Paul McCartney & PETA Work to Rescue Elephant

    March 27, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Paul McCartney headed a campaign to rescue an elephant from a temple in India after a trip there in 2012.

He saw 14-year-old Sunder being obviously mistreated at Jyotiba temple and, with the help of Maharashtra State’s forest department and India’s Project Elephant, arranged his transport to a sanctuary.

It would have been really nice for Sunder who already suffered from numerous scars, an eye injury and a hole in his ear, if all had gone as planned. But it didn’t.

Investigation by an animal rights group in February yielded video of Sunder being treated worse than before. He had apparently simply been moved to a chicken shack with no bedding and insufficient shelter to keep out the harsh sun during the day and the cold night wind. He was also shackled so tightly that he couldn’t lay down, according to Yahoo.

A following investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals provided video to back up those claims. They also gathered photos and video showing the still-young elephant in a malnourished state, being beaten and severely mistreated by his handler.

The video shows Sunder “writhing in pain and struggling to stand as the mahout (handler) strikes him repeatedly,” said PETA director of veterinary affairs, Dr. Manilal Valliyate. “Sunder visibly recoils in fear from the weapon-wielding mahout, who continues to threaten him with violence after he has stood.”

You can see PETA’s video here, but please be aware, it’s hard to watch:

In August, he made an angry escape attempt including pulling down a heavy pillar to which he was tied with strong ropes and ransacking local retail shops, according to PETA’s website. They say it was a desperate flight to try to gain his freedom to enjoy what is remaining of his life.

Hopefully India, a country ironically noted for holding the elephant as sacred, will be spurred to do more to see that this poor elephant is put somewhere safe and far away from the handlers and temples which have treated him so cruelly.

Image Via PETA

  • Rescue

    Please can’t Peta do something about this poor elephant. Get his trainer away from him, he is a vile person. What can we do here to help rescue the elephant?

  • Lilley

    Please someone follow up on this poor elephant. If I had the money I would go over there and buy him and have him brought to Tennessee where there is an elephant sanctuary that takes care of the ellies. Alas, I have no money so I’m pleading with someone out there to get the animal out of that place.

    If I were there when they beat him I would have taken that weapon and hit the man with it and all those watching. Dispicable! Humans are the worst animals on this planet.

  • Rescue

    Please please help this poor elephant. Can paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson help please

  • Guest100

    Paul McCartney has BILLIONS. If he’s so busy that he can’t be bothered to follow through, can’t he HIRE someone to take care of this?! This poor elephant’s life seconds are ticking away.

  • Guest100

    Poor Sunder is going mad. Time is of the essence!!

  • Lisa Clark-kahn

    I dont get it i thought everyone agreed to transport him to a sanctuary,so DO IT WITH FORCE IF NEEDED.

    • John Smith

      Maybe we should take you radical animal rights creeps on by force? Hey you pansy@$$ dirtbag get some of your PETA buddies and meet us for a “rumble” Are you a coward? Pick the spot dirtbag.

  • MO

    This makes me sick! Why didn’t Paul McCartney follow through and make sure this animal was safe? God, I hope this elephant can be saved.

  • Elle

    Gee, Paul thanks. Couldn’t you find it in your cheap, black little heart to do it for Linda? Don’t you think she would want this? I’ll bet Bob Barker would get involved.

  • Elle

    This is horiffic. Why can’t PETA get involved with or with Sir Paul? Why can’t Bob Barker get involved. He did with another elephant case? What good is having money if you can’t stop this kind of suffering? BOYCOTT PAUL!!!!!!!

  • J.

    I’ve started a petition on change.com for Sunder the elephant.


  • Dratchel

    Thanks for covering this article! How can we help Sunder?!

    • ch

      Please join the facebook group: Free Sunder Now. It has many actions you can take! Thank you!

  • Luke Fitzgerald

    This is an absolute disgrace! In a country that worships the image of an elephant… Sunder must be released to the sanctuary that is waiting for him before he dies from this ill treatment, and the handler who has physically carried out the abuse and those that were complicit should be held accountable for their actions!

  • ch

    Thank you for running this article. For folks who want to help and stay engaged, please join the facebook page: Free Sunder Now. Thanks!

  • Kevin Lenaghan

    Thank you for following up on this awful tragedy. It is absolutely disgraceful and it is happening in a TEMPLE? It is absolutely disgusting, immoral and barbaric. Please continue to follow up. It means a lot to this poor animal and to many, many people.

  • JanJan

    Please someone do whatever it takes to save Sundar from these horrible cruel ‘people’. It is disgusting what these ‘people’ are doing to this poor creature.

  • Guest

    Beaten, abused, chained, tortured and injured. This innocent animals has suffered enough. Please release Sunder to a sanctuary immediately. Paul Mc Cartney please see his through!

  • Carol Cummins

    Beaten, abused, chained, tortured and injured. Sunder has suffered enough, please release him to a sanctuary without delay. Paul Mc Cartney please see this through

  • Ron

    Please continue to keep Sunder in the news! He needs a voice of outrage on his behalf as he can’t speak for himself. This breaks my heart!!

    This is in humane, barbaric, and sadistic. God please have mercy on Sunder!

  • John Smith

    The world had HAD IT with urban radical animal rights retards.This has nothing to do with animal cruelty and everything to do with the urban FEMALE entitled liberal elite shoving their radical beliefs down everyones throats.Grow up and quit being stupid.

  • Guest

    Can’t someone organize a SWAT team to go in there and rescue Sunder and fly him out?!