Paul Ryan Contemplates New Band Names in the Latest Bad Lip Reading

    October 3, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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About every couple of weeks, YouTube users can expect another installment of Bad Lip Reading, the hilarious series that redubs popular videos with nonsensical, oftentimes irreverent words – of course, based on the target’s lip reading. Well, it’s that time again, and their latest episode doesn’t disappoint.

After going after Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney back in August, they’ve now turned their sights to his running mate, Paul Ryan.

This Bad Lip Reading is a bit different from the most recent ones. Here, they’ve added some elements and photoshopped some items into the setting that give it a nice story arc. Paul Ryan, no longer able to call his awesome band “Steak Baby” anymore, must think of some new names.

We won’t spoil it, but some of them are pretty great. Check it out below:

We’ll be waiting to see if BLR tackles President Obama and Joe Biden in the last month leading up to the election. If you’re still craving some more BLR, check out these equally awesome episodes featuring The Hunger Games and Twilight.

  • Wanda Riley

    NOT MUCH!!!! I find this in very poor taste!!! Kind of reminds me of Bidens attempt to advertise Botox and Dentures during Ryans debate..Biden was not in the loop!!!! Romney and Ryan are class acts!!! All the ability to make excellent President and Vice President, something we have not had since Regan!!!!

  • Wanda Riley

    NOT MUCH!!!! I find this in very poor taste!!!

  • Chet Gustavson

    As a huge fan of both Romney and Ryan, I absolutely loved this! I’ve watched all the BLR videos for republicans. I liked Michell Bachman and Herman Cain the best. The Mitt Romney ones were pretty good. I tried watching the democrat ones, but they just bored and offended me (the language on the Biden one got a bit rougher than I’m comfortable with).

    It’s not like this video is meant as a dig, at least not an overt one. It’s supposed to be silly and fun. This is why I think it works better with republicans, because I can relate better to them, and the silliness is more obvious to me. It’s all in good fun. The democrats’ basic worldview is offensive to me and so that probably explains why their videos didn’t seem funny to me, it was kind of like putting an innocent, harmless looking mask on a wolf. Not so much silly as dangerous.

    The cherry on top of the sundae is either the skeletor action figure or the fretboard tapping. The at times bewildered look on Paul Ryan’s face was funny, without being insulting, in my opinion.