsellers list just last week.

Deen recently appeared on the Today show, offering a tearful apology and explanation for her remarks. She followed that up with a more stoic YouTube apology, saying, “I want people to understand that my family and I are not the kinda people that the press is wanting to say we are.”

(via The New York Times)

  • joe the plumber

    Sick and tired of someone using her because of her celebrity status. They should go after the person who started this. Where’s the news on that person?

  • burk

    When is this going to stop? I am not a Paula Deen’s fan nor do I not like her but has Paula Deen paid enough ? Did she not explain how things have changed since 60 years ago?

    The question I have left is, would the story get any attention if the story is reversed? The term niger simply means black for God’s sake! I will even make a further similar comparison with the Zimmerman’s case.

    • Kathy

      When is going to end you ask? Well apparently never- The Lohans & Kardashians & Bieber et al have gone on and on and on and on…..In the 60’s it was Liz & Richard etc.- Stars are news? I guess so :(

  • Melinda

    I agree with Joe – and by the time the dust settles, there won’t be any money left for the plaintiff and her lawyers, poor babies…

  • http://Yahoo.com Jerry D. Dugan

    Paula Deen, Get rid of the trash that is here in the US, go to England and get your books published there and you have so many friends that are wanting to get the books. Please get a new publisher. The People are like the Turds running the White House.
    Have all you parts for cooking put into a wearhouse and sell them on the Amazon channel. You do not need these American trash people that will not go after the Black sings and comedians using the same words all the time and not one piece of Horse dung will call them out. But let a White person that used a word many years ago and they are trying to break you down. I say to Hell with the American Publishers and get ones from a different country. Your are a great person and the toilet press and news media with the Turds in their mouths will not say enough is enough. I do hope all the Newspapers go broke as the non news that they do not report any major news unless the President tells them to will they print anything. You got it Turds in the White House and Turds in the Main News Media they all smell the same. We love you girl and keep working. AMEN AMEN AMEN

  • judy

    Enough already. Martha Stewart did worse and she was never treated this harshly. Folks just need to get on with their lives and let this woman and her family and employees get on with theirs. I can’t imagine how many jobs and lives were/are affected by all of this hulla baloo.

  • http://yahoo donna winder

    enough is enough !!! how about we dig up some old stuff on a whole bunch of other people !! when are they going to clean up music lyrics on this rap people !! I will boycott walmart, target, sears, and who ever else!! maybe we should lynch her, would everyone be happy then !!! how about black comedians they talk trash about whites all the time !! sick of this whole thing !!!

  • Grand Wizard

    Why can’t Paula be made to cook up a batch of chitlins which can be served to her local KKK? That seems to be fair judgment for her sins and save her empire.

  • karey


  • Velva

    When I read all of this, It makes me think about what Jesus said, “Those with out sin, let them cast the first stone.” Hummmmm, who is going to be first? Come on now, who is first here?

  • http://yahoo bholm

    Why is it that black rappers use the word all the time? And yet they are not scrutinized for this and this is on public radio where you change the channel and you hear swearing and slurring and making comments about white women…It is alright for the black race to say and do anything, but when it comes from some isolated incident and a southern lady, it is highly publicized….Free speech is one thing but this stuff is all over the radio and nothing is said…think on it!!

  • Valerie

    This is SICKENING. Democratic leftist bullshit that they can ruin a person that said something years ago that was acceptable then. Screeew these companies.

  • okay

    Its funny how people say this country was built on Christian values, yet, at the same time slaves were used to build this country, and 60 years ago it was ok to use the “N” word. But this country was built on Christian values right? God doesn’t like ugly!!!

  • bob the builder

    and Hillary and Eric Holder and Mrs. IRS still get passes. What a revolting development.

  • Sam

    @ Okay. Not only slavery, lets not forget the Native Americans were moved off of there land, whole Native American tribes were wiped out, and Mexicans were driven off of their land. Yeah, this country was built on Christian values… What a joke!!!!!!! Too many self righteous people around. What goes around comes around people. Chew on that!!!

    One lady stated after Mr. Obama became president, that this country was going straight to hell and here grandmother was turning over in her grave. I told if that’s the case, this country has been going to hell since the very beginning. She didn’t say another word… Self righteous people… smh